Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden Expecting First Child

05/16/2016 at 09:45 PM ET

Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

Courtney Stodden and husband Doug Hutchison are expanding their family.

The reality TV personality, 21, is expecting her first child with the actor, 55, Entertainment Tonight reports. Stodden is four weeks along.

“I’m going through a lot at the moment. This wasn’t a planned pregnancy,” she told ET. “But life happens.”

Despite the pregnancy surprise, Stodden added that she “feel[s] happy about it but extremely overwhelmed.”

The former Big Brother U.K. star wed Hutchison in a 2011 Las Vegas ceremony when Stodden was only 16 years old.

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Two-and-a-half years after tying the knot, Stodden and Hutchison were legally separated.

However, nine months later the pair reconciled, as Stodden’s mother and manager Krista Keller told PEOPLE that her daughter “found out that she really, really loves Doug and he’s the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.”

— Naja Rayne

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E on

Everything about this is just wrong.

roadapplescarclub on

Four weeks along, unplanned pregnancy? All seems odd, good luck – they are going to need it

Robin on

Four weeks pregnant and she’s announcing it? A little early for that.

Also I don’t see this relationship lasting. She married him at 16 and separated and now at 21 having his baby? He’s old enough to be her father. I’m thinking she doesn’t have one and sees him as one.

Amy on

its generally not a good idea to announce a pregnancy at 4 weeks.

i still cannot understand what a 21 year old sees in a 55 year old.

No on

4 weeks…so she got a positive test, what, an hour ago?

Guest on

Oh, good gawd.

Catherine on

Well, thank goodness she wasn’t so overwhelmed that she forgot Entertainment Tonight’s phone number.

TB on

Barf…that is all

Emenem on

She’s 21 now. No one cares.

Catherine on

She’s overwhelmed by an unplanned pregnancy, so it’s good that she has the reporters at ET to discuss this with.

Tammy on

That’s just all kinds of icky. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s right.

Charlotte on

Omg! What happened to her face?

Jennifer on

I think she really, REALLY loves his money…..and spending it on enhancements. Gag.

Anonymous on

Not a “planned pregnancy”? You had unprotected sex. Probably more than once. What did you think would/could happen?

Elle on

This poor, stupid girl. Her mother should be arrested for allowing this. What on Earth could they have in common and now a baby??

MommyMedic2-3 on

Not a “planned pregnancy”? Just an assumption, but…….She had unprotected sex (some married couples do use protection). Probably several times. What did she think would/could happen?

joaniecrombie on

Horrible news

Valerie Evans on

There is no way this old bat is 21.
I remember when she was pretending to be 16. She is 35+ if a day.
Or it was a very long 21 years…
Who are they kidding?

taxi21 on

If she’s only 4 weeks along, she might not have even missed her period yet. I call shenanigans on this being unplanned

Rnmomma on

Most woman don’t know they are pregnant when they are 4 weeks along. At four weeks that is the week you due to get your period. For it being unplanned and announce it before you even know you are late seems odd to me

heather on

Four weeks along? Nope, don’t buy it. No one tells the world that early. Did she pee on the stick and call People Magazine while she waited 3 minutes for the results?

Bree on

I really try not to say anything negative about pregnancy announcement but everything about this is so wrong. I feel so bad for that kid. Hopefully this is a wake up call for her and she straightens her life out because it is a disaster right now.

Wtf on

My man is 19 years older than me but I met him when I was an adult. This 50 year old man got with a 16 year old girl and then married her. Now I think she’s only with him bc he’s rich. And shame on her parents. Crazy.

Callie on

There are no words

Mily on

Anyone that’s ever been pregnant knows that 4 weeks, is really two weeks as in she would have just found out. Little odd to be announcing it already. Anything to get publicity.

Guest on

Omg her face!!

Tina on

Congratulations!!! Enjoy your pregnancy. It’ s a wonderful experience. Love not hate

bbb1975 on

4 weeks?!?!?!

karen on

OMG, not these 2 idiots again.

