Ginger Zee on the First Time She Left Son Adrian – and Went to Have Her Nails Done!

05/10/2016 at 06:05 PM ET

Even new moms need a break every now and then.

“What about ‘mommy time?’ ” Selenis Leyva, 45, who stars in Orange Is the New Black and is mom to teenage daughter Alina, asks Dancing with the Stars contestant and first-time mom Ginger Zee on PEOPLE’s Mom Talk. “Do you feel guilty, at this point, having time for yourself?”

“I feel like [going back to work] is for me, in a weird way,” replies Zee, 35. “But I haven’t had a day off yet, so I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

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But even though Zee has been super busy between working and parenting 4-month-old son Adrian, she has found at least one moment just for herself.

“During maternity leave, the first time we had someone come over, my husband had to work, and I was like, ‘I need to get my nails done,’ ” the new mom says. ” ‘It’s in my building, it’s not a big deal.’ But I felt terrible when I went down there, and then an hour later, I felt amazing.”

“I was trying to remember what that felt like, so I could get over the first part,” adds the ABC chief meteorologist. “Where it’s the five minutes of, ‘Oh my gosh, I wonder what he’s doing. I wonder what’s happening.’ And then I relaxed into it.”

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Claire on

When on earth will mothers stop feeling guilty for taking some time either alone, or to spend with a spouse or friend without their baby? You can’t have your only allegiance be to your baby and still be a functional wife/partner, friend, and person on your own! I’ve always said that a mom can’t be a good mom unless she takes care of herself. Whether that’s having her nails done or going out to dinner with her partner, or taking a walk with a friend or whatever. Stop the guilt!!

Also, may I just say that I find it very notable that no one EVER talks to dads about when they get alone time or makes them feel guilty for going out with a buddy for a beer.

Kathy on

Why is her face all over People Magazine every day? IMO she wants everyone to think she loves her baby so much, but does nothing but complain.

Enough already on

Oh my gosh, are we going to have to endure this chic’s every move now too? We get it, you are a new mom, just like a million other people.

Anonymous on


lin on

She complained about all the bulling she’s getting about being away from her baby, but yet she can’t shut up about that very thing. Sorry Ginger you won’t win mother of the year ,not that she seems to care.

holly on

Really how totally lame,so she gets her nails done,whopee and it is in the building,between her and that over bearing dorky husband of hers i would have to agree her 15 minutes of fame should be well over by now,also on dancing with the stars so over bearing both of them,her and ben gotta go

WonderWoman on


Theresa on

She’s very basic.

Carrie M on

Seriously People Mag – WHY are there SO many stories on this gal?

karolyn lapka on

It’s amzing to me that so many have taken the time to complain about the number of stories about Ginger when there are multiple Kardashian articles every day of the week.

RCB on

Oh look! Another article about Ginger Z. Yawn. Could be worse, could be about the Kardashians.

Mily on

Geez People, isn’t poor Ginger busy enough with GMA & Dancing with the Stars. Leave her alone and let her have some time with her baby!

Paula on

OMG how many stories are you going to milk out of one video clip?? Enough!!! Ginger Zee is basic!!

anon on

Oh my goodness! We get it! No one ever had a child before?!?!?!? Enough with her! One can’t help but wonder how much money People is making promoting this whiny woman every day.

pmc on

who the hell is this chick?

Anonymous on

so she is a weather girl? who gives a sh**

Fred on

Freaking who cares! Seriously People Mag! She got her nails done after having a baby. Big Ass Deal. Try going back to work the next day after having a baby! I’m sure she documented all over Instagram pics of her getting her nails done. OMG! Whatever ever happened to the days when people just lived there lives doing daily tasks without broadcasting it or excepting likes.

Carley on

I secehard a bunch of sites and this was the best.