Chrissy Teigen Is a Breastfeeding Mama on Set of Photo Shoot

05/10/2016 at 01:20 AM ET

A mother’s job is never finished.

Chrissy Teigen brought her new mama duties to work with her on Monday when she breastfed baby Luna Simone on set of a photo shoot.

Taking to Snapchat, the 30-year-old model shared a topless photo in which she’s all smiles and glammed up as she’s being prepped for pictures, while feeding┬áher first child with husband John Legend.

Chrissy Teigen/Snapchat

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Since welcoming their daughter, both Teigen and the singer have willingly shared her with the world, posting multiple photos of the baby on Instagram and Snapchat.

Most recently, Legend honored his wife on Mother’s Day, posting an adorable picture of Teigen cuddling with their daughter.

“To my wonderful wife, @chrissyteigen,” he wrote. “Luna and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. If our daughter can be even half as awesome as you, I will be so happy and proud. Happy 1st Mother’s Day!”

—┬áNaja Rayne

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Guest on

Like I have said a million times before….glad my mom never showed her boobs and tale in pics and acted classy. Nothing wrong with breastfeeding, nothing wrong with tale, but showing it to the world is unnecessary.

Guest on

Like I have said a million times before….glad my mom never showed her boobs and tale in pics and acted classy. Nothing wrong with breastfeeding, nothing wrong with tale, bit showing to the world is unnecessary.

Valerie Evans on

Here we go again. Every time a Celebrity has a baby, first we are bored to tears with the growing gut pics,then the amazing weight loss, now it’s cool to add the boob shots. And of course, they all have to do it on set.
Please stop. No one cares

Jessica Johnson on

So everyone wants to talk about Chrissy wearing a crop top, or going to dinner, but she uses her boobs for what they are meant for and it doesn’t go viral. Figures. Good job Chrissy for doing what is right for your family, be it eating, cooking, getting dressed, or feeding your baby!

Guest on

Jessica Johnson….yea, just like breastfeeding, pooping is also a natural act of nature but that doesn’t mean the public wants to see everyone doing it.

Anonymous on

Here we go again with another narcisstic celebraty using any and all opportunities to expose themselves and stay in the news. Disgusting. Not the baby of course, her.

Kim Chrisman on

Here we go again with another narcisstic celebraty using any and all opportunities to expose themselves and stay in the news. Disgusting. Not the baby of course, her.

Dawn Wyman on

If you want to post a picture of you nursing your baby, maybe you should show the baby instead of a the side of your boob.

Just Saying on

Breastfeeding photos are out of control today. Whatever happened to taking pics of your kid at the park or in the stroller on a nice walk? Nobody needs to see your boobs, we know you’re feeding them!

Monica on

Silly woman. No one wants to see your side boob. Leave something private lady.

John John on

To you haters out there: it’s a new world now and it’s a much smaller place. Don’t like it? Don’t watch.

Or you can thump your chest in self-righteous glory in the anonymity of online forums.

Sara on

im glad she is doing what is right for her and her baby, but using it for publicity is so Chrissy.

Jana on

Kudos to you sweetheart…doing something normal moms have done for years.

guest on

Once again…all this is ….is another chance for her to flaunt her boobs…no class…just trash

heather on

You know what be more impressive? If she carried on and didn’t show pics.

This one is extra attention seeking considering she asked someone to take the picture for her. G

Jess on

Seriously how tacky the obligatory breast feeding pic while celeb gets her hair done…and has to cover it every time!

Zeph on

You don’t have to get naked to breastfeed.

Just a Duck on

Oh yuck. Why is she taking a picture of this?

JIMMY!!! on

Giselle did it much better! All these other ladies can stop trying to one her

Lisa on

She is so nasty, and ugly. I will be glad when John becomes sick of her, and unhitches his wagon to such a stupid, skanky woman. I feel sorry for that little girl having to grow up with such a wreckless mind for a mother.

Carol N on

When I looked at this picture, what I focused on first was the expression on her face. What I see it’s a woman who is extremely happy to be a mom and is enjoying the moment. Those of you who object didn’t have to look.

Also, yes both breastfeeding and taking a dump are natural, but you don’t eat poop, so no, it’s not the same thing and the comparison is just incredibly stupid. Yuh can make that comparison when you start deserving poop and drinking urine. Before yoh ask a mom too feed her child in the restroom, ask yourselves this. If you wouldn’t feed yourself while sitting on a toilet, why would a mother feed her child there?

Whocares on

It’s amazing how many people care if there is an exposed breast in a photo when it’s about breastfeeding but, when these celebrities wear barely-there dresses or tops that expose even more, including nipples, no one says a word. Grow up. You might not want to see it but, it’s there, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Why make such a fuss?

Guest on

Copying Gisele, and the Kardashian woman with their “getting ready” for work nursing make up photos! Ugh!

Carmen on

Please People, don’t bother us any longer with that stupid pics and stories about even more stupid C/D/E/F celebrities and their insane competition on who is looking slimmer within the shortest time-span after giving birth! I can’t stand these subjects any longer on how many days and weeks you are back to size 0 again after your baby pops out, because it is NOT normal! Also, please -if so- show us pretty boobs and not that kind of lousy loose-hanging hippie saggies… it really gets boring and ugly!

Anonymous on

Every mom is a multitasking mom. This little snowflake is no more special than any other mom.

Anonymous on

Oh, people are depressing. She is adorable, the baby is adorable. Who the hell cares about what amount of skin she is showing? It’s nice to have some celebrities out there just being happy and cute.

Truth is on

Just another fame hoe

Sunny on

She is a stunning woman, but perhaps she should show her baby instead of side boobs.

nONChryss on

She does it on purpose, taking advise from her bff kim k, flaunting it all for publicity, and because thats how u get famous and get jobs.

roscoe111 on

OMG can she please just go away! Seriously enough with this annoying lady…she isn’t the only damn women to have a baby…and breastfeed! My gosh…ewww..she’s so annoying…who cares..good for you, you breastfeed, wow…how exciting,,,go away Chrissy..please…

Lila on

All Moms multi task. Most just don’t find it necessary to flaunt it to the world.

bellasansmerci on

With Gisele’s photo, her baby was positioned correctly for feeding but Christopher’s baby, it looks like he’s feeding the baby’s knee.

Katherine on

Those little bootied feet hanging out…..precious!!!,

Bre on

After reading through these HORRENDOUS comments I felt the need to leave a note of encouragement. YOU GO CHRISSY! From one nursing mother to another, don’t let the haters get you down. You are giving your daughter a beautiful gift, and you are helping to normalize breastfeeding for the rest of us. Women should never feel ashamed for feeding their babies, also – if they feel like flaunting it, more power to you! It’s a beautiful bond and something to take much pride in. Also, it’s not always easy. New mothers deserve encouragement and positivity. Rock on, sister friend!

selfish Chrissy on

Me, me, me Teigen… Go away already!

Anonymous on

It’s a nice picture of her looking back!