Holly Madison on Her Biggest Fear About Having a Son: ‘Circumcision!’

05/20/2016 at 01:15 PM ET

Holly Madison is already a mom to 3-year-old daughter Rainbow Aurora, but when it comes to parenting a little boy, she might need a bit of time to get used to the idea.

Case in point? When asked by PEOPLE Now what makes her most apprehensive about adding a son to her growing family, her answer was immediate.

“Circumcision!” the former star of The Girls Next Door, who is seven months pregnant with her son, says with a laugh. “I tell my husband [Pasquale Rotella], ‘You have to do it! You have to handle that!’ ”

Holly Madison son circumcision

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“Some people will tell me that once you have your second baby, it’s just as easy as one,” Madison, 36, explains. “Then a friend texted me after I announced my pregnancy [to say], ‘Watch out, two is like three!’ and I’m like, ‘No, don’t tell me that!’ ”

She also shares details about her second pregnancy in comparison to her first — namely that cravings aren’t really a thing as much as the fact that she has felt “grossed out” by specific things, and she just feels more sluggish overall.

“I’ve been more tired, lazy, not craving healthy food,” she admits. “It’s crazy how different each pregnancy is — not just from person to person, but even myself.”

Madison adds, “Other people ask me for pregnancy advice, and it’s hard to give advice because each is so different.”

Madison released her second memoir, The Vegas Diaries, on Tuesday.

Jen Juneau

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twilliamson01 on

I hope se educates herself before baby gets here. Circumcision is genital mutilstion, plain and simple. It has no place in civilized society.

andrew bush on

Does this strike anyone else as more than a little disturbing?
Holly’s number 1 concern is removing a healthy body part from her future newborn?

Hea on

So don’t do it. Let your kid chose for himself how he wants his penis to look and feel.

Charlotte on

Please please don’t talk anymore in public.

OL on

I have noticed she recently talk in the public a lot.

Brooke on

Oh here come the intactivists.

I work in urology and have seen WAY too many uncircumcised children with infections because the parents don’t take the extra effort to learn how to clean and retract foreskin.

Elizabeth on

Then don’t have it done!!!!

Ana on

So then don’t circumcise him! Sheesh. Its not that hard. Its mutilation anyway. A man should wait until he’s 18 if he wants to remove a piece of HIS body or not.

@Brooke That is not a good reason to mutilate your child. Besides, statistics do not reflect what you are saying. You’re just spewing made up nonsense. Here in Europe most men are intact. Only jewish and muslim people circumcise their children here. There is no epidemic of men or babies with infections or any problems with their foreskins.

Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. on

If circumcision is to stop, women MUST take responsibility for the welfare of their sons. Studies show that circumcision causes significant pain and trauma, behavioral and neurological changes in infants, potential parental stress from persistent crying (colic) of infants, disrupted bonding between parent and child, and risk of surgical complications. Other consequences of circumcision include loss of a natural, healthy, functioning body part, reduced sexual pleasure, potential psychological problems, and unknown negative effects that have not been studied.

Some circumcised men resent that they are circumcised. Some are angry with their mothers. Sexual anxieties, reduced emotional expression, low self-esteem, avoidance of intimacy, and depression are also reported. Some doctors refuse to perform circumcisions because of ethical reasons. Relying on presumed authorities (e.g., American Academy of Pediatrics or doctors who echo AAP views) is not sufficient because of their personal, religious, financial, and political conflicts of interest. Instead, watch a circumcision video and trust your instincts. Would you allow someone to do that to YOU?

ml66uk on

I’d pay a year’s salary rather than be circumcised. Why would I want the most sensitive and pleasurable parts cut off? That little bit of skin makes a big difference.

Why don’t we just let everyone decide for themselves whether or not they want irreversible genital surgery? It’s their body after all.

It’s not like it can’t wait. It’s pretty much only the USA (at around 60% and dropping) and Israel where more than half of baby boys are circumcised. Other countries circumcise, but not till anywhere from the age of seven to adolescence. Only about 10% of the world’s circumcised men were circumcised as babies. Around two thirds of the world’s men (88% of the world’s non-Muslim men) never get circumcised.

ml66uk on

In Europe, almost no-one gets circumcised unless their parents are Jewish or Muslim, but no-one seems to get these mysterious infections you mention, and no-one talks about retracting foreskins. Girls get 3-4x as many UTIs as boys, but we wouldn’t consider surgery as a preventative measure.

