Tess Holliday Celebrates Her Hawaiian-Themed Baby Shower

05/16/2016 at 03:00 PM ET

Do the hula, baby!

That was seemingly the mantra of Sunday’s joint housewarming party and baby shower for fashion icon Tess Holliday and her fiancé Nick, who are expecting their first child together in June. The theme of the party? All Hawaii, all day.

The plus-size model, 30, wore a long green dress with a pretty island-inspired print by Simply Be. Her hair was styled in a beautiful ringlet-clad updo, complete with a fastener adorned with a pineapple and flowers, while Nick went a little simpler with a Hawaiian collared shirt and cropped jeans.

Tess Holliday Hawaiian baby shower
Tess Holliday/Instagram

Holliday shared numerous photos of the festivities on her Instagram account, including one of her beautifully adorned nails — one of which bore an “Oh, baby!” message.

Dessert went past the typical cake-and-cupcakes spread, too. Holliday posted a photo of tropically decorated doughnuts made especially for her shower, which spelled out “Aloha Baby.”

“Thank you to my friends at @californiadonuts for making these adorable donuts for me & @nickhollidayco baby shower/housewarming today,” she captioned the shot, along with the hashtags “#babyhollidayontheway” and “#alohafriday.”

ModCloth co-founder and CCO Susan Koger was also in attendance — as was her pug Winston.

“We’re keeping it a surprise. #pizzarollsnotgenderroles,” Nick said in a comment on a photo he posted to his own Instagram account, addressing a user who asked about the sex of the baby.

Winston was definitely the star of the baby shower #puglife #babyhollidayontheway

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Though this will be the first child for the couple, who met on Tumblr in 2012 and plan to marry this fall, the body-positive model has a 10-year-old son named Rylee from a previous relationship.

“I pick my son up from school every day, [do] homework [with him], ” Holliday told PEOPLE in May 2015. “I just want him to grow up loving himself, to just be free to be himself. That would be the greatest goal in my life. My career’s amazing, but if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I have.”

Of health in her second pregnancy, the former PEOPLE blogger and cover star — who has worked with brands like Torrid and Benefit Cosmetics — has something to say to nosy folks.

“Just because we’re plus size, doesn’t mean we have to prove that we’re healthy, just as someone who is smaller than us or average size doesn’t have to prove they are healthy,” Holliday posted on Instagram alongside a shot of herself from a nude photoshoot she did at seven months pregnant.

“We should be able to exist in our bodies,” she added.

The gorgeous shot comes two months after Holliday shared a photo of herself glammed up poolside in a vintage wrap bikini, alongside the caption, “Pregnancy glam because I can” with the hashtag “#effyourbeautystandards.”

“I am technically healthy but my body is no more valid than someone’s who isn’t,” she added alongside the new photo.

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jenny on

enough about her, let’s talk about the bigger issue: is he wearing elastic banded cut off jeans?!

twelsh42 on

I have so many questions. Here’s two: If she loses weight, what are the tats going to look like? Is he wearing women’s elastic waist capris?

Summer on

In what world is she “technically healthy?” A good friend’s doctor monitored her very closely for weight-related pregnancy concerns and she’s half the size of this woman. Body positive shouldn’t mean trying to make morbid obesity the norm and pretending as if it’s healthy. No one should be demeaned based on their size, but neither should this be twisted into “healthy.”

maryhelenc on

I gained a lot of weight & was 265lbs while pregnant with my middle daughter. I had a high risk, closely monitored pregnancy. There is no way she’s not considered high risk. Love yourself, but be honest.

Vicki on

Her arms are huge!… also, I hope she cuts those daggers when the baby is born. Those things look dangerous!!

Randy on

I’m sorry but you are morbidly obese. That’s fine if you’re okay with being so overweight but do not try to spin it as healthy! I’m fat too and my body is starting to fail me, being in your 50’s and carrying all that extra weight will not be kind to you! Do something about it now while you still can and for the love of your children. If you die prematurely or are restricted by what can do, your children will be the one to suffer! I know first hand. Do you really want your children being raised by another woman!? That’s your future if you don’t take control of your weight!

mer on

Her body is her business and even the health thing is only her business, a thing between her and her doctors. None of our business. So why do you care? Do you care for health of any other person? When they are normal weight, they can have so many other health issues. Do you care about them the same way?

Jen on

Is he SERIOUSLY wearing capri jeans?????????????

carrie lee on

that hairdo is absolutely GORGEOUS! love all the deco and treats and cute pics!
awwww… now i want to have a party! 😦
best wishes to the new parents!

Cheri on

Does she not fit in maternity clothes so he is wearing them instead?
What makes her think being 300lbs means she is healthy?

Carolyn on

Both gross. What IS he wearing?

