Kristin Cavallari: ‘I’m Trying to Enjoy Every Second with My Last Baby’

05/16/2016 at 08:05 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari says she is done expanding her family after having given birth to her third child, daughter Saylor James, in November.

“She’s my last baby,” Cavallari, 29, told PEOPLE while celebrating the re-launch of her Emerald Duv jewelry line in West Hollywood on Tuesday. “So I’m just trying to enjoy every second.”

The shoe and jewelry designer says her favorite time of day is putting Saylor to bed.

“Every night I go and I feed her in her room before she goes to bed, and then I rock her,” she says. “She always falls asleep on my shoulder. Every night, I swear I’m in there for 20 minutes just holding her because I really love that moment, and I really love having my little baby. That just totally fills me up every night.”

Kristin Cavallari Enjoys Every Second with Daughter Saylor
Torrey West

Saylor is the first girl for Cavallari — who also has sons Camden Jack, 3½, and Jaxon Wyatt, 2, with husband Jay Cutler, 33 — and she’s enjoying all the new experiences that come along with it.

“It’s a lot of fun, I’ve got to say,” she says. “I’m very into the bows and the dresses — any excuse to get dressed up, and she has on a nice party dress!”

Saturdays are for sweats 🙌🏻

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And so far, the 5-month-old has been a very easy baby.

“She is the most chill, laid back, happy baby I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” says Cavallari. “We are so lucky.”

But she believes having a well-behaved baby is karma for having a not-so-easy middle child.

“My second one was not very easy, so we paid our dues with him and now we are very lucky to have such an easy girl,” Cavallari jokes. “Although I know later in life girls are much harder, so I’m just going to enjoy every moment while she’s easy right now!”

— Gabrielle Olya

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em on

20 minutes rocking her every night?!! Wooo! Mother of the year!

goodie on

Enjoy now before the chicken pox comes!

em on

Mother of the year! Rocking her a whole 20 minutes each night…geez..I could not imagine

guest on

They’ll be picking up all sorts of diseases seeing they’re not vaccinated, chicken pox and measles being two of them. Apparently, the “herd” theory doesn’t really work that well. And please keep them out of my children’s school.

Elena on

Why stop at three? She is young with plenty of money.

blessedwithboys on

Yes, enjoy the chicken pox and the resulting lifelong immunity.

Good for you Kristin for making the healthy choice for your family. Your kids will grow up strong and hearty and will thank you for wise choice.

Sandy on

Yes sure, cr. Unless they contract rubella, or polio or some cool disease like that! Sounds so cute and awesome.

Cee on

I guarantee she has done more research on vaccines than any person posting a negative comment about her choosing not to. Have fun being one of the sheeple swallowing the medicine given to you by the CDC and big pharma.

Truth on

I agree, Cee. These people probably haven’t even done much research on vaccines. My own pediatrician admitted that she doesn’t follow the CDC schedule for her children although she is ethically obligated to recommend it to her patients. There is a good independent research that supports the concerns about the schedule and the necessity of certain vaccines. Most of the counter research is funded by CDC or government or big pharm-connected entities interested in encouraging vaccines for either public health or profit. I’d rather make the choices that will best support my child than follow a schedule that may put my child in harm.

Guest on

Antivaxxers are child abusers. If I knew any in real life I’d be calling CPS to investigate them.

Sam on

Hey Truth, hate to break it to you, but your child is already in danger due to having a brain dead hippie know it all for a parent. I wouldn’t wish a disease on a child, but I’d like to see how quickly you would change your tune if your precious child contracted something because of your decision to not vaccinate them. I hope that doesn’t happen. For their sake. Probably by the time they’re 20, they’ll realize what kind of idiot parent they have, and you’ll never see them again.

guest on

Hey Cee, I’m a medical student. I guarantee I know more about vaccines than Kristin Cavallari, whose credentials include being on a reality TV show 10 years ago. (Unfortunately that’s the end of her list of credentials.) Here is what happens when you don’t vaccinate your child. Best case scenario: your kid is around a bunch of vaccinated kids, doesn’t contract anything, and is fine. You shouldn’t be thanking yourself, though, you should be thanking the other parents who had the foresight to immunize their kids. Another scenario: your kid gets something bizarre and archaic, like polio, and dies. Congrats, you murdered your own child.
Here’s another, worse scenario: your kid gets something bizarre and archaic like polio. It dies. Before it dies, however, it gives that polio to a child who couldn’t get a vaccine – for example, a new little baby. That new little baby dies. Congrats, you murdered your own child and also someone else’s.