These are statements from some national medical organizations on foreskin retraction:

AAP – “Care for an Uncircumcised Penis”
“foreskin retraction should never be forced. Until the foreskin fully separates, do not try to pull it back. Forcing the foreskin to retract before it is ready can cause severe pain, bleeding, and tears in the skin.”

Canadian Paediatric Society
“An uncircumcised penis is easy to keep clean and requires no special care:
Keep your baby’s penis clean by gently washing the area during his bath. Do not try to pull back the foreskin. Never force it.”

“Keep your baby boy’s penis clean by gently washing the area. Do not try to pull back the foreskin. Usually, it is not fully retractable until a boy is 3 to 5 years old, or even until after puberty. Never force it.”

“It is important not to retract the foreskin forcefully for any reason.”

Canadian Urological Association

“Care of the normal foreskin
The uncircumcised penis requires no special care. It can be kept clean with a gentle soap and warm water wash daily. No attempt should be made to retract the foreskin until it can be pulled back with ease. Then, your son should be taught to pull his foreskin back gently to clean its inner surface and the glans with soap and water.

It should be thoroughly rinsed with water before being dried with a towel. The foreskin must always be brought back to its usual position covering the glans after washing.

It is important not to retract the foreskin forcefully for any reason. Some parents feel the need to pull the foreskin back to “clean under it”. Since the young boy’s inner foreskin and the glans are initially fused, there is no space to clean.

Forceful retraction also may lead to cracking and bleeding of the foreskin tip. Over time, this may cause scarring of the tip making retraction impossible. Circumcision may then be necessary.”

RACP policy statement on male circumcision
“The foreskin requires no special care during infancy. It should be left alone. Attempts to forcibly retract it are painful, often injure the foreskin, and can lead to scarring and phimosis.”

The AAP suggests that early retraction is a lot more common than seems to be the case. A Danish study (Øster) found that only 23% of boys could retract by the age of 6-7, and an average age of ten.

ml66uk on

@Brooke From someone else who works in urology:
“In my practice, as a pediatric urologist, I manage the complications of neonatal circumcision. For example, in a two year period, I was referred >275 newborns and toddlers with complications of neonatal circumcision. None of these were ‘revisions’ because of appearance, which I do not do. 45% required corrective surgery (minor as well as major, especially for amputative injury), whereupon some could be treated locally without surgery.

Complications of this unnecessary procedure are often not reported, but of 300 pediatric urologists in this country who have practices similar to mine…well, one can do the math, to understand the scope of this problem…let alone, to understand the adverse cost-benefit aspect of complications (>$750,000) in this unfortunate group of infants and young children.”

Mandy on

So let the kid decide when he grows up! Simple.

Yasminda on

I have 4 boys and none are circumcised. They vary in ages from 9 months to 12 years of age. None of them have had any infections or complications. Our family doctor has praised us for leaving our boys privates alone. Our family feels it’s a very personal decision that the child should make once they are older and well informed. That’s what works for our family.

smpalesh on

How about you don’t mutilate your son for no reason? That’ll solve the problem.

KL on

Circumcision— is mutilation!?! omg please…. Isn’t it to make it look nicer and easier to keep clean , rather than having a flap which is unappealing.. as long as you keep it clean, what is the big deal.. SMH

West on

She’s going to mutilate her son with this ridicules and archaic custom ? In the U.K. They don’t even do this and haven’t since the 50’s because it’s wrong and forskin is a right . It’s also incredibly dangerous to the baby . This sad news and I hope she changes her mind . Poor baby .

Tired of the garbage on

Oh give it a rest with your “circumcision is mutilation bs! It’s a safe and effective procedure, and considered necessary in many cultures. Take your intactivism garbage elsewhere!

Amanda on

Take it elsewhere? A post about circumcision is the perfect place to discuss human rights. Females in the US are protected from genital mutilation, and equal rights should be given to males.

And seriously, “an unappealing flap…” Have any of you women squatted over a mirror lately? You’d maim your child to make his genitalia “look nice,” when you should be worried about its function. And removing the foreskin removes the functions of the foreskin. It’s really simple.

