Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Son Story

05/18/2016 at 02:45 PM ET

And baby makes six!

Soleil Moon Frye and husband Jason Goldberg welcomed their fourth child, son Story, on Monday, May 16 in Los Angeles, she tells PEOPLE exclusively. Born at 5:16 p.m., Story weighed in at 9 lbs., 10 oz. and measured 21½ inches long.

“Welcome to the world our sweet baby boy Story …” the new mom of four, 39, captioned a black-and-white photo of the proud parents cuddling with their newborn.

The actress/author and Goldberg also share daughters Poet Sienna Rose, 10, and Jagger Joseph Blue, 8, and son Lyric Sonny Roads, 2.

“We are a family of unique names. I loved having a name that was different as a kid,” Frye tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We started with our Poet and now our Story feels complete.”

Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Son Story
Heather McComb

Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Son Story
Courtesy Goldberg Family

Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Son Story
Courtesy Goldberg Family

“We are so thrilled about the newest addition to our family. The kids are all so excited and loving their new baby brother,” Frye tells PEOPLE exclusively. “They came to the hospital right after he was born, Lyric jumped up on the bed and said, ‘Cute baby.’ He then gazed at his brother and said, ‘Wow.'”

She adds, “This experience has been truly incredible. We are so grateful and I am cherishing every moment.”

Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Son Story
Courtesy Goldberg Family

Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Son Story
Courtesy Goldberg Family

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Welcome to the world our sweet baby boy Story…

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After announcing the pregnancy last year, Frye told PEOPLE that the couple hadn’t planned on growing their brood — but “could not be more excited and thrilled.”

“We were so surprised by this amazing, little miracle…” she shared, adding, “This was definitely a really happy surprise.”

Still preggers. ❤️

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Ahead of Story’s birth, Frye told PEOPLE she was hard at work crafting a unique moniker for her baby boy — somewhat of a tradition in the actress’ family.

“There’s so many crazy, unique names in our household that I gotta really come up with something good, so I’m working on it,” she explained.

No matter the title, the happy family is thrilled that their newest member finally arrived.

“I was not expecting baby number four,” Frye said. “And this was very, very exciting … Jagger was so excited. She was thrilled. I don’t think Roadie really quite understands it yet.”

She added, “I feel like it’s my duty to raise really good people and to try and encourage them to give back and to care and to love others and to be kind. I feel like if I’m gonna have this many kids, I better teach them some really good lessons in life.”

— Lindsay Kimble with reporting by Julie Jordan

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megan on

That first picture is creepy. Couldn’t someone take a picture of the husband sitting next to Soleil & the baby instead of of having him nuzzling her chest ?

charlotte on

Congratulations on her sweet little blessing! Wishing her family all the best.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the family!

mer on

I love the name Story. It sounds normal, yet is quite unique, and also gender-less.

Guest on

His name is Story? Wow! And the other boy named Lyric? Well that does go together if you are producing a Broadway musical…..

rspero24 on

Mazel tov to the happy family! Just as he has entered into the covenant(brit milah), so may he enter into Torah, the wedding canopy(chuppah), and deeds of lovingkindness(chessed).

Yikes on

The so called celebs. Apparently they don’t want anybody else to have the same name as their babies because these people think so highly of themselves and because they are “special”….

FitSlowCookerQueen on

Poet, Jagger, Lyric, and now Story? REALLY?? Celebs (I use that term loosely since she hasn’t done anything in decades) are so ridiculous. Why didn’t she name them Orange, Banana, Apple and Kiwi?

Lula on

All of the kids have ridiculous names. Yikes.

Sandra on

@Megan, That’s all you. We normal people think it is a beautiful shot of a loving family.

mic on

congrats!! dont know if these kids will like their names as adults. i doubt it. anyway, today is my birthday also– really it is. so story welcome to the merry month of may!

Stefani on

WTF is with the ridiculous names?? and Roadie?? i had to scroll back up to see who the heck she was speaking about.

st on

I love reading about how people get SO freaked out by other kids names. Why? It’s not your child. I mean people freak out over odd names. Who cares? She’s like a modern day hippie, so it’s expected.

guest on

Story fits in perfectly with her kids names. Unique but not too crazy. Congrats to them-2 girls and 2 boys!!

D on

Dang!! She got HUGE!! 🙂

Linda on

” daughters Poet Sienna Rose, 10, and Jagger Joseph Blue, 8, and son Lyric Sonny Roads, 2.” …. and now a boy names Story?


Shazam on

Start by teaching them not to give their kids stupid names

Cindy on

I love these names! Congrats to this beautiful family!

Colleen on

@Sandra…. I was thinking the SAME THING!!! WHATS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE? I think its a beautiful oiceof a family that loves one another and is nestling into one another and cuddling each other with love. Some people over-think things and overanalyze everything and anything. Lol In my opinion I think its a touching and loving photograph.

mamatothree on

That’s a big baby! I actually know of four girls named Story, but no boys….

mummyof4 on

My niece is called Storie she is 6 months we were at first horrified but we are used to it now’s a cute and different

Vanessa on

Not a fan of her kids names, congrats to the family though.

JennyLala on

Congrats all around. This is not meant as judgy at all, just an observation that 3 of their four beautiful babes’ names are nouns. Curious about the inspiration for Jagger’s name and why they skipped the noun theme with her.

JennyLala on

Also curious — each of them have 3 names and Lyric apparently goes by Roadie. I don’t follow her career or her personally but curious how it manifests in determining which of the three names will be the one they go by since Lyric is actually called something else?

Anonymous on

Those poor kids. Roadie? Does she know what that is slang for? She is not famous or good looking enough to where her kids are not going to be picked on for this. Sorry, but that’s life. Her kids are very average, nothing wrong with that, but other kids are cruel sometimes.

Mary on

I am trying to think what type of mind would look at that picture of a husband cuddling with his wife and new baby and think that it was “creepy”. I am with you, Sandra!!! There must be some unfortunate history there:(

OL on

Cute pictures.

Srp on

My daughter is a Story. The name is unique but not distracting or confusing. No one forgets her name and she loves it.

Robin on

Congrats to the happy couple!!!! I can’t wait to hear what his two middle names will be.

blessedwithboys on

The toddler boy is obese.

Susie on

Gorgeous baby! Such a sweet group of pictures, and whether I would use those names or not, these are their children and they can name their children whatever they choose. Get a grip people…what makes you think it is perfectly okay to criticize someone else’s names for their children? Soleil Moon Frye has lived with a “different” name all her life and didn’t think it was a problem, even liked it enough to choose something outside the box for her children…They are HER children. Name your child Susan or Stephen; she chose something else.

italianjew82 on

oh my – her toddler looks just like her and he is so chunky!!! so stinking cute….

KL on

BEAUTIFUL Baby, watch a chunk at 9 Ibs!!! What is with the stupid names for their kids.. omg..

kim on

Horrible names. My guess is that they just picked up a dictionary and randomly picked a word. “Look at our beautiful child… what shall we call it? Lyric? Story? Next time we go for Telegraph”

Guest no#3 on

Four stupid names…..My,My,…..don’t people think when they name their kids ? Saint, North, Reign…..Story, Poet, Apple, …..disgusting….all in the name of ATTENTION……