New Mom Ginger Zee Talks Being Slammed on Social Media About Breastfeeding: ‘How Do You Know What I’m Doing!?’

05/10/2016 at 03:15 PM ET

Being shamed about whether one chooses to breastfeed is a huge hot-button issue in the mom world right now. And ABC chief meteorologist Ginger Zee is one of those new moms affected by the differing opinions.

“I’m embarrassed to say this, but in a way, I let other people’s opinions weigh on me,” the 35-year-old first-time mom to son Adrian Benjamin, 4 months, shares on PEOPLE’s Mom Talk.

“Girl, you’ll get over that real soon!” replies Orange Is the New Black‘s Selenis Leyva, 43, who has a teen daughter named Alina.

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Zee then tells the group how she has been bullied on social media for spending time away from her son to compete on this season of Dancing with the Stars, and how even though she means to ignore the hate, she can’t help herself from looking.

“I got one the other day [saying], ‘How can you not be breastfeeding?’ ” says Zee. “I was like, ‘First of all, how do you know what I’m doing? You don’t know what I’m doing!’ ”

The other celebrity moms in the room immediately advise Zee to ignore it, and voice their opinions on social media.

“It’s hard as a working mom, and what I have found is that all moms just want to do it right and just want to feel like they’re doing the right thing,” says actress Alysia Reiner, 45, who has a 7-year-old daughter named Livia.

“So the stay-at-home moms might have their opinions about you, just because they want to feel like they’re doing it right — just like you want to feel like you’re doing it right.”

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dee on

Hold on just a minute., ” the stay at home moms”. How do you know the people saying this stuff are stay at home moms? They may not even be moms or women. Haters come in all forms and to lump stay a home moms into one category and say that is just as wrong as assuming anything about how Ginger Zee is breastfeeding. I’m a stay at home mom and could care less how another woman chooses to raise her child. Its’ her business.

Jana on

Way to slam the stay at home mom’s. Aside from that, you are going to need thicker skin if you are going to survive motherhood. If you don’t want to get hated on social media, just stay off social media. Do what you think is best for you and your kid, no one else matters.

lin on

Ginger your complaining is getting really old. I used to love you on GMA but lately your coming across as a real pain.

Mrs. B on

I remember a time when nobody except your close friends and family knew your business. We need to go back to those days. All this social media stuff is getting out of hand. People put their pictures and other personal information out there, then have the nerve to get angry when people make snide remarks. Stop putting your life out there! I don’t have any social media accounts and my life is grand!

Tracey on

eyes on your own boobs, stop tearing down other moms to make yourself feel better. The loudest most obnoxious women who demand to breastfeed in front of strangers at dinner are trying to prove something – it’ s rarely about the baby, it’s about THEM

Karen on

I agree Jana – to be a mother is to have EVERYONE tell you they know better how to raise your child, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. SAHM are not against working moms, it is usually others trying to pit them against each other. Shake it off, and do what is best for you and your child – in the end that is all that matters.

Ziva on

The people that shame breast feeding moms are the same group of people who think transgenders should never be made to feel ashamed. Go figure.

Madelyn on

Sick of Ginger Zee! Why doesn’t she go on and try and be the A-list celebrity she thinks she is and leave that Chief Meteorologist job to the better, more personable meteorologist, Rob Marciano. Rob is more entertaining and informative than Ginger. What a talent wasted! Also, Rob should have been given an anchor job instead of Strayhan.. There’s nothing so appealing about Strayhan.

Anonymous on

I agree , don’t think Strayhan will bring up the ratings

Anonymous on

Yes! Totally agree with Jana!

Rhonda on

I like Gunger Zee and it makes no difference to me whether she breastfeeds or not. Anytime you are in the public eye you will get crazy folks and they come from all walks of life. I would tell people to go to hell. Maybe some of these people have identified themselves as stay at home moms or some as career moms ……. Either way it is no concern of theirs what Ginger does in her life. I wish Ginger all the gest on GMA, Dancing with the Stars (five months after having a baby), and in her personal life.

Bender on

Breastfeeding or not, it’s all about what’s best for the baby. It doesn’t matter if she is or isn’t or she may not be able to. I know it’s hard but people need to mind their own business on the subject.

