The OITNB star shares her experiences in how their synced-up cycles affect how she parents her teen daughter

Selenis Leyva: My Daughter and I Are on the Same Cycle

05/17/2016 at 02:15 PM ET

The challenges that come with parenting a teenager is something Selenis Leyva knows all too well.

“It switches, on and off,” the Orange Is the New Black star, 43, says on PEOPLE’s Mom Talk about how 13-year-old daughter Alina‘s moods can tend to change back and forth from “still a kid” to “definitely a teenager.”

But Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi cuts right to the chase, asking, “Does she have her period?”

“She does,” Leyva responds. “We’re on the same cycle!”

Selenis Leyva Mom Talk

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“There you go!” says Polizzi, 28, whose own daughter, 19-month-old Giovanna Marie, won’t be hitting her teenage years for some time.

“[On some days], there are all these things happening at once: crying, slamming of doors,” Leyva adds of her daughter. “She’s a good kid, but it’s really hard emotionally because we’ve always been this little team.”

She continues, “So when I feel like my ‘team’ is no longer needing me — or needs me in a different way — it’s really strange.”

Leyva, who parents the oldest child of all the other celebrity moms in the room, shared some wise advice.

“What I tell everyone who has a younger kid is to enjoy this time,” she says.

Discipline gets a lot different when you have a teenage daughter as opposed to a child, too.

“I was able to say to her, before, ‘Because I said so.’ Now it’s harder because she’ll look at me and be like, ‘Well, why?’ ” Leyva shares. “And she’ll have moments where I feel it’s [backtalk], but it’s not — it’s her having a voice.”

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Kim on

Wow, classy. Every girl should have her period announced in People Magazine. Show your kid a little respect.

Huh? on


Sara on

Literally clicked this link to ask WHY THE HELL IS THIS AN ARTICLE

Eva on

Makes it sound like she is taking care of everyone’s firstborn.
I know, what do I expect from People writers?

“Leyva, who parents the oldest child of all the other celebrity moms in the room…”

HELP! on

TMI. There are some things that do not need to be shared.

J on

Why is this news?

ldstep on

And some parents wonder why their kids don’t share anything with them. When her daughter has a serious problem she probably won’t turn to her Mother.Totally DISRESPECTFUL to her daughter. This woman is so thirsty for attention that she discusses her daughter’s personal business? No excuse for that. This bimbo is clueless.

Gigi on

TMI. Some people have absolutely no shame…or class.

Liz on

All of these bimbos are shameful, disgraceful and disrespectful. How would they have felt if back in the dinosaur ages when they were 13 their mothers took out an article in the local newspaper and discussed THEIR cycles? Unbelievable. And they wonder why their kids don’t want to share anything with them, are sullen, slamming doors, etc? The bimbos need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

blacklady86 on

What the hell did I just read? Why the hell did I read this article? I need to use my time more wisely.

Nancy on

Wow, really People Magazine . . . OMG, SMH . . HELP!

li on

Seriously, People Rag…. can you not come up with any better things to write about??

CincySweet on

While I don’t think that women should be shamed for a natural part of life, I just really want people to not feel as though so many private details are worthy of being shared publicly!

susieq on

Yawn. Slow news day? Sheesh.

Nic on

Why is this news? Nothing else to report on?

dapple on

of course! I assume they live together. That happens usually.
Geez have a little respect for your daughter’s business
I’m sure she is thrilled that the world know.
Had to read because I thought-surely not must be about something else! LOL