Chrissy Teigen Cooks Mother’s Day Brunch in a Crop Top and Daisy Dukes Less Than 4 Weeks After Giving Birth

05/08/2016 at 03:55 PM ET

Even on Mother’s Day, Chrissy Teigen can’t stay out of the kitchen.

The Cravings cookbook author was hard at work over the stove on her first Mother’s Day as a mom, handling a spatula in only a floral white croptop and a pair of Daisy Dukes.

In the photo, shared to Instagram by husband John Legend, most of Teigen’s bare stomach was exposed, the rest covered by a printed pink robe.

“Making brunch with my favorite mama,” Legend wrote.

Source: John Legend/Instagram


Teigen gave birth to the couple’s first child Luna Simone just under a month ago, on April 14.

Earlier in the day, Legend posted photos of baby Luna in a special Mother’s Day onesie, and wrote a heartfelt message to his daughter and wife.

“To my wonderful wife, @chrissyteigen,” Legend wrote. “Luna and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. If our daughter can be even half as awesome as you, I will be so happy and proud. Happy 1st Mother’s Day!”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Lynn on

Dirty looking stove, dirty looking house…

Catrina on

Why is she famous?


Beautiful face Flat but!😦

Sharon on

No, he should hope his daughter is far better than that vapid, big mouth, piece fluff.

Shay on

A nobody model marries a singer, and now we are bombarded by their shyte. This idiot woman needs to be gone, she’s so irritating.

reh1259 on

Anything for attention, I suppose. Bleh…

Shay on

Reality: a nobody can become a somebody by marrying a singer.

Anonymous on

“Look at me! Look at me!” * eye roll *

lisa on

Why is this a top story? Stop highlighting these hollywood women who are down to their pre baby weight in mere weeks. This is not the norm. Women have enough pressure to look good without these ridiculous expectations.

Amy on

Sometimes your stove gets dirty when you cook.
She looks much better on TV than in still photos.

Rainbow Dash on

Haters, haters, haters everywhere on this site! That’s all you miserable people can do in Mother’s Day is hate on someone who you don’t personally know nor did anything to you?! Keep doing you Chrissy and Happy first Mother’s Day to you.

Michelle Carasco on

Wow! Look at all these haters! You clicked on the article to insult someone? No one forced you to come here. Petty and jealous!

Dee on

She felt the need to do this she she got such crap for going to dinner right after baby. Another phoney….

lindy500 on

This is dangerous story for women making them feel terrible because they don’t look like a fashion model after giving birth. I am really surprised that People ran this story.

Anonymous on

She looks great!

Guest on

And so this proves what?

Yss on

I hate when these stupid photos show how quickly celebrities bounce back after baby. If having a baby wasn’t hard enough, and just trying to stay afloat, now there is so much pressure to look you were never pregnant a month later. People focuses on this so much that they are ruining the way new mothers feel. Happy mother’s day to all.

Loyal Reader on


Meena on

She’s in her 20’s so I think it is easier to snap back. I had my only child at 25 and walked out the hospital with a completely flat stomach. I don’t think showing this woman is dangerous to other women. We all should know that every woman and their body is different.

Kristen on

I also gave birth a few weeks ago. But guess what – I have stretch marks and I’m certainly not going anywhere near a crop top. I actually started crying when I read this headline – and its Mother’s Day! Get over the celebrating of unrealistic expectations. Really inappropriate, People – will not be reading any more.

Sam on

People ENOUGH with post baby uberthin body’s showed off by women whose job it is to be thin. If I got paid to work out and had people to cook for me I’d look like that too. However I live in the real world and have a full time job, bills and no money for a gym and some days no energy after, working 8 .5 hours 2 hours of commuting, coming home cooking dinner, helping kids w/ homework and then getting ready for the next day with lunches for hubby and I, doing some light house work and then if I’m lucky I’ll have an hour to sit down at tight to watch some TV or get on line before I get up and do it all over the next day, and the next and the next and the next.

tanya on

Love the long cardigan!! Where’s it from?

Ana on

Anybody can look rested with a newborn, when they have their mom living with them. Lots of time to take care of yourself. Show me a picture of an exhausted mom or dad, barely holding it together to cook a meal for their family – it would be, by far, much more impressive. Happy Mothers Day to all the hard working mammas, and single dads.

Jen on

Is that a birth control patch by her belly button??

JYH on

@Loyal Reader. Hmm… Why do you assume it’s alcohol? More likely a glass of ice water.

Enough already on

Dumbest headline ever. Is People hiring 12 year old writers now? Kudos to all you moms out there who don’t have trainers and night nurses. Your smushy body is a reward and you should embrace it!!

