Kendra Wilkinson Shows Off Stretch Marks in Honor of Mother’s Day: ‘Look What My 2 Babies Did’

05/09/2016 at 07:45 AM ET

Kendra Wilkinson is embracing motherhood — and everything that goes along with it.

The 30-year-old reality star took to Instagram over the weekend, showing off a belly full of stretch marks in a special Mother’s Day photo.

“Look what my 2 babies did… They made me happy. #happymothersday,” the Kendra on Top headliner captioned the smiling photo on Sunday.

Kendra Wilkinson stretch marks
Source: Kendra Wilkinson Baskett Instagram

Wilkinson celebrated the holiday with a series of Instagram photos featuring her little ones, 6-year-old Hank and 23-month-old Alijah Mary.

She uploaded a throwback photo of herself lounging with Alijah, writing, “Happy mastitis day. Ooops I meant Mother’s Day!! Flashback to the first week with Alijah.”

She also shared photo of herself with the little girl, writing that she and Alijah are “homies.”

“She is who she is already pretty much. Our favorite thing we like to do together besides nails, watching sports and eating cheese is to play ‘spider mama’ where I become ‘mama long legs,’ ” Wilkinson wrote alongside the photo of herself cuddled next to Alijah.

“She has my gene n I’ll definitely have to work with that n not fight it cuz she’s my mini me n we don’t like rules.”

Wilkinson took another trip down memory lane in another picture, this time reminiscing about the early days with her son Hank.

“With Lil Hank I was soooo attached to him. I didn’t want anyone near him. He was all mine. To the point of being crazy and territorial. I still feel that way now,” the mother wrote alongside a throwback photo of herself with Hank when he was just an infant.

“We have this mother/son bond that’s so strong. I can’t go one night without praying and cuddling with him. I am cherishing every moment with him.”

Later in the day, the reality star gushed about her perfect Mother’s Day in a Twitter post.

“I had the best Mother’s Day!! My heart couldn’t feel happier,” she tweeted. “Left my phone at home n enjoyed life with my family.”

–Char Adams

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Just saying.. on

Who in their rightful mind would post a pic of that wrinkled belly? As mothers we know what happens after we give birth. Kendra’s not able to keep anything private!

S on

Love her!! Keeping it real unlike some others!!

Guest on

Wow. Didnt reallycare to see thatbut thanks

Dawn on

Personally I THANK her for having the courage to post this when the gossip mags are more concerned with those “bouncing back fitness mommas” and their “perfect” bodies, it’s somewhat comforting seeing a beautiful woman, who also makes her living in the crazy business with a not so perfect after baby body and flabby abby. Thanks for keeping it real!

Sherae on

Are you miserable wind bags serious?!? She was showing the reality of pregnancy and motherhood. If she was flashing a six pack and rock hard butt you’d be mad too. Get a life! Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Kendra! Thanks for being honest!

Kaylee on

Glad she’s so real. Go mama!

Karen on

So proud of Kendra for showing a “real” mother’s belly…. too bad others don’t follow her and become real…. best selfie ever!

rimbadg on

Well worth the wrinkles….. she has the 2 most prettiest children in all of Hollywood, they are absolutely beautiful!

carol on


rachel on

That looks about right to me! I became huge during my 3 pregnancies. Fortunately with diet and exercise I was able to return to my pre-baby size. I did not get stretch marks (I just got lucky). The only thing that is out of shape now is my belly button. Its quite large now. Give yourself time Kendra. It says your baby is only 11 months old. My youngest is now 3 and I’m feeling energized and so much like my pre-baby self. I love it!

seabot on

The headline clearly states what the photo will be before you click on it. If you didn’t need to see it or didn’t care but still clicked, that’s on you, not People.

Personally, I like her. I think she’s fun. And posting a picture of your imperfect belly hardly falls under “that should be private.” I see far more than that walking around on a daily basis.

Gramma2Four on

To Sharae…your message was spot on about the realities of pregnancy but no need to call us “miserable windbags”.

Ruth on

Kendra looks beautiful . Some women get stretch marks and we who do or don’t get them need to be proud of them, not feel the need to hide the belly. Good for Kendra. Advance the cause of self acceptance . Yay Kendra ❤️

Missc on

She’s weird

Anonymous on

Thank You Kendra for giving people a reality check. The media now days gives people an unrealistic standard of beauty to work towards. I am not a mother, but I know plenty of women who have children that struggle with their self-esteem because they don’t measure up to some ridiculous standard they have built in their head. It’ll take work, but I’m sure you can get your figure back. Hell, get a little nip tuck if the occasion calls for it.

