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Lisa Ling Admits She’s Not Ready for Second Child: ‘I Am Utterly Stressed’

05/21/2016 at 02:15 PM ET

Lisa Ling is not ready for her second child.

At Step Up’s 2016 Inspiration Awards in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday, the 42-year-old journalist admitted to PEOPLE she’s bypassed the nesting phase.

“I am utterly stressed,” the This Is Life star said. “We are totally unprepared. I’m terrified!”

Lisa LingMatt Winkelmeyer/Getty

Glowing in a white silk sundress with a black blazer, Ling revealed,  “I’m not one of those women who loves being pregnant. And having a toddler at home has made it a lot more difficult.”

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While Ling may not be ready, her 3-year-old daughter Jett can’t wait for her sibling to arrive.

“My daughter is really excited,” Ling said. “She’s at an age now where I think she gets it. She’s willing to share. Really, this is a gift to her, because I actually am really happy with one child.”

Ling and husband Paul Song, 50, revealed they were expecting their second child back in December. And while she may feel nervous, Ling does recognize her good fortune — especially after suffering a miscarriage in 2010.

“I do feel blessed. I was never that woman that wanted to have biological kids ever. And when I finally did decide, it was not an easy journey. But I just feel very lucky that we’ve been able to conceive two kids,” she explained.

Ling also feels excited to take some time off of her CNN show. “Overall, I feel pretty lucky. I just stopped working last week so I’ve been lucky in that regard.”

“I’m wearing high heels!” she added, “I’m wearing really high heels!”

— Danielle Garlock

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Bendra on

these women with money need to shut up.

LuckyGal on

Wow black and Asian don’t crack! I had no idea her husband was 50!!!

jen on

you should be stressed b/c your baby daddy is hateful , misguided misogynist. happy to see dr. song removed from any charity.

jenna on

her husband is a grotesque human being…….

donnad717 on

Wonder if they’ll name the baby Dinga?

guest on

oh please a lot of women are struggling to have even their first child and you are whinning, I mean if you don’t want this second child why fuckk without protection or let someone adopt it. simple as that so stfu

guest on

if you don’t want your baby then let someone adopt it and stop whinning. a lot of couples are struggling to even have their first child idiot

Anonymous on

This woman has all that money, she needs to shut up!

Volly on

Wow her husband is 50 LOL.

button on

She’s annoying. While I never begrudge people their money, she does realize that having help at home is a huge plus, doesn’t she? Her comments, while honest, wouldn’t be appreciated by someone suffering infertility. She comes off as kinda selfish…..

Van on

Yes she is annoying woman.


She’s having a kid as a gift to her first one ? Really happy with one kid ? I hope that just came out wrong .

Noll on

Lucky her, she is wearing high heels!

guest on

Boo hoo.

Wealthy enough to stop working and rest.

Lucky enough to get pregnant twice.

Stupid enough to complain about it.

Boo hoo.

Scoma60 on

Jenna- Why do you call her husband a “grotesque human being”? He’s cardiologist. Doesn’t sound like a bad person at all.

Nene on

Grotesque is a very strong word. You must be a miserable
human being, at least you don’t have to spend time
with him..stop hiding behind your words and Show your face!!

Zolly on

I haven’t heard her before, don’t know why she is so famous.

Tyg on

” Really, this is a gift to her, because I actually am really happy with one child.”


sally on

WOW the stupid comments people leave. Name calling towards a man they don’t even know and 50 is not old. Most of you will be 50 in a blink of an eye! A lot of people who were never taught manners are commenting on this one!!!

Anonymous on

She needs to shut up!

OL on

If you’re not ready for second child, just get over with one child!

KL on

Hmm you don’t feel ready … Well get ready cause you and your husband got yourself pregnant !

ileapb4ilook on

So many women (including myself) would welcome all of the stress, tiredness, pain, bloat, and unpreparedness of having (another) biological child but can’t and her rich, selfish ass is here complaining. Pregnancy isn’t easy, but people with half a brain don’t talk about how lucky there are and how much they don’t even truly appreciate having a kid in the same breath. This interview disgusted me.