The 30-year-old model isn't apologizing for spending some quality time with husband John Legend, days after giving birth to daughter Luna Simone.

Chrissy Teigen Slams Back at Critics: ‘I Knew Mommy Shaming Was a Thing, But I Didn’t Think It Would Come From Going to Dinner’

05/17/2016 at 09:45 AM ET

Chrissy Teigen is standing up for herself after critics took to her social media to shame the new mom for going out to dinner with husband John Legend days after giving birth to daughter Luna Simone.

The 30-year-old model appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday, saying “I knew mommy-shaming was a thing, but I didn’t think it would come from going to dinner.”

John Legend
Source: ABC

Teigen had previously addressed the shaming in an April 24 tweet:

“It was about 9 to 10 days after,” Teigen explains. “We needed a break. We needed to go enjoy each other’s company and be out.”

She continues, “We were gone for an hour, we had a good meal together. Happy mommy, happy daddy, happy baby.”

In the wake of criticism, Legend, 37, stood up for his wife of almost three years, asking why he wasn’t shamed for the dinner as well:

That was really sweet of him,” Teigen says. “He had my back.”

Teigen adds that Legend’s been busy, helping with feedings and diaper changes. “I don’t even want to say because everyone already thinks John’s so perfect so I love to twist it and make sure people know not everyone’s perfect, but he’s been great.”

Legend has been incredibly supportive of Teigen on social media, previously penning a sweet Mother’s Day message on Instagram: “To my wonderful wife, @chrissyteigen: Luna and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. If our daughter can be even half as awesome as you, I will be so happy and proud. Happy 1st Mother’s Day!”

As for parenting, Teigen says that while she’s been enjoying it, it hasn’t come without its challenges.

There’s just no planning for anything anymore which has been hard for me,” she says.  “But it’s really fun.”
— Dave Quinn

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Enough already on

My gosh. Grow a pair. If you can’t take social media criticism, get off social media. The only thing that matters is you and your child. Whining about what a bunch of strangers think makes you look childish and insecure.

maryhelenc on

I feel like Chrissy wants the controversy. I feel like she did this to make sure she was a martyr. I’m no sanctimommy, but I do think needing a break after 10 days is a little silly.

Anonymous on

I can’t believe she said they needed a break, the baby was only 9-10 days old

Ilona on

Stupid woman !!!

Kelly on

Why the need to bash other moms is beyond me. I’m sure she is a great mom. If she wants an hour break, it’s her business. It certainly doesn’t make her a bad mom. It’s not like she was out partying. Most moms do the best job they can. Why not support each other instead of criticizing???

Ceila on

Puffy lookng

Amy L on

Let her enjoy it. She and John have the right, as do the rest of the parents of the world, to enjoy it. Stop shaming each other and just be nice. Good gravy, people.

Brooke on

No one is shaming her for going out to dinner, people just don’t like her because she’s downright annoying.

Get Real Teigen on

No. No. No. Ms. Teigen was not mommy shamed because she went out to dinner one time, “for an hour”, Ms. Teigen received criticism because she was and has been living on social media since her child was born. Day after day Teigen has been posting pictures of herself, not nurturing her newborn, but showcasing herself, trying to quench her thirst for attention. With the time it takes for Teigen to prep herself, hair, makeup, dress, to take photos of herself ad nauseam, edit these photos, post these photos, comment all day on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, go out on the town with her husband every other night, always doing the pap stroll, how much time is left for her baby? Realistically, how much quality, much needed bonding time is spent with her newborn? People are irritated because they feel bad for the celebrity children who get cast aside every time mommy and daddy need attention. Parents need to raise their kids – especially NEWBORNS, not the nannies. Our kids deserve better than this.

Anonymous on

Why can’t people just live an let live? For crying out loud, these messages are disgusting. Look at your own life first.

Panna on

She looks like an air headed person.

Mom Of Twinz on

@Amy L, I agree with you. Women/people can be so mean. You do like her, then do read the articles about her.

YOZ on

Nothing wrong going out for dinner for a short time, since they have nanny to take care of the child.

Please be careful on

And when your babe spikes a fever because of some germ you’ve introduced to her environment due to your and john’s improper hand washing after a case of the rolling-stomach-blues because of the contaminated food prep at the restaurant will it have been worth, this break from your babe that you struggled to conceive? Stay in, hire a sitter and then have a baby-escape in the privacy of your own home it’s much safer in these first few months.

Mm on

Is she going to b*tch and moan every time someone on the internet say something mean to her? If you don’t like the comments then stop posting every small detail of your life.

Karli on

John is so sweet saying to shame them both and they would share the blame and not have everything on Chrissy. I love that, they seem very happy. It was good for them to get out and still take time for each other after having the baby. I wish all three of them the best.

Robin on

@ YOZ: What nanny? I know her mother is helping out but I haven’t heard that they have hired any help for the baby,

As for people criticizing her for going out to dinner. Shame on them. It’s like she and John went away for the weekend or left the baby alone.
Also I’m sure the new parents were careful for germ exposures. It’s the same as if they went to the store for food.
Someone has to always go out for errands, groceries etc.. no matter how old the baby is. I see people taking newborns out to the stores even. At least John and Chrissy left their daughter at home for the time being.

Gaby on

I understand how they needed a break at least for a few hours. Those first days are rough and overwhelming. How they found the energy to get dressed and get out of the house, I’m not sure.
That being said, what an annoying woman! And is it just me or anybody else out there finds her not that attractive?

Etsy on

If she stops posting on social media what will you all whine and moan about?
Why do you feel the need to tell us how much you don’t like her? For one week, try to post only positive comments…can you do it?

Please be careful on

Robin, it’s not the same thing as prepping a meal at home as far as germ exposure goes. And if she is breastfeeding, a lot of things cross into breast milk. She would be best staying at home and eating an organic home prepared meal where she has thoroughly washed her hands before prepping it. Babies are safe in their home environment because they are still circulating mom’s inherent antibodies, but they have no way to create antibodies/ mount a defense against new germs like those known to exist in restaurants due to poor hand hygiene by employees.

C on

It’s pathetic how women on here criticize pretty women for doing the exact same things ugly, fat women do every day.

Please, we know your real motive is jealousy. You need to tear apart women who actually have it all to feel better about how hideous y’all are.

Dominique on

Seriously leave her alone. All of the people are saying this crap aren’t parents. Wait until you have a crying newborn that won’t shut up, you’ll need a fucking break too. So shut the fuck up. She wanted to go out with her husband, it’s not like she went out to a club and got blasted drunk. And even if she did, so what? It’s NONE of your business. I don’t like Chrissy, i think she’s a major bitch but how people are shaming her for going out to dinner is fucking stupid. And the baby was in good hands, her parents live with her, the baby isn’t missing anything, all she’ll did was sleep and eat. A 9 day old isn’t about to walk and talk. You commenters are stupid, immature and know nothing about raising a child. For once in your miserable life, stop focusing on what other mothers do and focus on your bad ass snot-nose brat that’s picking on other kids. All that matters is that her baby is loved, fed and safe. Leave her alone

Anonymous on

Ya’ll need to get a life and stop fixating on her life. Whether she’s on social media or not, why are you so bothered by it? Get over it! Don’t pay attention. I hate when other women feel the need to shame new moms. Unless it’s something that’s completely terrible, all you bitchy and catty women need to F*ck off and mind your own business. I’m going to be a new mom in November and you best believe I will not tolerate unsolicited and judgmental advice. It’s totally uncalled for.

Izzy on

Chrissy needs to get a freaking life, other than obsess over social media. Go away, please.