Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Welcome Daughter Amada Lee

05/09/2016 at 08:00 PM ET

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Welcome Daughter Amada Lee
Dave Allocca/Startraks Photo

It’s another girl for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes!

The actors welcomed their second daughter, Amada Lee Gosling, at 8:03 a.m. on Friday, April 29 in Santa Monica, California, TMZ reports. Amada joins big sister Esmeralda Amada, 20 months, at home. (“Amada was my grandmother’s name. It means ‘beloved’ in Spanish,” Mendes explained in 2014.)

Reps for the couple did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The private duo began dating in 2011 after meeting on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines, in which they played parents.

Gosling, 35, and Mendes, 42, managed to keep both of their pregnancies a secret for several months, with an insider explaining that Mendes “just hasn’t ever wanted anyone beyond her close friends and family knowing more than they had to. And Ryan is certainly private and always has been.”

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While the actress had said in the past she wasn’t planning to get married or have children, “with Ryan things are different,” a friend told PEOPLE. “She’s very independent, but she’s content with her partner. She finally found the person she really wants to be with.”

Gosling recently opened up about his happy family life in an interview with Hello! magazine, saying, “I know that I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with.”

The stars have kept their elder daughter out of the spotlight since her birth, but a source previously told PEOPLE that Gosling is “madly in love” with Esmeralda, and Mendes is loving her life as a new mom.

“She’s never been happier,” the source said of Mendes. “She and Ryan are just in awe of this beautiful person they created. It’s a really special time for them.”

— Michael Miller and Sarah Michaud

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Natalie on

Congrats to the couple!!! Wow they’re really good about keeping how far along Eva was..Good for them.

HELP! on


Love how they keep their private life private. I like announcements that stars are getting married, expecting and when the baby is born, but don’t need a daily play by play on social media.

Amanda on

They named their second kid the middle name of the first kid? That seems odd.

LilahK on


Lakeside on

Good wishes to the new baby in their family.

Debbie on

Amada is a Spanish variant of Amanda. There is nothing strange about a middle name of one child being first name of a sibling.

Callie on

Did I read that correctly? She named her second daughter the same middle name as her first? It sure seems like this pregnancy went much faster than her first!

Roller Girl on

Congrats to the gorgeous couple!

Jenny on

Having to share her name with her big sister is sure to cause all kinds of sibling rivalry. It’d be kind of sad that I didn’t get my ‘own’ name.

erica2 on

Amada Amada uno now dos wtf? pick another name well it’s apparent who wears the pants in their relationship let’s name every one of our kids after MY beloved grandmother ugh im sorry but Eva sounds like a controling selfish b- Ryan needs to grow a pair why do both children have a Hispanic name oh wait I forgot Eva is Latina and apparently whatever Eva wants Eva gets

Just guessing on

For people upset about the middle name being used: in Hispanic culture, it’s not uncommon to use same middle name for all the children of same gender, or use middle for first name of another child. Secondly, it’s possible Eva didn’t think a second child was going to happen, so named the first child both, but then used Amada when she was blessed for the second time.

Jill on

How is it possible that they are able to keep a relatively private life? Ryan Gosling is one of the hottest men in Hollywood. Makes me wonder about the other celebrities that complain about paparazzi following them around.

Crystal on

I was thinking same thing … If both girls had same middle name sure but the second is the firsts middle name !? So will the third be lee whatever to carry on this naming tradition they seem to have created !?!

Anonymous on

Must be a gestational carrier as NO one has seen her during the 9 months?

Hollywood is not that good at secrets. unless like i said she Never leaves the house? And you know she did the spring photo shoot for NY Express shop and it was shot 2 months ago and no sign of a baby bump. There is no shame in using a gestational carrier and speaking up about it could help others in the same situation.

But congrats to the family

HELP! on

Makes it easier when you need to yell for all the kids to have the middle name of one the same as the other. (just joking people)

Guest on

Can you be 42 and still get pregnant? I’m
32 with one child and freaking out thinking I’m
Too old for more children. This gives
Hope 🙂

Mrs. B on

Congratulations to them. I don’t blame them for wanting privacy, but to be honest I would love to see a picture of their children.

Liz on

Umm my sisters middle name is Elizabeth and that is my first name. Its not strange and there is no sibling rivalry. Perhaps they just liked it so much and ended up with another girl.