All of us with our human rights garbage…

Hea on

Ronald Goldman, Ph.D – wow, sexist much? PARENTS need to take responsibility. Don’t mutilate instead of teaching people how to take proper care.

Swedes in general don’t circumcise little boys. The Muslim part of our population do sometimes but not always. Our boys are doing well. We have knowledge of basic hygiene and voilà! Healthy foreskins. In the rare cases when circumcision could benefit a kid in chronic pain it is performed.

I compare circumcision to cutting off a healthy finger or a toe on your baby. It’s not a big procedure but it will always ruin some of the function and sensation.

Neil Curne on

Oh, here we go… another gathering of the sme old Foreskin Nazis, like bees to honey, pushing their anti-circumcision beleifs onto everyone. There is a reason why nearly every legally accountable medical body in the world leaves it to parents to deicide what is in the best interests of their children… they have all come to much the same conclusion: circumcision has only minor medical benefits but is extremely low risk.

|Anyone can “prove” anything if they select just “evidence” which supports thier beliefs and ignores everything else. It takes an open mind to wiegh up ALL the evidence before coming to a conclusion.

The fringe cult of Intactivists who push their beliefs on EVERY discussion on circumcision are VERY selective about the evidence they push to support their beliefs.

sandy on

Usually you go with what Dad has. I prefer circumcised penis so thank goodness hubby was as well. SO many crazy comments. My son, brothers, husband, and so many other males in my life are not crazy or ruined for life having been circumscribed! In fact, they look better too! Just make sure it’s done by a doctor who knows what he’s doing.

Guest on

She’s really an idiot. Male circumcision is an individual and personal choice. If you want to discuss female circumcision, now we have an issue worth discussing. It kills.

Me on

I don’t think circumcision is mutilation, it’s a safe and effective procedure for health purpose.

Imova Thisbull on

Everyone needs to STFU about circumcision being “genital mutilation.” Jews have been doing it for thousands of years, as well as people in the general population. No one would be screaming that getting a baby girl’s ears pierced is mutilation (piercing is also a cultural decision), so just let parents make their own choices without the Mommy-shaming BS.

Geoff on

Why is female circumcision (FGM) more worthy of discussion than male circumcision? Yes, FGM kills…but so does male circumcision. Why is it such a hard thing to understand that nobody should be cutting pieces off of the genitals of children? Regardless of gender? Mom thinks it “looks better…” That is sickening to even read. If I, as a father, said that I wanted to have my daughter’s labia trimmed so it would “be prettier,” everyone would freak out. And justifiably so. Why the double standard when it comes to cutting off part of the penis of a baby boy? Being born a boy is not a diagnosis. It’s unethical to remove healthy, functioning tissue from someone else’s genitals PERIOD, let alone because you think that the genitals will “look nicer.” No medical establishment in the world recommends routine infant circumcision. No ethical doctor should perform it. And no parent should be willing to hand their son over, to risk his life (no matter how small you think the risk is) for cosmetic surgery, especially since there is absolutely zero risk in leaving it alone. As far as finding a doctor who “knows what they are doing,” it doesn’t matter if that doctor has performed ten thousand circumcisions. This “common procedure” is botched all the time. Over a hundred baby boys die in the United States alone every year from complications due to circumcision, whether it’s from bleeding to death or having a heart attack from the pain and stress of the procedure. A parent’s job is to protect their child from pain and trauma, not to allow it to purposefully be inflicted for their own aesthetic or cultural preferences. Let the person who owns the body part, and who will actually be using it, decide how he wants it to look and function.

I am not thankful that my parents made that choice for me, and hundreds of thousands of men feel the same way.

James on

Circumcision is the gift that keeps on giving!

James on

DOCTOR Goldman, you are full of it! The science is against you.

James on

Neil said: “The fringe cult of intactivists who push their beliefs on EVERY
discussion on circumcision are VERY selective about the evidence they push to support their beliefs.”

Neil, you are a hundred percent right! The “intactivist” machine fires up
whenever there’s anything positive said about circumcision.

blessedwithboys on

Holly, did you have Rainbow circumcised at birth, did you wait until the 8th day of life, or did you leave her genitals intact?