RoseRed89 on

Thank You Kendra for giving people a reality check. The media now days gives people an unrealistic standard of beauty to work towards. I am not a mother, but I know plenty of women who have children that struggle with their self-esteem because they don’t measure up to some ridiculous standard they have built in their head. It’ll take work, but I’m sure you can get your figure back. Hell, get a little nip tuck if the occasion calls for it. But remember ladies, you are a worthy human being regardless of your looks. Don’t let your flaws define you self-worth. We all have plenty of them.

Erica2 on

Right on Kendra show off your badge of honor…she has the cutest kids hands down!!

Anonymous on

I applaud her for showing off what many of us really look like after babies. The Chrissy Teigen photo of her flat stomach four weeks post partum was not an appropriate thing to show moms on Mother’s Day. Not hating on her, she looks great! But not very realistic for 90% of women or relatable.

marie on

I would rather see her belly than any of the Kartrashians half naked bodies any day, its real, she could have had surgery to fix it, but she didn’t. She has the cuties kids in Hollywood.

lenchik on

Agree with Sherae, show it real – people dont like it, show it ideal – people are mad too, I would not have a courage to post this picture to see to all people around a globe but this is real and happens to many women here, nothing wrong with it, it is genetics.

MordorianQueen on

Uh, Karen ( May 9th post) : There is no such thing as a “real mother’s belly”. I gave birth to a child and didn’t get a single stretch mark. Does that mean I have an “unreal mother’s belly”?? Only women who are in need of some kind of attention post such photos, and only women who don’t have two brain cells to rub together make such ridiculous, baseless comments.

Marissa on

Honest and appreciated, Kendra!! She could easily have paid for cosmetic surgery, as many celebrities do, yet chose to share the reality of pregnancy and childbirth. All the proper nutrition and exercise many women do does not rid you of excess skin. She has excess skin, not just stretching marks. Women commenting they are prepregnancy weight with zero stretch marks good for you. That’s not realistic for most

Lola on

I appreciate seeing the photo but now I know why some rich women use surrogates.

Oasla on

She has lots of money, she could have used surrogates instead.

St on

Wow how refreshing- but I doubt I would post it for the world to see 😉
Her kids are adorable but I doubt I would say- well I didn’t like rules and my daughter is like me and is showing signs she hates rules too- so I’ll just let her do what she wants to do! WRONG parenting Kendra!! Kids need rules!

Chris on

So are the same people that were bashing Chrissy Teigen yesterday with her “unrealistic” post baby body, the same ones bashing Kendra for her “realistic” post baby body? When someone posts a pic with a flat stomach and looks amazing you guys say “that’s not what real women looks like after birth” etc, yet here is what some would call a real post baby body and people still aren’t happy!

sally on

Now I know why Hank cheated!! HA lol

Dawn on

Good for her for showing what really happens to your body after you give birth. There’s so much pressure to be perfect and I applaud her for baring her scars!

Kar on

She is way too dramatic and shares way too much personal stuff. And given me a break she acts like she’s the only woman who every gave birth. Get over yourself Kendra.

christyrendon on

It takes a lot of courage to be able to share a picture like this. I hope she ignores negative comments!

Taryn on

REFRESHING!! Keepin. It. Real.

wil on

People are too “proud” these days. Jesus!
And I am a new mother, who has a belly with stretch marks. Never once did it ever occur to me that I should plaster an image of my midsection all over the internet.

Mistie on

I swear woman cannot win. So many jump on them for having “un natural” perfect bodies after child birth and she post a photo showing what most woman do have after child birth and that is even attacked. I would love a day where woman just didn’t feel the need to attack one another…but I think that would be wishing too much. If you cannot stand here just do not read the article.

Shelley on

Ok here the deal I didn’t even read the article the headline was enough for me to come over here and say this is just waaaaay Tooo much fricken information who h*ll in their right minds wants to know or see Kendra’s Stretch Marks, this woman is Tooo Much,,,, aaaaarrrrrrggggg😡😡😡😡🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Common on

Wow, way to go Kendra! I don’t have children, but I imagine your realness may help some young ladies that feel insecure about their motherhood scars. Especially because celebrities always seem to be perfect after birth. Proud of you girl!

Jenna on

This just made me not want to have children anymore :/. I think my self-esteem would be shattered if I looked like that. I’m really in awe now of women who are willing to go through all of this (pregnancy, childbirth, post-childbirth) to have a baby. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of you! And kudos to Kendra for being brave enough to show this picture. Her babies really are adorable!