Aps on

Wow the gender is a drag onesie and the other one with profanity on it. This poor, poor child!!!

sandy on

Gender is a drag? Thank God no one gave me that onesie!
Her arms are huge! The tattoos are awful. I feel sorry for this women as she is in denial. She will get a wake up call one day- due to her weight. I hope she realizes you cannot take your health for granted. You will get older- and the older you get, the worse your health gets if you ignore you demons.
No doubt she’s a beautiful girl- but she needs to lose “some” weight. I mean, at least keep it under 200! Will you chase that soon to be toddler around one day?

sandy on

Cut those nail- daggers, once the baby is born. You’d hate to have one of those go up the baby’s butt or pierce his/her skin! YUCK!

ALT on

His pants are nothing more than regular length jeans pulled up and bunched up at the knees. Hideous look. Should have gone for knee length swim trunks instead.

Hawaiian theme is fun if done right. Nails are cute but the pointed tips are just stupid.

As for everything else…..whatever. Never would have known she’s 8 months pregnant.

Lucy on

They were married in Vegas last summer. Her “boyfriend” admitted to getting married for immigration reasons.

Sara on

How cute are they?? I love Tess – she is just stunning. Wishing them all the best with their new baby.

P.S. After reading all the comments, I have to say there IS something really gross about this — the commenters. What sad lives you must live if you expend that much energy talking sh*t about someone ELSE’S health and weight. Sad people.

Curious on

Why does he use her last name/stage name?

Splendiferous on

Actually, I wear the same size she does and my blood work and blood pressure are all in the healthy range.
To the person wondering about the surname, Holliday is his name; she began using it after she was signed to an agency.

warmthestars on

Once again shotty “research. It’s legally documented that Ryann aka Tess married Nick in quite a while ago. So keen on posting photos from various accounts you’d also know and see her charity fraud as well as her fascination with a pedophile. Looks like her PR agent is paid well and People is still a bottom feeder may.

jessica on

Beautiful couple! Congratulations to the two of them. It is unfortunate that a bunch of miserable people with nothing better to do decided to comment such awful things. You only succeeded at making yourself look like an awful excuse for a human being. Tess on the other hand looks like a lovely, glowing mother-to-be.

Confused on

Why did they use a slimming app for the baby shower photos of Shes BOPO? That is not her body shape. Pics friends took showed her regular size.

Molly on

All y’all haters need to get a life.

Even if she were being closely monitored by her doctor- it’s none of your business! Heavy does not mean unhealthy any more than skinny means unhealthy and like it says in the article, it’s not her responsibility to prove to you that she is healthy. Who cares?

Besides, if you really don’t like the way someone dresses or acts or dresses, just ignore them, like you would if they were homeless.

Got it? Good.

Anne coates on

She’s getting raked across the coals for the irresponsible line of technically healthy and yes she is promoting obesity. It’s all over her Facebook and Instagram, from mealy mouthed followers supporting her obesity and commenting how she’s a role model. She also states on her Facebook how she’d like to drag the dissenters of her gross lifestyle due to the honesty of her fraud of positivity. She’s taking her fans for money, given free clothes and makeup for ad placement and married the guy for a visa to stay in the us. It’s disgusting that People supports this fraud and obesity that is the nastiest person online. She photoshops all her chins out in her selfies and boasts of loving her body yet whines about the truth that she is doing major damage by supporting this disgusting lifestyle. When are you going to stop promoting this unhealthy embezzler? Is the whole staff of the magazine obese? This is so irresponsible.

rachiti on

HEALTHY – definition ” enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit ” HEALTH – definition “1: the condition of an organism or one of its parts in which it performs its vital functions normally or properly : the state of being sound in body or mind ; especially : freedom from physical disease and pain ” as defined by the national library of medicine.

So, all of you who insist she isn’t healthy need to open an expletive dictionary because you have no idea what you’re talking about.

rachiti on

To Anne coates
You just don’t get it. I deserve to feel good in my body. I deserve to feel beautiful. I should NOT have to feel gross or ugly simply because I’m crippled and dealing with multiple medical conditions which have caused weight gain. I eat healthy and exercise as best I can. I’ve been tracking my calories for a couple of months now. Based upon my calories burned verses calories consumed, I should have dropped 5x as much weight – AT LEAST – compared with the few pounds I’ve lost. When one’s metabolic conditions cause their body to fight back every step of the way – it’s not as simple as eat less move more because moving more means hurting means not being able to move. Metabolic rate is NOT the same for everyone.

What on earth makes you believe that 1. you have the right to judge anyone based on their weight and 2. that body shaming anyone – including her followers – will help them feel good about themselves? Unless they feel good about who they are, they will STRUGGLE to find enough reason to continue to do what is healthy for their bodies. First comes acceptance then comes confidence THEN comes the desire to ensure that one’s body is the best it can be – at whatever weight that person’s body will be.

