Coco Austin and Baby Chanel Show Off Matching Swimsuits (Again!) During Beach Vacation

05/14/2016 at 03:15 PM ET

Coco Austin is enjoying her first vacation with her 5-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole.

The new mom graced Instagram with even more photosย of her and Chanel both donning matching bikinis on Saturday and Monday.

“It doesn’t get better than this!” Austin, 37, captioned the picture of the mommy-daughter duo lounging on the beach, revealed to be Eden Rock in St. Bart’s. “It’s been a wonderful trip … family time is priceless.”

Coco Austin and Chanel NicoleCoco Austin/Instagram

The two, along with Austin’s husband Ice-T, appeared to be in the Caribbean, on their first family vacation with little Chanel.

“Cheers!! Enjoying this Caribbean sun!! I haven’t been on vacation for 2 years..” the model captioned a bikini-clad photo of herself posing near the ocean. “Being preggers last year until this past November I haven’t seen my bikini drawer in awhile.”

Austin (and Chanel‘s) Instagram accounts have been filled with swimsuit pics and island-themed photos since the family set off on the trip.

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“One of those candid moments I thought was too cute to not share.. Me and my mini,” Austin wrote alongside a photo of herself holding Chanel, both with their backs to the camera.

1st family vacation for Chanel..Guess where we are?

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Despite Chanel’s social media presence, Austin doesn’t want her little girl to become a model, she wrote in her post-pregnancy blog for E! News in March.

Hotel hopping visiting know how we do it!

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“I’m going to try and push her away from the modeling. It’s going to be hard because I’m probably going to have a camera in her face and she’s going to learn how to model but at the same [time] I don’t want her to focus on that as a career,” the Ice & Coco star wrote.

“I want her to do something that I couldn’t do.”

— Char Adams

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patty on

We all know it’s hard to resist saying negative things about Coco Austin, but she sure loves her baby. It’s obvious. Kudos to being a good mommy.

Anonymous on

Little girls should not wear bikinis. Too grown Up!

AnonoMom on

I’m sure here daughter will be real embarrassed when she seems these later in life.

life goes on on

Love the pictures of Coco and little Chanel. They both enjoy the time they have with each other. As for Sissy, she might be jealous of Coco

Anonymous on

I love Ice-T…….why is he with a pig?

Beth on

So freaking cute. Motherhood suites her so well.. And seriously knocking her because her baby is in a two piece.. LOL.. It’s freaking adorable.. I would like to see her boobs put away for some clean photoes with her daughter thow.. Those things are monsters.

Guest on

I don’t know why all the negative posts about Coco. She may not be your average soccer mom but say what you will she loves her daughter. Would I post pictures of my daughter all over social media? No. But we aren’t all going to raise our kids the same way and who is to say one way is better than the other? Coco actually comes across as very sweet. After all the news stories of babies being abused and dead at the hands of their “mothers” and their poor choices how can anyone criticize a mother who obviously loves and dotes on her daughter? She a beautiful girl who will be blessed with all the love from her family. Happy for all of them.

WeAreStars on

The baby is adorable and obviously doted on by her mama. Her parenting style is not yours and vice versa, so take a pill and relax. Your comments sound petty and jealous.

Katejsjsjdjdj@gmail.comj on

The pictures are never about the baby. This woman is a disgusting narcissist

Amy on

Coco seems to be one very insecure woman by all the flaunting of the boobs she does… goodness.

stinky on

coco needs to class it up a BIT….less is more

stinky on

coco needs to class it up a BIT….less is more…

blah b lah balh on

Nathan said it best KUDOs to Nathan…

Pam on

Gross! You’re a mother now, cover up!

Rita May on

I only hope she has sun block 100+ on her little one.

Sweetdee on

I think mom and daughter got their polka dot bikinis mixed up!

Anonymous on

I think everyone is forgetting that Coco makes her living by flaunting her body. So just because she has a child why would that change? To me she looks like she loves her baby and seems to be a good mom. I think people need to give her a break. She is showing off her beautiful baby just like any mother would. She is in the public eye and her fans want to see pictures of her baby from the day to day. I don’t feel she needs to be critized.

Guest on

I think everyone is forgetting that Coco makes her living by flaunting her body. So just because she has a child why would that change? To me she looks like she loves her baby and seems to be a good mom. I think people need to give her a break. She is showing off her beautiful baby just like any mother would. She is in the public eye and her fans want to see pictures of her baby from the day to day. I don’t feel she needs to be critized.

Becky on

So stinking adorable!

Stacy Hackney on

adorable. I hope they slathered the little one with sun screen to protect her delicate baby skin. they probably did. sweet photo. hope they had a wonderful vacation

Laura on

The picture of her, Ice-T and Chanel are so cute.

Sam on

For the anon who said that little girls shouldn’t wear bikinis, you’re what’s wrong with society. Wtf is wrong with you, you can’t even look at a little girl without sexualizing her

Vinny on

Yup her daughter is so adorable.

nikki on

i dont care how much sun screen the baby has on, she should be under a umbrella,..too much sun for a little one

jessiemaystorm on

I’m with you, patty, she’s an easy target for obvious reasons but it’s obvious she adores Chanel which is what really matters. That said, babies in bikinis has always rubbed me the wrong way. It just seems like such an adult design that is unnecessary for a tiny body but you know what, to each their own.

sally on

I must admit- I love seeing her pictures with that adorable baby! She has the cutest clothes for her- cute prints and colors!

joan on

the bikini photo looks to be under the umbrella, according to the shading on the cots, and the others may just to be capture pictures. i am sure they took all precautions. I agree, she looks and sounds like a good and caring momma. i think Chanel’s bikini is adorable.

