How Amber Rose Really Feels When People Criticize Her for Being a Sexy Mom: ‘I Sleep Like a Baby at Night’

05/10/2016 at 09:15 PM ET

Have an opinion about Amber Rose‘s revealing wardrobe choices? Chances are she couldn’t care less.

A mom, social media siren and soon-to-be VH1 talk show host, Rose is known for posting sexy, sometimes NSFW, selfies for her 10 million plus followers on Instagram. And as she explains to PEOPLE in the latest issue, being mom to 3-year-old Sebastian is not going to change that.

“I’m his mother,” says Rose. “My son is not looking at me. Think about it, if you looked at your mom back in the day at Woodstock and she had on tiny little shorts and a midriff. You would say, ‘Wow, Mom, you look dope!’ ”

Amber Rose
Andrew Hetherington

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That’s exactly what she’s expecting from her son. “When he’s old enough, he’s not going to look back at an old picture and say ‘God, Mom, why were you dressing like a slut?’ He’s going to be like, ‘Wow, Mom, you were gorgeous and now you’re old!’ ”

A proponent of dressing however you want, whether you’re a mom or not, Rose launched her SlutWalk last year with the message that all women, despite their attire, deserve respect.

“I saw a picture of a girl that had on pasties and written on her chest it said, ‘I’m Still Not Asking For It,’ ” says Rose of where she drew her inspiration. “The point is you can wear whatever you want and it’s not an invitation.”

Amber Rose
Andrew Hetherington

Rose, who recently showed her support for Kim Kardashian West‘s nude selfies, is in good company when it comes to unapologetically hot moms. Her best friend Blac ChynaRob Kardashian‘s newly pregnantfiancée and mom to 3-year-old son King Cairo with ex Tyga — is a mainstay in her modern mommy group.

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“We’re all these young, entrepreneurs and businesswomen,” says Rose. “We juggle all of that and really spend a lot of time with our boys. We’ll give each other advice and go to events together so we can figure out how to get the boys tired so they’ll go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

When it comes to the scrutiny she’s received online, “I don’t care what anybody says,” says Rose. “I sleep like a baby at night when I see comments like that. Everybody else can talk s—- but my son won’t.”

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— Janine Rubenstein

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Love on

Women should dress in what makes them feel good and also look good and what they are comfortable in. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel and dress sexy. That shouldn’t go away just because you are a parent. That side of you doesn’t die just because you have kids. There is nothing wrong witb it.

Momofsdg on

I see nothing sexy or attractive. Trashy, but not sexy.

Me on

She has more than 10 million followers on Instagram. That’s impressive.

Kiera on

Just recently I started dressing a little more sexy after going through some relationship issues, I have always been super conservative and you know what. It has put some pep in my step. I feel sexy, confident and comfortable! I wouldn’t go so far as pasties but every woman deserves to be sexy. And Amber is so beautiful isn’t she!

Sandra on

I won’t go so far as to say I would lay it all out like Amber does, but I have recently started to dress a little less conservative mom type and more lets see if I can attract some good attention type. Dressing for attention is one thing and dressing for comfort is another, I personally don’t have a problem with either one, but I will say that you had better be careful because not all men are “Raised” to respect the word “NO” and as such one who dresses provocatively better be ready to defend themselves to the death if need be.

kimmie on

there’s a difference in sexy and trashy hobag, she always chooses trashy hobag and at some point her son will very likely be embarrassed by his mother. she could be beautiful but she chooses to be trash.

Angela on

If she’s a model…I for sure need to be a model ha! But here’s the thing about how she looks though, the world may bash her for dressing too provocatively, but ultimately her son won’t care. He will be her champ and still love her anyway. So all these people like “Oh my gosh..her son will be so embarrassed one day!” No he won’t. His friends will think it’s great and he will think his mom is beautiful and progressive and love her unconditionally… and see.

Anonymous on

I think most people agree that you don’t stop being sexy when you birth a child. However, sexy and trashy are two different things…

Ona on

I don’t think she is that trashy, I think she looks good.

TC on

Oh Amber, You would not talk about it all the time if it didn’t bug you. That is such a cop out and people see what you put out and let me tell you it is not great.

Anonymous on

Thing is…you are not sexy.

Meena on

I think she is beautiful and I agree that a mom should dress how she wants. My son is almost 19 years old and his thoughts of me are of the woman who worked in his class, or went on the field trips. Those are the things that are going to matter.

Vanity on

I don’t give a rats pazz what this woman wears. I do keep up with Kim Kardashian. This one Amber who person vague who what she does dated Kim’s man is all we know. … Googled it! 30 sec I can never get back plus the 2 mins of typing this. Ugh.

Belinda on

Extremely trashy!!!

NotAnAmberFan on

You look completely different in the mom roll. You look beautiful and happy!!!!

Poohbear on

Sexy? No. Trashy yes, but classy and sexy in pics above.

Enough already on

There is a huge difference between sexy and trashy. Her kid is going to be embarrassed when his buddies are all Googling his mom.

Inky on

I would not say that if my mom dressed like a hooker… She’s filth.

Just a Duck on

There are people who think she’s sexy?

stef on

I don’t what part of her is sexy, or what part any other person thinks may be sexy. she is awful looking, and someone should remind her she’s a white girl. she looks like a giant brownish-orange thing with bleached hair. YUK!

mono62 on

Amber had posted a photoshopped pic of herself sunbathing on the beach. The actual pic on a website showed all her cellulite, so when she posted the photoshopped pic I pointed why didn’t she posted the actual pic, cellulite and all so she blocked me!!! Needless to say, I was devastated!!!!! Hahaha!!!!

notsexy on

First off, I’d like to know who’s criticizing her for being a “sexy mom?” Secondly, there’s a HUGE difference between sexy and whore.

Lisa on

Another “celebrity” pretending that someone is shaming them for being a sexy mom, it’s s backwards way of bringing attention on yourself and it’s ridiculous. The only thing I agree with is just because you become a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up being a woman, taking care of yourself, etc. I’m so tired of these phantom shaming people.

JiMMY!!! on

Oh please, criticize her for being a sexy mom. How bout criticizing her for being a ridiculous mom with the way she dresses, a$$ always hanging out and wants to be taken serious. For what I’m not sure