Liz on

PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Making women feel like sh!t for decades!

mary on

Why is she getting this attention? Because she’s married to John Legend, because she allows all these pictures and stories to be seen in People. She gets more publicity than he does; he’s the talent in this family, not her. She’s a model, not a great one. I’ve seen her on TV, she’s OK but nothing special. But she markets herself very well–as well as the Kardashians. YUCK!

Gina on

This photo makes me feel bad about myself. This is the last thing I needed to see today.
-a new mom that is struggling to lose weight.

Chris on

Hooray for you mom’s who don’t have perfect bodies out there! Its OK to be normal!!

Emenem on

Is that a pan of bile?

kitty62862 on

I’m honestly happy for her.

However, we need not add to the post baby weight pressure.

LaLa on

Oh yay, another celeb with a rubber belly that snaps right back. And a need to show it off. I honestly don’t know why I even come to this page, it’s 70% Kardashians and 25% this woman, and then maybe 5% devoted to horrible crimes and the Royals.

Liz on

She had a surrogate. Check your facts, People. Very disappointed that you don’t know that. Easy to look good bc she didn’t birth the baby!!

lucasmom on

Barf! Go nurse your baby and stop worrying about keeping entertaining your moronic followers on Instagram who lap up your inane daily posts. She’s so vain!!

Anonymous on

Dude I stopped following her like a year ago cuz she’s so fucking annoying. Hi, we don’t care what ur cooking or how u throw a fit everytime someone upsets u.

Cherie on

Who cares!

heather on

She was only in a floral crop top and daisy dukes? What’s the giant piece of fabric she’s wearing then?

Lisa D' on

This just perpetuates the unrealistic expectations that women have to deal with … plus she’s wearing a robe with shorts, how realistic is that?

Anonymous on

lindy500, got news for you…I am a regular woman, who was a SAHM because I made my kids clothes and half of my own. When I got pregnant with #3 less than 4 years after #1, I wore maternity clothes that a group of friends put together, and we traded around. I wanted a few pieces of new clothing, so I took $75 and went to a maternity outlet store, bought a few pieces to fill out the wardrobe, and that’s what I wore. None of us turned into blimps…we all gained about 20-25 lbs, and we all lost the weight within 4-6 weeks, so if we weren’t overweight to begin with, we weren’t after the baby was born, either. It isn’t rocket science. None of my friends had money for a chef, a trainer, or even a second car to get to a gym. This wasn’t in the dark ages, people, it was not so long ago, and we were making good choices about how we ate, how we spent our money, and how we took care of our bodies.

If you choose to gain a ton of weight, it will be harder to lose than it was to gain, period! If someone else doesn’t, and they look pretty normal a month later, then keep your insults to yourself. Chrissy Teigen is living her life, fixing breakfast, and she looks great…she didn’t say anything about other people, and she is just thrilled to be a mom, and married to a man she loves. How about you do the same, and stop making rude comments about people you know little about? And Lynn…Dirty looking house?? Really?? You sound like someone to avoid! And to the person who indicated she didn’t have to turn a hand to care for her baby because her mother lives with them…my mother was staying with us when #3 was born so she could have major surgery, and I was taking care of 3 little children, and my mother, and cooking meals, and doing laundry for the whole bunch for the first almost 3 months of my baby’s life! You should not assume that her parents are doing all the childcare; they may not want to do more than play with the baby, and the new parents may not be great at sharing the baby, either. Many are not. Baby care was my job, unless I was cooking or showering. Most of you seem to be rude, hateful and filled with envy for someone else’s monied lifestyle; makes you look worse than anything she’s said or done.

Lucy on

you guys are pigs…she looks wonderful & very pretty. (and I’m not really a fan)

sally on

So is this how it’s going to be?? Non stop posts? GO BE PARENTS! Stop posting non stop- it’s getting annoying!!

Anonymous on

GINA, above, you are BEAUTIFUL! Stop putting pressure on yourself and just enjoy the time with your baby. You WILL lose the baby weight. Stop letting these people make you feel like you have to be in some Daisy Dukes as it DOES NOT MATTER! Celebs, stop making women feel bad about themselves!!

Sally on

GINA, Don’t you dare feel bad about yourself for one second! Enjoy your baby! You will get back into whatever pants you need to get back into on your OWN schedule. SHAME on these celebs for posting this BULL-**** and making other new mom’s feel bad. I for one am sick and tired of this cr*p!

trish on

People Magazine please give us more than this PLEASE!!

Tatiana on

I wonder what else she will share with us on her Instagram… WIll she show us when she poops? Thats the only thing she hasnt shared with us. I USED to like here. But the overexposure is annoying. Take a vacay Chrissy.