Me, myself and i on

I commend these two for announcing the pregnancy then not putting it all out there until the arrival announcement.. Congratulations

JR on

Pregnant less than a year after giving birth and at 42? The percentages are around 5% for conceiving naturally at her age. My guess is that she did IVF or used a surrogate. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it definitely gives people false hope that it can happen for them too.

Debbie on

Amada is Eva’s grandmother’s name. They can name their children any way they want. It’s no one’s business.

Unknown on

Congrats to Eva Mendes. I never knew that she was pregnant with her second child. That is a nice name she gave to her daughter. I heard that she was going to be in Fast 8 so i dont know if that is true. Ryan Gosling is a good actor just like Eva Mendes. I like both of them.

justbecause on

To everyone saying she is too old, my great grandma had a baby at 46. No IVF in those days. I personally had my 3rd at 37 & her little brother 14 months later. Everyone tried to tell me I was too old. Some people just stay fertile longer than others and often if you are actively having babies they are easier to conceive. Not everyone fits in that little box people try to lump us all in together.

Anonymous on

She wanted to name her daughters after her grandmother. Sometimes there are people in our lives we feel strongly about naming our children after.

My mom and her sister have the same middle name as my grandmother and I was also given the same middle name and gave my first daughter the middle name as well. I actually caused some disappointment when I chose a different middle name for my second daughter. You never know what a family’s traditions are. I’m not sure about anyone else but I very rarely used my middle name and rarely use my kids middle names so I am sure it won’t be a big deal anyways.

As far as sibling rivalry, I am sure both girls will be honored to be named after someone so special to their mom.

Jade E on

Some of you are very negative in your assumptions and I wonder why for the ones who crow she’s to old and giving false hope. Do you ever consider that you are giving a false negative to an experience that is not. We are advised not to get pregnant to young or to old. Having a baby at 14 carries more risk than having a child at 40. It’s advised not to to be safer, but the truth is every person, experience and situation is different. You can have advanced complications at a young age, and older age or at the right age. the perfect age to have a child or conceive is considered 24. I conceived at 24 and had complication that neccesataed an emergency C-section among months of therapy etc. Also @ Anonymous You say she used a surrogate, because she hasn’t been seen the whole pregnancy the go on to inaccurately address a print ad she did or was published 2 months ago. Did it ever occur to you that they retouch photos to a 9th degree in print ads. I mean I’m sure you’ve heard of a little thing called “photo shop”. It’s the pap photos sadly that you reference in that sort of thing. And she was spotted in late October thick around the middle, but what do the few that noticed and speculated on that know in the face of your expertise. At the end of the business this families business is their own. Odviously they want they’re children so why cheapen or conspiritorize their lives. Is it so hard to say Congrats!!!

Stacy Hackney on

congratulations. welcome baby

K on

I did a bit of name play with my two girls also. The first is Elise (French for Elizabeth. My second is Hannah Elizabeth. I did Elizabeth twice and then did a “ana” variation with their names. Elise Diana and Hannah Elizabeth. Congrats to them. Great actors.

SeriouslyNow on

“It’s “Amanda” without an “N”.” -Amada, her whole life.

He-Dog & Battle Bird on

I’m cracking up at the people claiming 42 is too old to carry a child or even to become pregnant. Welcome to 2016! Times have changed folks, medical advances, healthier lifestyles, longer life spans, etc. Lastly, the road to motherhood is different for each individual woman, making comparisons are a huge waste of time. Eva had a child at 42, the why’s and how’s shouldn’t be anyone’s concern. Congrats to the new parents!

J on

My girls have different names but their names have the same exact meaning. To each their own.

Anonymous on

Really? Aren’ t there some women still having children in there fifties?
Muscle has memory. I bet Guineas says the age is in the sixties!!!

Umm on

Why are women so jealous of her? Is it because she’s so pretty? Or because she landed Gosling? Or because she can act? Or because she. Arrived a second child?

Whatever your issue is with her, you need to be clear on something–even if she wasn’t with Ryan, it’s not like you’d have a shot anyway.

Rose on

It’s a lovely name. Congrats.

Beth on

I had a surprise pregnancy at 41 and a healthy baby. it can happen.

