Tamera Mowry-Housley on the Differences Between Raising a Boy and Girl: ‘We Are Innately Emotional Beings!’

05/19/2016 at 11:00 AM ET

When Tamera Mowry-Housley and her husband Adam Housley welcomed their daughter Ariah Talea last July, the household evened out. But raising both a boy and a girl has proved to be different for the mom of two.

The Real co-host, who is also mom to son Aden, 3, says the stereotypes are real.

“When you raise a boy, they have a lot more energy — they’re very physical — like Aden likes to run around as where Ariah is calm,” Mowry-Housley told PEOPLE at a launch for RAGÚ Homestyle pasta sauces in New York City on Tuesday.

“Ariah is very emotional — when I would sneeze, Aden would just look at me like ‘What’s up?’ I sneeze and make a loud noise and Ariah just starts crying.”

Tamera Mowry Housley
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Mowry-Housley, 37, says this confirms women are different from men.

“I’m trying to tell my husband, ‘See! This is normal! This is how we are! We are innately emotional beings!’ ” she says. “She’s a lot more easy now, but I know once she gets in the teens, it might be more difficult. Boys are more challenging in the beginning and get easier as they get older and girls are a little bit easier in the beginning, but get more challenging later — when they hit that pre-teen.”

With Ariah’s first birthday coming up, Mowry-Housley says they’re dialing it back compared to the celebration they had for Aden.

“I learned with Aden’s first birthday party — I spent a lot of money and he didn’t remember it. So we’re not going to go extravagant on her first birthday,” she says.

They plan to celebrate with both sides of the family and again in New Orleans while attending the Essence Music Festival.

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The soon-to-be 1-year-old has been picking up some new skills, says the proud mom.

“When you hold her up, she’s starting to walk so that’s nice and she’s really talking,” she says. “She actually clapped for the first time — that was really cool because as mom for so long you’re teaching them ‘Yay!’ and you hope they’re getting it. Then all of a sudden it just clicks.”

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bugsforever on

I think her “childhood gender traits ” are nonsense. I also had a boy and a girl and chalked their differences up to the fact that were simply different people. My son has always been more difficult to raise from infancy thru adulthood. He cried more as an infant, demanded more attention as a child and was moodier and got into more trouble as a teen. He’s still far more emotional and outgoing than his quieter sister.

cds on

They are both adorable and loved! By the time they are teenagers maybe more of society will have worked through the racist issues. Her son looks more white and her daughter looks more African american. Some of their peers, when they are older, may make comments about the difference in their looks.

Yoliewinecorporation on

Downright both Are Adorable IMO

Tisha on

Tamera is such a sweet mother, she just exudes Love of her children..I raised two daughters who were both very different..watching my grandchildren grow, we have one very active boy, another grandson is extremely calm, but his 21 month old sister, boy she keeps us on our toes, that girl is the fieisty one!

Mom on

I agree bugsforever, I have 3, 2 boys both quiet1 girl who’s a steam roller& was from day 1. The sex of a child does not determine whether their going to be quiet or not. Also her comment about boys being challenging in the beginning then easy & girls being easy then becoming challenging is just wrong. How kids are easy or hard is not based on what sex they are period.

momytoo on

These are cute pictures of a boy and a girl.

Olly on

Tamera’s kids are so cute.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

@bugsforever u are a parent but say other people’s childhood gender traits are nonsense, what if your children will follow her stiles, careful especially when you are a mother.

Camille on

I don’t have any boys, but my 2 year old girl is loud and zooming around most of the time, but she also likes princesses and dress up and cuddling. Energy has nothing to do with the gender, it has to do with personality. I have a twin brother who is much more quiet than I am, I am the girl, but have always been more outgoing and daring.

Anonymous on

She has a boy and a girl, her life if complete!