Would Julia Roberts Let George Clooney Babysit Her Kids? Her Hilarious Answer

05/19/2016 at 10:00 AM ET

Sure, he’s a suave, erudite, none-too-hard-on-the-eyes movie star, but would you let George Clooney babysit your kids?

It’s a tough question, even for Julia Roberts, and she’s been best pals with the guy for 15 years.

“We met on Ocean’s, and we had never actually met before. People just thought we had,” explains Clooney of making Roberts’ acquaintance.

She picks up the story: “He and [director Steven Soderbergh] called me to a little meeting, I think to see if they liked me.”

“No, to see if you wanted to do it,” counters Clooney. “The funniest thing was it was one of those moments where we all sat around and we didn’t talk about the movie. We sat on the floor in the kitchen in the hotel room and we didn’t do anything except just talk for two hours.”

Julia Roberts George Clooney
Loic Venance/AFP/Getty

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The two became fast friends after that, with Roberts visiting Clooney at his villa in Lake Como.

“She stayed at my house in Italy when she was first pregnant,” he recalls. “She brought all those monsters (twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, 11, and Henry, 8) back to the house when they were actual human beings and we’ve had a blast with them.”

So since Clooney is practically Uncle George at this point, will Roberts let him babysit? “It would depend on how much time I was gone,” she says, perhaps only half jokingly.

“We’ve just stitched our lives together,” she adds in earnest. “All these people that come into our lives — my husband, my children, his wife — we just keep stitching our lives closer together.”

— Alynda Wheat

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McSchmid on

“Erudite” is not transmissible; one cannot become so merely by marrying a person who qualifies as such. Just sayin.

J on

Having met and spoke to a behind-the-scenes person who has worked on the Ocean’s movies and talked t them about the cast that person has stated that Julia Roberts is insanely quiet and has a shy persona. I thought that was very interesting.

Skiwoman on

I can’t imagine George looking after Julia’s children for any amount of time.

Elle on

I wouldn’t say that was an “hilarious” answer to that question…..

Ossana on

They look like great friends. Good for them.

Barbara on

He’s so puffed up on his own air! Clooney go away! Take yourself and your wife and go poof the air in your own bums so your heads swells some more and maybe just maybe you both can drift away on the next strong breeze!

Weezie on


Vas on

George Clooney needs to go away.

I Tell It LIke It Is on

George Clooney’s idiotic PR network hagfest are plagiarizing other’s vocabulary again to endear him to the public in order to promote his latest film flop. Now they’ve learned a new word “erudite” to add to their limited vocabulary of “fab” & “great.”
The crones who sell hogwash to the public & run his fake fan forums.
Or did the head honcho Lola write this spiel??? Hmm?
A few years ago, it was Clooney minding Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s kids. Genuine stuff this…*eyeroll*
They’re short of creativity ….again.

I Tell It Like It Is on

well… highly educated he isn’t….so the PR network have found a new word to plagiarize “erudite.”
Leeching again. Creativity in overdrive….seriously lacking.
Right, Lola & your gnomes?
Anything to endear Clooney to the public & promote his latest film. A few years ago it was Angelina Jolie’s & Brad Pitt’s kiddies as uncle George looking after them…awww…. *eyeroll”

free agent on

@ McSchmid – “erudite” basically means having great knowledge that can be derived from being “well read.” Anyone can read. Clooney’s fake publicity arrangement “marriage” has nothing to do with whether he’s well read…or not.
Obviously you need a dictionary….

free agent on

Clooney may be learned & knowledgeable…Having a high formal education is no measure of real intellect. Some learn what is required to pass exams & receive qualifications…but have no real intelligence.
But then he may not be too bright in the way he messed up his private life through false publicity arrangements.
Or do others delegate the public image & he just poses?

Me on

I doubt George will looking after Julia’s kids, maybe they’re joking.

TheBride on

Julia Roberts is clearly insecure and is over-rated as an actor. I always suspected that she fancied a relationship with Clooney, but he found someone who he deeply admires for her life work. I never liked Roberts and was not surprised that she taunted her sister up until her suicide.