S on

Love you Ginger! Keep going and ignore all the haters. You’re beautiful and I really hope you win DWTS.

Mom on

I wonder how can we expect children to learn to ignore bullies either in person or online if we adults can’t ignore them.

LIz on

Everything that you don’t want to hear isn’t bullying. Truth hurts, more likely. Breastfeeding is the best thing for a baby, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has told parents that for years. If you are able to breastfeed, that is the best nutrition for your baby. If you are NOT able to because of health reasons or because you cannot produce milk for your baby, then you have to go with the next best option. Just because people are talking about what is best, doesn’t mean that you will be able to do that because of your own situation. But if you want to defend your decisions by saying that people are bullying you when they provide important facts, be honest about whether you just don’t want to do it, or that you cannot do it due to physical or medical reasons. Don’t make excuses if you are choosing a second-choice option for your baby, and want to justify it. Women who cannot breastfeed will do the next best thing for their baby, and that is a perfectly good choice. Women who are looking for an excuse when they could provide this optimum nutrition and bonding for their baby, well, don’t blame others if it makes you uncomfortable to face the truth. And don’t name-call people who are making sacrifices in their own lives to make breastfeeding possible for their baby. There’s best and there’s next best, and the choices after that. If you don’t want to be with your baby because you want to compete on a TV show, say so, but don’t be surprised if others let you know that you and your baby are missing out on connecting.

Stephanie on

Ditto Dee’s comment on the “stay at home moms” comment. Zero need to assume and generalize, Alysia Reiner. I’m a stay at home mom now and believe she gets to decide what is best for her baby and no one else. It’s not up to any other mom to set the standard. Just like you as a working mom, don’t know why I ended up having to stay at home. We all have to do what’s best for our babies and mind our own business.

Mom on

Bonding happens either way Breastfed or bottle fed ( I’ve done both)

beth on

Those evil stay at home moms lol. How does that woman know those comments are from SAHMs? I agree with the comments here. If you don’t want to be judged, don’t post every little thing on social media. I think Ginger is very naive and feels pressured to be this perfect “working mom”. It creates a false illusion that women don’t need time to heal and adjust after childbirth, they can simply hop right back into their routine. If men had babies, they would all take a year off!

Just Saying on

Not sure who any of these women are but if you’re bothered with people providing opinions about your life, then don’t Google yourself or engage in it. Simple.

hadto on

Guess what Llz, I formula fed and could have breast fed. My girls are healthy and doing great. I could say I see breastfeeding mom’s go on to feed their child freaking crap food the rest of their lives. Therefore, sacrificing their future. But for some reason the breastfeeding extremist think mom’s who ff are such bad people. You didn’t make me feel bad about my choice with your comment. But I thought I should note a lof of ppl don’t carry out proper nutrition for their children in every day like. You eat food for the rest of your life. If you aren’t doing it right, you’re killing yourself faster than the rest of us.

Aeol on

This isn’t about whether or not she’s breastfeeding, it’s about nitwits at home passing judgement on her because of what they perceive her to be doing. We all need to stay out of each other’s business.

Ceil on

Read the article actually hoping to prove my existing impression wrong, having thought upon seeing the headline…I’m not buying this, there has to be an angle working to gain votes on DWTS. No such luck. I’ve never been particularly or positively impressed with this woman and the more I learn, hear, see of her, the less I am. I wish her no ill, could care less whether she chooses to breast feed or not, and am offended by her transparent attempt to garner votes in this forum/manner because she is fearful that her over inflated view of her own dancing abilities & self is being challenged by feedback in response to choice to do DWTHS. You KNOW you’re the problem when even all the votes for your partner rather than yourself aren’t enough to guarantee the ‘win’ you seem to feel owed or guaranteed to you. Stick to your day job lady and be grateful you have all that you do. JMO

Sue Lawrence on

My grandaughter was born with cerable palsey, my daughters third child. And because the baby couldn’t suckle my daughter pumped her life giving breast milk for 17 months. I actually breast Fed my daughter for 18 months. And yes, we work both inside and outside home. Its all about committing to what’s best for our children.