January Jones’ 4-Year-Old Son Xander Already Has His Own Beauty Routine – Including Baths with Mom and Moisturizer

05/16/2016 at 08:15 PM ET

January Jones and Son Xander's Beauty Routine
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January Jones has a pretty impressive beauty routine, and it’s already rubbing off on 4½-year-old son Xander Dane.

The Last Man on Earth actress, 38, says motherhood hasn’t had a huge impact on her primping schedule — in part because she’s incorporated Xander into it.

“I am definitely more efficient with my time, but I am still pretty regimented in my routine, so the difference now is that he’s added in,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue.

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At the top of the list for the mother-son duo’s routine? Bath time.

“I like having my baths, and he takes them with me,” says Jones, who’s shown her love of the relaxing ritual on Instagram.

The two are also huge on moisturizer, with the former Mad Men star noting, “I’m really strict about getting him moisturized.”

In fact, the skincare step is probably the star’s biggest beauty priority. After all, her beauty philosophy is “over-moisturize” — and she indulges in skincare as pricey as $795.

Jones, who just landed a gig as spokeswoman for luxury hair-care line Kérastase, is also getting her adventurous son into a hair groove. Describing Xander’s hair as “a bit darker than mine, and very fine,” Jones says he gets to pick his haircuts.

“When we go to the barbershop, he gets to choose his own hairstyle, and he gets a kick out of that and he takes great pride in that,” she says, admitting, “I may be over-grooming him. I don’t know!”

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Not only does her son have a say in his hair choices, but Jones would let him weigh in on hers. The actress and hair-color chameleon says that if Xander wanted her to try green hair — a color she hasn’t tried and would “never” of her own choosing — she would do it for him.

“Maybe I would do green tips,” Jones says. “The problem is, I would probably try it and he’d be like, ‘Mom, you can’t do that.’ ”

Lucky for the fitness-conscious and fashion-forward actress, Xander is more concerned with where Mom is headed than what she’s wearing when he sees her all dolled up.

“He’s like, ‘Mom, you look pretty! Where are you going?’ ” she says. “He gets bummed out … but I think it’s good for them to miss you occasionally.”

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I'mgrossedout on

This woman is so weird. She bathes with her almost 5 year old? Makes sure to moisturize him? TMI

Mrs. B on

He’s getting too old to bathe with mommy. He’s a big boy now.

Aurora on

where is this kids father??…oh right.- she doesn’t know who it is

Duh on

Pretty sure she knows the father is j.suidekis. The kid is his mini me.

A on

Bathing with your kids is wonderful unless your a prude or a weirdo.

stacey on

I think he is too old to be bathing with mom, too. I take showers with my 3-year-old, but that will be coming to an end in the next few months.
And Xander?!! What an awful name!!!

Kathy on

No 4 year old, male or female, should be bathing with a parent.

Amy on

Taking baths with your 4 year old child (same sex or opposite sex) is not healthy for anyone. There needs to be some boundaries. I can see sleeping in the same bed (with clothes) at that age, but not hanging out nude in a tub!

Anonymous on

Baths with a 4 1/2 year old son? Uh….no. Nothing normal there at all. Good grief.

Anonymous on

And someone should tell her to wear a bra or skip the form fitting dresses.

Cali on

Duh – I agree. And now that Jason’s other son is getting older, he definitely looks like January’s son, too. I feel for her – he didn’t want to raise a baby with her so she’s doing it all on her own while he is all superdad with his other kid. 😦

Renee on

Oh bless her!
Sounds like she’s having a great time being a mum! My kids are 4 & 5 and we often have showers together and bath together. I don’t understand why this is a problem? We all have bodies and skin!

Carrie on

There are two young adult males in our family who would say without reservation that Zander should be bathing alone, and not with his mother! Both have expressed to me that their mothers bathed with them until the were in kindergarten, and that they still have memories of being very uncomfortable, but didn’t know how to say that to their mothers. One mom was a single mom, and probably thought that was just another way to spend some time with her son, and the other was a working mom who thought the same. Neither mother was overly exhibitionistic, and neither was embarrassed about nudity. Both young men have said they thought it was “weird”, and one said he needed to have therapy because of the bathing together, and because his parents were such strong believers in the family bed. People do need to understand appropriate boundaries, and realize that not bathing with your child at 5 isn’t being prudish, and may really bother the child of the opposite sex particularly.

sam on

No one knows who the father is.

Kreadance on

Her so looks a lot more like Bobby Flay than Jason Sudeikis- red hair, button nose, same exact smile. And Bobby was married when she got pregnant – more reason to not disclose. We have a lot more evidence about Flay womanizing than Sudeikis…

Guest on

Strict about moisturizing him? Um. OK. Only hope her comments were taken out of context!

Lyn on

A naked mother is part of what messed up Shia LeBeouf.

Joe on

Let’s hope there’s a man around who lets the kid run around, get a little dirty, be a boy, etc.

Yoz on

This kid looks like Jason Sudeikis.

annna on

I shouldn’t be surprised to see so many comments from uptight judgmental trolls. I bet none of you even teach your kids the birds and the bees because you’re too prudish and conservative.

Jim on

She seems a weird woman.