No one should be forced by society OR by you to feel less worthy because you choose to judge them by their physical appearance with NO EVIDENCE to show that they’re eating any less healthy or exercising any less or that they’re the one to blame for genetic medical conditions that predate their birth.

Do you walk around judging skinny people? Well – do you? Let me tell you – I work at a grocery store and skinny people are sometimes the worst offenders when it comes to filling their bodies with food so disgusting I gag at the thought of all those artificially saturated fats and chemicals.

I deserve to be treated with respect as a human being. Your feeble-minded narcissistic comments say nothing about my character but speak volumes about yours. I am a Tess Holliday fan.

Kristi on

Why is everyone so concerned about Tess’s weight? You can be her size and be healthy. Believe me because I know. I am a VERY heavy girl and no i am not promoting that my size or her size is “good.” But lets face it. I weigh more than her, and I have no doubt about it – but I have nothing wrong with me. My doctor had told me I am one of one-thousand to not be suffering from: DIABETES. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. HIGH CHOLESTEROL. NO HEART PROBLEMS. MY BREATHING IS FINE! I essentially am a spitting IMAGE of healthy even for my size. But before you drop the ball and start being closed-minded jerks like half of you skinny-minnies and keyboard justice warriors attack me – I only found this out because I was seeking help to lose my weight effectively and safely AND with avoidance of surgery. But its not okay to be my size, and while people fat shame or say that its fine to be her size or mine – its really not. If you are comfortable with your body that is great, but honestly? I prefer to live, and I don’t want my body mass to be the reason why my life was cut short and its why I refuse to have children. I can’t even imagine how much hell I would deal with being pregnant and obese. I can barely handle summers! So in the end, i’ll leave it up to ya’ll to judge; after all I am just one person out of thousands.

Tasha on

First of all, she’s right. Weight doesn’t automatically show health. I have a friend who’s 110lbs. 5 foot 3. She’s the most unhealthy person I know. She’s in and out of doctors offices, always sick. She has high BP and has to take meds everyday for it. I, on the other hand, are what most would call OVERWEIGHT. I have a kidney issue, but I’ve had it since birth and it’s not weight related at all. Other than that, I am 100% healthy. I just had a check up and had to get bloodwork done to see if I could donate blood to an ailing family member. Being body positive applies TO ALL BODIES. If the person inside the body is happy then it’s no one else’s business. No one, NO ONE has a right to tell another person what they should with their body and those out there who want to say that they think they have that right; in the name of health… well, you can’t tell a persons health based on their weight, so until you’ve sat down with their doctor, keep your f* mouth shut. I’m pretty sure the only reason people give me hell about my weight (family AND total strangers) is because I am healthy. I am happy. They spend hours in the gym trying to reach this unattainable goal of ‘the ideal body’ and they’re still not happy with how they look. They hate that there are ‘fat’ people out there who are happy with how they look because they clearly don’t have that same happiness for themselves. If you want to spend hours in the gym, and deny yourself food and only eat what rabbits eat… FINE. But that’s YOUR choice. Do what you want, but for goodness sake, leave other people alone.

Jennifer on

I have that exact same necklace 🙂

Sara on

People magazine is tacky, Walmart entertainment for Walmart culture, exactly who Tess followers are. She will fade. We have so many plus-size role models that are actually doing something in the world instead of just showing their butt for comments.

Jen on

I’m not a fan of hers – we are suppose to love that she is sooooo big and not question it? Hurting people because of their weight isn’t right but neither is promoting that being 400 lbs is awesome…I don’t follow her and this is actually the first article I have fully read about her and let me tell you – I won’t waste my time again….I didn’t and couldn’t and would never be able to tell she is 8 months pregnant…

Anonymous on

Her arms are huge, but love her hair style.

Vida powers on

I think she is stunning…. Mind your business all you negative fuckfaces…. Trying to give advice….. Everyone of these comments have some sorta negativity whether it’s her weight or her mans pants….. Your all a bunch of hipster kardashion idiots ….I met a lady the other day 103 years old overweight smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and is as healthy as a horse….so if you don’t have anything nice to say go fuck yourself…

Butterscotch Bourbon on

Is she actually pregnant or just fatter? Maybe she just wanted am excuse to wear a moomoo and shove her face full of cake, it’s not likely that she pushes herself away from the table too often or she avoids unhealthy living. What God is she going to be as a mother when she can’t even keep up with her kid? They move a lot, and she doesn’t look like she moves much, unless it’s for a burrito or the ice cream man.

Si on

Lay off the photoshop. It’s obvious and makes you look like a total fake when you claim you are all about body acceptance and positivity. Let people see your REAL FACE and your REAL FAT AND STRETCH MARKS if you are such a “proud one”. lol. Faker. Even on shit pics like these. smh.