I circed two boys and I regret it terribly.

Guest on

Yes, circumcision is the gift that keeps on giving…
Its gifts come in the form of meatal stenosis, penile curvature (from removing too much skin from one side of the penis), painful erections, less comfortable intercourse, buried penis, hairy shaft, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, possible amputation, skin bridges, a keratinized glans, a bright scar, and loss of the 14+ functions of the foreskin, including immune system properties in the form of Langerhans cells, and sensitivity in the form of Meissner’s corpuscles. And that’s only the beginning of the “gifts” that circumcision provides!

fred85730 on

“Oh here come the circumciser misinformation rants.
We’ve seen too many misinformed doctors, and nurses giving out misinformation to young parents on proper intact care of girl and boy children causing infections because the parents, doctors and especially nurses don’t take the extra effort to learn how to properly clean the undeveloped infant girl’s and boy’s prepuces, forcefully ripping them back to douche inside with soapy water, causing open wounds, bleeding, chemical burns, scarring and infections . The scarring and infections from forced retractions causes pathological phimosis and increased UTI, then the circumcisers say circumcision prevents phimosis and UTI’s trying to hide their iatrogenic injury.

jessiemaystorm on

So….don’t circumcise him??! He will be perfect exactly as he is. Poor boy.

nicole on

Yes, here come the intactivists. We shouldn’t be thought of as a wild group. We’re just people fighting for equal rights; human rights. Intact baby boys aren’t getting urinary track infections because of poor cleaning from parents, it’s actually the opposite! Many parents and (believe it or not!) medical professionals are misinformed about the foreskin and may misinform you of the proper care of an intact baby. The misinformation is that many believe they need to RETRACT a baby’s foreskin PLEASE, don’t. The foreskin is fused to the head of the penis, retracting this is very painful and can cause infection by allowing germs to become trapped inside. The nice thing about an intact penis is that it mostly takes care of itself, that is exactly what the foreskin is there for! The SAME reason the female prepuce is there. They are both referred to as a prepuce, they are the same organ and they are healthy. This nonsense that, “you have to do it” has been fed to generations for the benefit of research and wealth, but it’s not a good excuse to put a baby in pain. DUH OF COURSE THEY FEEL PAIN. WTH is WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? Let’s take cues from the more developed countries and ban this awful procedure, it’s barbaric and it can cause psychological trauma. Damn have a heart enough to do some research.

Jen on

I delivered three sons and all three were circed within 48 hours. The second and third slept through theirs, and they had local pain relief before the procedure. All three of them have assured me many, many times that they are grateful and never, ever wanted it any other way. We are neither Jewish nor Muslim. They have never had any infections in that area. Don’t want to circ? Don’t, but for those of us who approve of it, don’t give us this mutilation crap, ugh.

Eric on

My parents circumcized me and it resulted in serious keratinization. It is pretty bad and there is a part of me that will always be angry and sad when I look at it.

But sure, cut it off before he even has a chance to decide for himself. What could possibly go wrong?

Hans Castorp on

Back when doctors were honest about it, they readily admitted that circumcision was performed to blunt male sexuality.

Moses Maimonides was totally up front about this back in the 12th century. And even up to the early 20th century, it was common medical knowledge.

“Similarly with regard to circumcision, one of the reasons for it is, in my opinion, the wish to bring about a decrease in sexual intercourse and a weakening of the organ in question, so that this activity be diminished and the organ be in as quiet a state as possible…The bodily pain caused to that member is the real purpose of circumcision” Moses Maimonides, Guide for the Perplexed

“In consequence of circumcision the epithelial covering of the glans becomes dry, hard, less liable to excoriation and inflammation…The sensibility of the glans is diminished” Jefferson C. Crossland. The Hygiene of Circumcision. New York Medical Journal 1891;53:484-485

“Nature intends that the adolescent male shall copulate as often and as promiscuously as possible, and to that end covers the sensitive glans so that it shall be ever ready to receive stimuli. Civilization, on the contrary, requires chastity, and the glans of the circumcised rapidly assumes a leathery texture less sensitive than skin.” R.W. Cockshut. Circumcision. British Medical Journal. 1935;2:764