If you choose not to vaccinate your child, you are being unbelievably selfish. I’ll tell you some ACTUAL scientific research, the kind you don’t find on or whatever BS you’re reading. Studies (NOT backed up by pharmaceutical companies, can you imagine?!? No ulterior motives, whaaaaa?!) have shown a massive rise in diseases that haven’t been an issue in the developed world since the early 20th century. The reason for that? People refusing to vaccinate their children.

Here’s some harsh truths about vaccines: they safe lives. If the life of your own child doesn’t motivate you, think about other people whose children may die because of you. Another harsh truth: vaccines do not cause autism. And, finally, and perhaps the most significant: what Kristin Cavallari thinks is cool is not necessarily medically sound, because although Kristin Cavallari has great hair that you’d just diiiieeeee for like omg! – Kristin Cavallari is not and never will be a medical professional.

Common Sense on

Vaccines are now very affordable and fully covered by insurance. Vaccines are the reasons most of these diseases are under control and it is extremely irresponsible for anyone not to protect their children. There are plenty of cases where children have died, right here in the U.S., because they were not vaccinated. But let me guess, that was the government and big pharma’s doing, right? They must have secretly sent someone out to purposefully infect those children. Research goes both ways. I do hope her children live long, healthy, happy lives.

notinourhouse on

My father got polio in the 1920s, on his right side, could never write with his hand after a life time of trying, couldn’t enlist in the service during the depression to get a square meal for serving his country. Us kids got shots in elementary school.

Unable to fall asleep so reading this crap on

Wishing her the best of luck. My husband didn’t want the kids to get vaccinated, but I talked him into it. They aren’t 100% effective, but thought I would take my chances. Seems to me that all of the chemicals they are exposed to in food and through the air on a daily basis are more of a gamble. Also the additives to many daily hygiene products are terrible. Try to avoid, sulfates and parables and go natural as much as possible. Also work, luckily not live near a rural area with a lot of residential properties and just watch the crop dusters going and it makes me cringe. The ground those houses were built on are polluted with tons of harsh chemicals from years of agricultural practices. Would like to report that all 4 of my kiddos have been super healthy. Also, last comment, on being done with a family….you truly never know. My husband had a vasectomy, which he did his follow up testing and was assured he was missile free. Long story short, it reversed itself and o got pregnant with twins. Never really know what life has in store for you. Your plans aren’t always your own.

Katie on

People think diseases like Chickenpox, Measles, Rubella, Polio, meningitis…are not so bad, and that children easily recover from them. The sad thing is that Measles Encephalitis is often fatal, or leaves the victim severely mentally disabled, and/or severely physically disabled. I have seen children who couldn’t walk, talk, feed themselves, and were little better after years of therapy. I have known children who had chickenpox encephalitis who were hospital sick for extended time, and some who died. Most of the people who grew up in the 40s, 50s and 60s knew friends and adults who had polio; those people are now dealing with post polio syndrome, and even if they made a fairly good recovery, they are now in w/c, or using walkers. Saying there is the value of herd immunity for others, while at the same time claiming the government and “big pharma” are conspiring to cause harm to all the children in the world. Can any of you really believe such claptrap? Tell me you think vaccines should be spread out, or that you want a slower schedule, not more than 2 vaccines at the same time…that sounds intelligent. Many vaccines are dead, not live vaccines so there is no “pus” being shot into your child. Make sense with your argument or be quiet. Honestly, whatever I like, or don’t like, about the government or drug companies in general, it’s not even sensible to think no one cares if they hurt or kill the children of the world, as long as they make a buck.