Katie on

I used to be and L&D nurse and I’ve seem many women who have had babies at 42 and older, and while one had her’s prematurely (he did just fine), the rest had no difficulties at all. I have seen 19 year olds have babies with such issues that they didn’t survive. I don’t question whether or not she conceived naturally (or perhaps with an ovulation kit), but I doubt she had any more trouble than I did at 27! So much negativity, with only some poorly researched article in OK! rag mag, or worse….Congratulations to the apparently very happy couple, and yes, she did look pregnant 2 months ago, Anonymous. Always looking for something to be negative about.

lankyjane on

I don’t see an issue with the repeated naming. Obviously they loved the name Amada and wanted to honour Eva’s grandmother, but didn’t know if they’d get to have another daughter so used it as Esmeralda’s middle name. If it’s still a name they love, of course they’d use it as a first name given the chance with a second daughter. This is not an unheard of practice.

Bizzy on

Some of the most famous celebrities can keep a low profile while pregnant without being so extreme. Nobody cares about them that much so why announce it at all? Are they living in a bunker? It just seems depressing to be so private that people don’t even know you exist anymore. I know we want to protect our children but this seems strange. Not sure why they would announce it if nobody has cared up to this point.

Anonymous on

That was fast, the news about her pregnancy just came out 2 weeks ago. Good for them keeping their private lives private. Those that are all over the news, want to be all over the news.

Lucky on

Who cares. They don’t wanna share and no one care. Probably not cute.

Anonymous on

Didn’t they just announce their pregnancy? LOL
Kudos to them for keeping it a secret for so long!
Congratulations to them on having another healthy baby.

Shannon on

Guest, dont be a douchebag. You can get pregnant until u go throuh menopause. Do you live under a rock or r u just really that stupid?

rachel on

Does the idea of Ryan Gosling with 2 daughters seem dreamy to everyone else? And for all the haters that think you cant get pregnant without intervention, I got pregnant at 38 2 month after I stopped the pill, had a miscarriage at 11 weeks and was pregnant again 2 month later. I gave birth to my second and very healthy son at 39 without any help from modern medicine

elaria on

Ryan Gosling can get anyone pregnant, besides, look at Eva, she is 42 and looks like that? come on, her eggs must be banging just like her 😉

congrats to you both, and keep on making beautiful babies.
Best looking genes in Hollywood

Rodman on

Have ya’ll seen what Eva looks like? damnnnnnnnnnnnnn hot mama. I’d get her pregnant in a second.
Congratulations guys! i rather see them procreating instead of ‘other’ celebrities,if ya know what im saying.

Daria on

Ha! For all those saying that it’s a gestational carrier, my great-grandmother had her last baby (#14, btw) at 50, and boy, was she embarrassed to be such an old mother! Incidentally, it was the first baby she had in the hospital. So, miracles do happen, if you have good genes. I won’t pretend I know what Eva’s situation is, but I won’t outright deny that it’s possible that she had her baby naturally.

Mich on

If Ryan married the mother of his children it would be better news still. I hope he does the right thing and asks Eva to marry him.

Samantha on

So fresh, their daughter has a normal name.

sofia on

Congratulations on their new addition.

guest on

I don’t get what the big deal about hiding her pregnancy is? I shte that vain that she doesn’t want anyone to see her gain wait & have a bump? I get they are very private, but I would be proud and scream it instead of camouflaging it behind a huge bag….

guest on

sorry, spell check not working..lol

Magaly on

My first name it’s my sisters middle name, and guess what? Not a big deal, no trauma here… people always talking out if their a## and always complaining about things that are NONE of their business, you name your kid however you want and let others do the same! No wonder they keep their privacy… Congrats on your new princesa

Missy on

I wish he wouldnt of got with eva bc she seems all for herself a big mistake on his part she just not the right gal for him

Anonymous on

Makes sense that they reused the middle name for the first name. They obviously wanted to use that name but couldn’t predict they’d have another girl so used it on the first just incase. Cute how they both end in ‘da’.

Juliet on

Too bad things didn’t work out between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams… Eva Mendes is “pretty”??? No, she is not.!!!! Bad features – even with the plastic surgery. Look at her high school photos! She has been sold to the people as attractive, but that’s just her PR firm. She is quite unattractive and not a good actress. She satisfies a demographic. No more. No less. She even referenced her “Latin” culture with the naming of her children. I’m sure this will be deleted since the truth is unacceptable in society today.