Sw on

They are adorable!
Coco loves her baby girl Chanel.

Rain on

“I want her to do something I couldn’t do” — well, how about BEING REAL? No fake boobs, no fake hair, no fake tan, no fake nails, no fake every single thing on her body, it looks like. She looks like a science fiction horror gone wrong.

Poor kid. She’s probably already on a doctor’s waiting list for implants and a salon for waxing as soon as her first pube appears.

Samantha on

The babies face looks sunburn in one photo.

mistie on

Maybe some of you should start doing as we tell our children, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Some of you are just evil for no reason whatsoever. She is not hurting anyone, especially not her daughter. Go parent your own kids and worry about what you are wearing tomorrow and worry less about what she is or is not doing by what you think is right or wrong for a parent. I would spend more time focusing on what you are teaching your own kids by attacking a woman, who mind you, you do not even know…and don’t wonder why when they turn into lil bullies where they picked up that behavior.

Lena on

Yes, the baby is adorable, but my concern is that you aren’t supposed to put sunscreen on your baby until they are at least 6 months old. I hope they are in the shade a lot.

Callie on

So freakin adorable!! I love the matchy, matchy too. So cute.The people on this site need to RELAX and STOP being so critical! You all sound ridiculously SMALL and PETTY!!! Shut up already. How you can take something so cute and p*ss all over it, blows my mind

Mary on

She looks like a cartoon character.

Callie on

Every picture the baby has been covered in a hat or by an umbrella or in the shade so stop it, just stop being a bunch of B*TCHES!!!!!

rubyovertherainbow* on

Never miss an opportunity to show off your watermelons.

ellwn on

I love this family. Coco spends all her time with her baby, as it should be. I loved dressing up my daughter too. Harmless enjoyment. Carry on Coco and Ice…Chanel is a lucky, precious baby girl!

Nicole Carter on

I love how she dotes on her daughter. She’s obviously very happy being a mother and I wish her nothing but the best! Enjoy it, Coco! It goes by so fast! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kathy on

Why would a woman put so many implants into their body and think that it is attractive?

I must say though, that is the cutest baby I have seen in quite a while.

bungo on

“I want her to do something (that) I couldn’t do.”

Hmmm……get a science degree? Think rationally? Eschew bows and gloss and glop and hair dye? Think critically? Speak coherently?

Does Chanel have appointment for her implants yet?

By the way, babies younger than six months can’t wear (or shouldn’t wear) sunscreen. So I hope the bambina wasn’t exposed for more than 60 seconds. Yes, that’s enough time for posing and shooting. Ick. I like Tracy’s red shorts. I hate every head thing the baby wears. Or gets forced to wear

DeeDee on

I really don’t care about Coco’s personal needs for attention and if she wants to show off her goodies,whatever. I do have an issue with her instilling the “tanning” lifestyle into her daughter at such a young age– regardless of whether she has sunscreen on or not. Her daughter won’t remember the first few years, I get it. But it signals what it to come. She’ll be either be leatherface or have skin cancer by the age of 25.

narsee on

no vacation in 2 years? her whole life is a vacation

sally on

Wow, her body! She looks great.
That baby is just adorable. Her outfits are SO cute and colorful and fun. No black or gray! Yay ๐Ÿ™‚ I admit I love to see her posts.

skigirl25 on

That kind of stuff is just not cute.
Put some damn clothes on. and act like a mother, not a tramp.

What The Heck? on

Baby’s head is still smaller than her momma’s knockers.

Carrow on

Aw so cute!!! Coco is the sweetest thing. A very positive person.

gamma1418 on

I love that Coco loves her baby girl. She seems like a very attentive, hands-on Mommy – good for her. As for the haters, move on with your lives and grow up.

anon on

That adorable little girl is obviously loved to pieces and that is all that matters. Oh! She is SO cute!!!

Guest on

I would NEVER have my baby lying out in the sun! She is too young and the sun is dangerous…..

Rb on

I hope she puts lots of sunscreen on the baby

Sterf on

So cute! I have 2 boys, I love little baby girl outfits.

Guest on

That little nugget is sooo cute!!!

Dee on

Coco has wanted a baby for so long and has always been candid about it. You can tell she is over the moon about this little beauty.
The pics are absolutely adorable. I am happy she is getting to experience motherhood from her own perspective.

Having step kids is awesome but they are never truly yours no matter how much you love them and you miss out on so much. She won’t miss a thing with baby girl ๐Ÿ™‚

maryhelenc on

Wow. Lots of perfect moms out there. Coco may not be my cup of tea, but she clearly loves that baby, and she’s well cared for, healthy & happy. How could anyone look at these pics & not think “what a cute baby?” Stop being a judgey judgerson & wish them well.

Anonymous on

Legs spread wide open. Classy. ๐Ÿฝ

ellwn on

Right on ‘Suzanne’!!! You said it perfectly. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Go Coco on

Having a 5 month old is hard work. When I had my first daughter I did not have it in me to do all that Coco does with her baby. I โค๏ธ it! She is happy and has the energy, more power to her. I can feel the love and these pics made me smile.

Jill on

Why is this baby always in the sun, with no shade? Even with sunscreen, this is rediculous. Take care of your baby,stop showing off. Your boobs are big, we get it, we’ve seen enough!

nick McIntosh on

coco im nick i see how good u are i do not have an email adres but u can text me at 7028820305