VZ on

She’s kinda weird sometimes.

Rachel on

Beautiful. With someone who made money off their body to see past the looks to see what came from/of it and be able to share that, it’s pretty admirable.

really on

Say what you want about this girl, but she’s real and isn’t afraid to show her flaws. You go Kendra, you still look amazing.

mer on

How can anyone react negatively to this? Her body created two human beings. This is a way to celebrate it and I appreciate her honesty very much.

Anonymous on

For once we see what most of us look like after having babies. I don’t see anything wrong with this picture at all. It’s certainly a welcome change from all of the Chrissy Teigen and Kardashian postings.

Anonymous on

There is no set ‘real mom belly’! I had 4 children, I come from a family that has good skin elasticity so most of us, including myself, have no stretchmarks or lose skin. I still was pregnant with, birthed and raised 4 children…I’m a real mom and have no baby related stretch marks. That happens. Good for her for sharing it isn’t always the case but no need to say that is what ‘real’ moms look like.

SAR on

Not a fan of Kendra but I applaud her for this selfie, which flips the bird at the popular, “I went back to a flat, taut stomach immediately after giving birth” selfie crap we usually see, so as to make all women miserable and beat themselves up for not looking like underwear models.

Volly on

I’m not fan of her, but she seems not afraid what she wanted to say!

lou on


k on

Every pregnancy body starts and end differently. My grandma , my mom , and now I have stretch marks and abs that will not repair themselves. And for many of us we are very self conscious about them. Seems like it was a very freeing thing for her – and was important for some of us. I personally thank you!!!! I feel sorry for the women below who have the same issue and feel they are icky and need to be hidden. For those who don’t – you can’t relate. Didn’t your mamma ever tell you — if you dont have anything nice to say……

jamisings on

Guess what? You don’t need to ruin your life having kids to get stretch marks. It’s a symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, for one thing. I’ve know bodybuilders who had stretch marks from building their muscles too fast. And of course you can just be fat and get stretch marks. They’re not tiger stripes. They’re not trophies. They’re ugly and stupid and no one should be proud of them.

jamisings on

Stretch marks are caused by a lot more than pregnancy. They’re a symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, I’ve known bodybuilders who built up their muscle too fast (and some used illegal steroids) who got stretch marks, just being fat creates them as well. You’re nothing special, Kendra. Just another breeder trying to blame the way you look on your choice to have a baby. They’re not tiger stripes, trophies, or awards for “bravery.” They’re imperfections that need to be erased like acne scars.

Yonny on

I don’t know about her, but he sometimes acts like prostitute.

marlena128 on

Wow! So refreshing to see someone who is known for their looks and body being real and showing what childbirth does to our bodies. Some women never get stretch marks, but most of us do. I applaud her for having the courage to show her stomach. But I think the message most people are missing, is no matter what childbirth does to her bodies, being a mom is worth it.

Elie on

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thunt0224 on

ummm I don’t get it. This a very shallow story to the nth degree. It
just shows how pathetic some of these celebrities are. Why are we calling her “real” just bc she is showing her stretch marks? So what. Most women who have had children also have stretch marks so I don’t understand what the big deal is. Only people who are very shallow would view stretch marks as some kind of badge of honor. This is clearly someone who needs attention. Just ridiculous.

Maria Scott on

All of you that are saying rude things about Kendra, need to get a life. Its called jealousy because you wish could look like her and be as honest and natural as she is. I think it’s great, she is showing that stretch marks are from our beautiful babies that we carried for 10months and there is nothing to be ashamed about. So all of you haters need to grow up and get w life. You obviously wanted to see the picture, but to look at it just to say mean things is absolutely ridiculous. GROW UP!!!! Kendra you are beautiful and I love that you don’t give a crap what people think or say.

bobbi b on

Once I found out I was pregnant I began applying the Dr Max Powers Stretch mark Cream to my body everyday. I would apply to my stomach, breasts and hips at least once a day. It kept my body from being dry, itchy & helped build up the elasticity so I wouldn’t get stretch marks. I due in about two weeks and have yet to have one stretch mark appear.

Just sayin.. on

So I guess her modeling career is pretty much over

Lisa on

I use Dermalmd stretch mark serum twice a day during pregnancy and no stretch marks highly recommend!! Thank you very much driving comfortable to wear

Alexis on

To sally,
Thats ridiculous! A man cheats out of lack of morals,charecter,no self control, selfishness and knowledge of what love really is!
Its vain and shallow if your spouse or anyone cheats because body changes. Women have babies,all ,sickness etc. Its life