Sarah on

Oh, That poor kid…. : (



Anonymous on

That’s gross. I’m 16 years old and i would never, NEVER marry a 50 year old man, no matter how much money he has. Money doesn’t mean anything to me. Who let’s their 16 year old daughter marry a 50 year old man? And who is she anyway? I have never heard of her or her pedophile husband. That’s sick. My mother is 50 and i would date or marry a guy old enough to be my parent. Do i have crushes on 50+ men? Sure but i would never think to marry or have a kid with him. And so what if she had unprotected sex with her husband, that doesn’t mean she was trying to have a baby. Not all women having unprotected sex is trying to have a baby, get educated people. My mom had unprotected sex with my older sister’s father and she got pregnant and that wasn’t planned because she was 16. There are tons married couples having unprotected sex and not trying to have a baby.

trish on

Stodden’s mother and manager Krista Keller told PEOPLE that her daughter “found out that she really, really loves Doug

no mommy convinced her that all the money will be gone…..
This man with such a young girl makes me skin crawl

guestie on

NOOOOOOOO. . . naw!

Guest on

I didn’t think there was any body part left on her that is not plastic

KK on

Doesn’t look a thing like she did 5 years ago. And it’s not “growing up”.

Vonny on

Her face looks so plastic.

Anonymous on


ThirtyPlus1andBeyond on

Courtney and her mother were on this show “Mother/Daughter Experiment” on Lifetime where her mother basically admitted to having feelings for her daughter’s husband. Very odd family. Hope they get it together for the baby.

Zol on

They have large age differences, he could be her father.

Shazam on

Never for a second believed that was her true age. Shes much older than she claims to be. Gross couple

k pop on

How is he not in prison and a registered sex offender? That’s like me marrying my kids friends, ewww

Kelly on

Does CPS ever get involved this early? This is scary. I feel so bad for this unborn child.

Anonymous on

in MOST countries older men with younger women is common Look at the comments from these USA women– then you know why there are so many women in USA who cannot find a good man because the USA men marry the women from another nation USA women are spoiled There are no dating sites that say “MArry a woman from the USA-because No ONe want them I love Brasil Venezuela Colombia Mexico Panama Jamaica Chile jealous USA women hate women from these nations Have a nice day to all who read these facts

amy on

Robin, think, if he had her at 21, he would be just shy of being old enough to be her grandfather!!!

Pnut on

FOUR WEEKS? That’s not when one announces a pregnancy. She could get her period tomorrow. Idiot.

Poppy on

That poor baby has no chance at a normal, stable upbringing.

Anonymous on

I look better at 44 than she does at the supposed age of 21……….holy crap how is he not in jail for having sex with a minor when she was 16???

Anonymous on

How is he NOT in jail for having sex with a minor since she was 16 and who allowed her to get married????

button on

“Unplanned” my foot. There’s no fool like an old fool.

Mandi on

I think I just threw up in mouth reading this, yuck.

st on

I hope she gives the baby up for adoption. She does not sound interested at all and actually seems bitter about her pregnancy! Hope she realizes she has options. She’s only 21?? She looks like she’s in her 30’s. Better knock off the plastic surgery.

C on

More like spend the rest of HIS life with…

Den on

I hate that I have such a non-existent life that I know this, but I do follow her on Instagram (I know, I know), and not that long ago she posted a negative pregnancy test, and lamented that maybe another month. Sounds like she knew it was a possibility and was even trying….

mschwellinger on

4 weeks is…super early. Like the pregnancy test is still sitting on the bathroom counter early.

kirby1 on

I hope the baby likes the taste of silicone.

seabot on

I’m all for telling family and close friends right away, but making a public announcement at four weeks???

Also, still don’t buy that she’s 21 now and 16 when they got married. There’s a huge lie going on there.

really on

He can be Dad and Grandpa AND great grandpa now……that’s just sick.

goodie on

This Anna Nicole part deux will have the same ending.

What?! on

She’s what, 2 milliseconds pregnant and already announcing it??

taxi21 on

If she’s 4 weeks, then she may not have even missed her period yet. I call shenanigans on this being unexpected.

