Baby Girl on the Way for Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward

05/13/2016 at 01:15 PM ET

Jeff Lewis expecting daughter surrogate
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Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are starting a family!

After years of trying to bring a child into their lives, the couple reveals exclusively to PEOPLE they are expecting a baby girl via surrogate this fall.

“We are very excited, but I’m also a little terrified,” says Lewis. “I’m trying to decide if I’m more terrified or excited, but I think it’s normal.”

After several adoption attempts didn’t work out, the Flipping Out stars were “heartbroken and disappointed.” Ready to give up, the pair then decided to try surrogacy.

“This has been a three or four year process for us,” says Lewis. “There were so many obstacles along the way, but there’s a happy ending. I can’t tell you how grateful and appreciative we are.”

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Now as they anxiously wait for their baby girl to arrive in October, Lewis and Gage are gearing up to be parents in very different ways.

“I haven’t read a single thing,” admits Lewis. “I will probably just wing it, but Gage is already on book three. That’s kind of how we are. I’m a last-minute kind of guy, so in that final hour, I will probably be speed-reading and just kind of pulling out the highlights, where Gage will already be the expert.”

Happy Holidays

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With more than 20 years of home design skills under his belt, the Bravo star has plenty of ideas when it comes to decorating his daughter’s room.

“We’re going to end up redoing this little girl’s room like a hundred times,” he says. “But right now, I want just a really soft, soothing, calm room, especially with all the drama and activity around here, I just want this room to be like a sanctuary for her.”

Watch all the baby news unfold on season 9 of Flipping Out when the show returns this summer.

— Emily Strohm

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Ty on

Zoila is gonna be a nana…I wonder if this will be apart of the show.

Becky on

Wow, I couldn’t be more excited and happy for them. This little girl is so lucky. She will be lavished in so much love! Congratulations!

Stevie Marie AhPo on

This makes me so happy! Congratulations Jeff & Gage. Your baby girl is so lucky to have two fabulous men who will be amazing fathers. Wishing you nothing but joy and happiness as you being this new chapter in your lives.

Guest on

Jeff is going to be wrapped around her teeny tiny finger and it will be wonderful.!! I wonder what they are going to name her.

OnTheRun on

Love Jeff but Gage grates my last nerve. However, I’m thrilled they are finally able to start the family they’ve longed for. That’s a lucky little girl!

Kate on

Oh dear me. He is so unhinged and mean. I hope he can get over himself and be a good parent. I fear for the child.

Fan on

Jeff, Andrew cannot babysit–this is a non-negotiable. Jenni will be a great auntie.

Tee on

Congratulations! You two will make a great parental team for your lucky girl. May your family be blessed with lots of happiness.

Bettie003 on

Awesome! They two will be great parents!! Congratulations!

Suburbgrrrl on

Jeff Lewis is way too mean to have a child. He is going to ruin this kid’s life unless he is just a terrific actor and the polar opposite of what we see on the show. Horrible.

guest on

I am so happy for them! I love Jeff and Gage. I think they will be a good balance as parents. Can’t wait to see it all play out on the new season!

guest on

For all those who are saying he is mean, either you haven’t watched the show or seen the nice things he does. I think he is a perfectionist and wants the same from the people who work for him as they reflect on him. I also think that being a parent will soften him big time. Congrats to them!!

KiKi on

So, so happy for Jeff & Gage! Jeff is in for some MAJOR payback . . .going to be a blast!

Brooke on

This little girl is going to be SO loved. Congrats to the expectant daddies!

Pk0318 on

This is wonderful wonderful news! I’m so happy for Jeff and Gage. That is going to be one lucky little girl with a room of every baby girl’s dreams. Best wishes Jeff! I love love love your show. 🙂

Anonymous on

I am so happy for them. They will be awesome parents. Can’t wait to meet her and can’t wait to see her room. Congratulations kids!

Becky on

Hate to say this, but I have no clue who either of these guys are, but wish them all the best with their new baby girl…

Guest on

So happy for them. Congrats.

Guest on

Have you seen him with his pets? He’s a marshmallow. He’ll be putty in this role

Zon on

Never heard either of them, but happy for them.

Heidi on

I think Jeff will parent similarly to Todd Chrisley. Congrats to them.

Laura on

Congratulations to Jeff and Gage.

onemom on

They could have a child through adoption because they have so many orphans needs to be adopted.

Suzanne Brush on

I’m so excited for this couple, I feel like I’m going to be grandma all over again, yay!

Karen Young on

So happy for Jeff and Gage!! Ok Jeff, here a little list for you:
-Learn some mediation to help you through sleepless nights (alternate with Gage or you will both resent each other)
-calendar and schedule out a small section of time each day when Gage does sometime nice for you an you for him to stay above any stress with the many things you both will do to love and care for your newborn daughter.
-Save those adorable baby shoes and some special outfits when the grow out of it, they will thank you when they are older .
-take turns with the feedings so she bonds with both of you, both be present and talk or sing together for some of them.
-baby poo is just smelly formula, don’t think of it as poo and you’ll get through the diaper stage like a pro.
-just when you finally learn how to do something that works, they get a couple months older and almost everything and every game plan you mastered will change and a new level of care and understanding will begin. Thank yourself and each other for doing all you did and embark on the next journey. Before you know it she will be 14 and want to be with her friends. You never get this time back, so laugh, love, cry, sleep, eat with happiness and humor.
-even a newborn should not hear voices that are frustrated or angry. Their nervous systems from brith on up are still developing and though they don’t know what’s happening around them, the instinct will be fear and fight or flight. So make a rule in the house that people around you should walk in and leave their “crap” at the door. This will reward you and Gage in the long run because when your child feels happy, it just makes you guys happy.
-both have the same special song you sing to her. When you are coming home from a job, hold and love her and sing that song. It will be a cue for love and bonding.
-you won’t know precisely what she’s feeling really when she cries. They cry A LOT until she begins to talk. Let go of that loss of control feeling…gotta deal with it and think in steps: hungry? Try and feed.
Wet diaper? Change it,
Teething? Ask Doctor
Hot forehead? Take temp, call Doctor
Gassy? Burp and rock
Overtired? Smooth to sleep in a rocker or walk her.
-Remeber that if this at the time may make finishing all your project up in one day look easy. But they grow and then they smile, hug, laugh, say “I love my Daddies”.
I know all this because I wish someone had told me these things. I had to wing it, and did it also th love, but wish I had a list😊