Cristoff Fan on

Most people who vaccinate clearly do very little research and don’t have any books on vaccination in their homes. It only takes about 1.5 hours of research to discover that something just isn’t right with the claims surrounding vaccination. If there’s no research regarding vaccines doing anything they’re advertised to do, what’s driving the behavior of someone who vaccinates?

guest on

She seems like a good mom. To be done with having kids at 29 is awesome! She can run around with them and will still be young when they are on their own. No judgement here!!

El on


Not following the prescribed schedule is not the same as deciding not to vaccinate your children at all. I wouldn’t put m y children in that kind of danger – polio, rubella, etc… are making a comeback after decades of near eradication, because people are not vaccinating their children. Shifting the prescribed schedule by a little if not a big deal but not vaccinating at all is like roulette, with your child at risk of contracting disease they can die from, diseases that are preventable.

VOR on

She looks fantastic!

Effie on

I am curious about families who choose not to vaccinate, after doing research…. (not making judgements, but really curious)
-do you take a chance that your child will get a disease and be okay once it runs its course?
-do you think it your child will never be so unlucky to contract one of the diseases that can be vaccinated against?
-is the risk of the diseases less worrisome to you than the vaccination risks?

Volly on

She looks great in the first picture.

Samantha on

First of all I have chosen to vaccinate my children It was MY CHOICE as MY children’s mother. I really would like to know why people only bring up the fact that this woman does not vaccinate her kids 24/7. She is deemed as Satan for not vaccinating her children and I see all of these comments about chicken pox… We used to not vaccinate for chicken pox and chicken pox really aren’t that big of a deal. At least they were not a big deal when myself and every other child I knew contracted the virus 20 plus years ago. Oh my apologies you may get shingles later in life… And yes there is a 0.00000000000001 percent chance one of her children could contract an actual dangerous virus. (and no, med student) I do not know the actual statistics for that. Just venturing a guess.. And anyone can study these topics…. med student or not. Have I? No. Just skimmed and made the decision to vaccinate. Maybe I am a bad mother for not being more thorough :/ I am sure everyone has done something another person would perceive as bad parenting. But then you would have to get into the topic of what is good parenting and what is bad? Or maybe my child is having an operation that will dramatically enhance their ability in life, but there is a 5 percent chance that they will die on the operating table… Should they be bedridden and unable to play with their friends and have a normal life, or should I take the chance? If I take the chance am I killing my child? Parents make decisions daily. Even small decisions could dramatically alter your child’s life.

She is NOT seem like a terrible mother to me! She actually seems to be a pretty great one. Yes, she does not choose to vaccinate her children and I do. I do not hate her for her decision. And if people really consider medical advice from celebrities, I think the bigger problem is the education system in America.. There are SO MANY terrible parents out there and so many people who do not deserve to have children and people who murder their children or leave them in the care of their murdering boyfriends. We see this repeatedly in the news. Or people who can barely take care of themselves let alone their poor child who was brought into such a terrible environment.

Kristin Cavallari is pretty successful. Yes, I know the “for what?” questions would be inserted right about now… She is stupid blah blah blah. You disagree with her view on vaccinating? Well maybe put your energy towards your cause and make vaccinations mandatory in your school/community/whatever. I know it’s probably not at all possible, but maybe? Stranger things continue to happen in this world.

Anonymous on


Jane on

Her poor daughter is named after a dog. Kristin’s beyond lucky to have the money to be able to afford to not vaccinate her children. She is also lucky to not have to have an education yet still be rich. Kristin can shop at restoration hardware, have makeup and hairstylists, personal trainers, a plethora of organic food, spa treatments and photo-shoots and amazing vacations anytime…at the age of 29 she has it all figured out, jewelry/shoe line, parenting, food allergies, how to make a marriage work…oh come on now. She hasn’t balanced anything in life. She (and her husband) have money to live a luxurious one…

adidas stan smith on

Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any recommendations for newbie blog writers? I’d really appreciate it.