Brooke on

When they were married, I would havebet they didn’t last 6 months. 5 years later?? Color me shocked. But they are both adults now….so, there is no controversy here any longer.

Carole on

Poor baby.

pcc on

They are both mentally unstable. A few years ago they were posing for “sexy” pictures in a pumpkin patch and they did an interview where she was licking his face.

I always thought she married him for exposure, not so much his money. He has never been a major actor, and what has he done lately? He’s probably not all that rich. She got that exposure, and briefly ditched him. Too bad it didn’t stick, because now she is tethered to him forever.

MEB on

I’m not intentionally trying to be mean, but I thought the point of plastic surgery was to look better/younger? She’s 21, yet looks 35…. Poor thing. I do hope all of it was worth it and that it improved her self esteem. I wish her a healthy baby!

Erin on

Who even are they?!

Katie on

This situation is just sad all-around. Just goes to show what happens when there’s zero parental guidance. Which parent in their right mind would allow their 16 year-old child to get married, much less to a man old enough to be her grandfather? But then again, I guess poor Courtney learned from the best – Her “momager” gave permission for her to have tons of plastic surgery when she was still going thru puberty, for goodness’ sake! All in the hope of snagging a rich older man. I bet Krista was so excited and starstruck when Doug came along that she probably offered her under-age daughter up to that pedophile. Such a shame. Now Courtney is (supposedly) 21 but looks twice her age due to the excessive plastic surgery and hard living. No wonder she’s “overwhelmed” about being pregnant! She probably still has the maturity of a 15 year-old since she never really had a chance to grow up before getting hitched to that dirty old man. And now, unfortunately, this vicious cycle will now repeat itself when this baby (Courtney) tries to raise her own baby. I sincerely hope that she proves me wrong and sees impending motherhood as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. But I won’t be holding my breath. *SMH*

Anonymous on

Never heard of them!

kdm on

Who releases a pregnancy announcement at 4 weeks along UNLESS it is for the attention? Most people wait until after 12.

These people make me feel icky.

Anonymous on

Forget the age difference – he was creepy before this. There is something off about him, which makes his dating a teen not so much of a surprise.

Caitie on

From what I’ve read on other news sites, she didn’t want to announce it this early, she was forced into it because her mother found out and she was afraid her mother was going to sell the information to the tabloids. Based on the shit that’s gone down on that Lifetime show, I wouldn’t put it past her mother.

E on

In another article, Courtney said that her own mother, Krista, was developing inappropriate feelings for Doug ….her own mother! They probably should have been together since they are much closer in age. I hope that this baby brings maturity and a new sense of selflessness with him/her.

Anonymous on

First Donald Trump and now this. I need to start believing in god, STAT!

Valerie on

First Donald Trump and now this. I may need to start believing in god. because the end must surely be coming.

Valerie on

First Donald Trump and now this. I may need to start believing in god, because the end must surely be coming.

Zol on

This is a creepy couple.

Anonymous on

I announced my pregnancies fairly soon after finding out. The only reason not to is if you are worried about telling people about a miscarriage. I knew I wouldn’t want to hide a miscarriage so I told people I was pregnant. I think it is selfish to not let people know the happy news if you plan on sharing sad news if something were to go wrong. Let people be happy for you before you expect them to feel sad for you.

Paige on

Not much to say, poor kid 😦

Anonymous on

Why is it that people get so confused when someone says it was nor a planned pregnancy? Think about it, every time you have sex, you are planning to get pregnant? I guess so! You don’t know the circumstances surrounding this pregnancy. They could have been told they couldn’t get pregnant or been using birth control. I know people who have been in both of those situations and were surprised to find out they were pregnant, so, yes, plenty of people have unplanned pregnancies. Not sure why people don’t understand that. If only everytime two people had sex it would result in a pregnancy, the world would be a very very happy place.

With all that side, these two are messed up and I thought they were over. He is gross. She is manipulated and her mom is horrible.

Zon on

She is 21 and he is 55, he could be her father, gross.