Professional Attention Seeker on

Listen, I’m sorry but I’ve had just about enough of this woman. I’m confident in saying that she’s forever attention seeking, and nothing more. Teigen contributes nothing, and thirsts for everything. There is such a thing as social media addiction, I suggest that Teigen brush up on recent scientific findings. I challenge people like Teigen to go one week without photographing themselves…

jennifer on

The only reason why you look fucking good and you have somebody help you lose all that baby weight and maybe should take some more money and donate it to the poor people and you should teach your daughter right from wrong don’t always spoil your kid and when your daughter’s old enough you should teacher how to help other people like poor people that’s what you should do as a mother.

Sally Mae on

I love her! Congrats new Mama!

Zeph on

I like Chrissy but I find it hard to believe that’s her kitchen? It looks so yucky and stinky and ancient. Maybe I need a bigger pic. So weird.

Haters Gonna Hate on

Haters gonna hate hate hate hate…. No one says you have to gain 80 pounds and hold onto it for years. The baby, the water, etc, weigh 23 pounds. Gaining over 30 is ridiculous. I don’t even know how I could have eaten more than I did when I was pregnant, but I left the hospital only about 8 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Unless you are on bed rest, I don’t understand the huge weight gains women have.

Anyway, there’s no law that says one can’t snap back to their previous weight. My mother did with all of her pregnancies–just by nature.

Leave this lovely woman alone….

Jimmy on

Sorry to say this, and it is only my opinion, but I have never seen a photo look more staged than this one!

Pacino on

Lots of appropriate camouflage with that oversized duster.

Haters gonna hate on

The funny thing is that she and her husband post just as much to Instagram as anyone else, but it is PEOPLE magazine that jumps on every celebrity’s IG acct and makes an entire article out of it. There’s no news here–if you follow the woman on IG, you see the normal pictures any new mom would post. You all need to stop with all of the negativity toward the people who PEOPLE exploit by regurgitating the celeb’s social media.

Pacino on

“Lynn”, that’s “not” dirty…that’s that distressed look…look at the cabinets, etc.

* on

Can’t stand this lady! Put some pants on!

Mandy on

Omg, so much bitterness here!!! THESE MAGAZINES ARE ABOUT THE RICH, THE FAMOUS, THE BEAUTIFUL…if you can’t deal with yourself cuz you’re not one of them, GET OFF THE WEBSITE!!!! ITS SIMPLE!!!

Anne on

I’m sure she’said not the first new mother to ever cook something! Sheesh…

Jenn on


Erin on

PEOPLE, if you want to be part of the movement to end body shaming, please stop running articles like this. Talk about how Chrissy is making breakfast for her mom but why talk about what she is wearing and how many weeks out from giving birth? You are trying to normalize something that is not normal for the majority of postpartum women.

joan on

There are some jealous people out there. She was/is a busy model, and a cookbook author. She loves cooking. I don’t think she is a “nobody.” and she is one of those who looks great after giving birth. So what?! I certainly didn’t look like that. But i don’t begrudge her.

Carrow on

Go Chrissy!!! Although its not like she gained 100lbs and had a ton to lose after the baby. She didn’t go balls to the walls during her pregnancy.

Tee Gee on

LOLOLOLOL Look at all these:
a. fat
b. ugly
c. basic
Witches hating on Chrissy. She’s beautiful, skinny, successful, happily married to a man she’s been with nearly a decade,and blessed beyond measure so I get it. That is a lot to be jealous about.

Kim on

Gee, so glad she can make eggs and drink a glass of water 4weeks after giving birth….I was really worried she wouldn’t be able too….(I say that with total sarcasm)😉

liz on

I’m happy for her

Me on

Go stick your head in it.

Barbara on

Way to go People – you’re contributing to women’s poor elf esteem everywhere by insinuating that his is a normal 4 week post birth body. There are a lucky few who bounce right back. There are a luck fewer who have help so that they can work out for hours every day while others do the housework and childcare. And there are the rest of us who take a little longer to lose the weight and wear the battle scars of childbirth proudly. And who wasted YEARS learning that it was ok to not look like a photoshopped movie star in 2 pair of Spanks. Disgustingly irresponsible and disrespectful to the mothering process.

Getoverit on

So her husband takes a pic and posts a pic and it is her fault? She looks comfortable and you all hate on her cause she has good genes? I have friends like this who walk out of the hospital with barely a burrito pooch and then there are those who don’t. If this picture upsets you then you should reach out for help and I mean that in a serious way cause you shouldn’t judge yourself against anyone just because their body is different than yours.

Mistie on

Oh lordy some of these comments are just hilarious. Her stove is dirty..she is cooking, and that’s what you feel the need to make a snide comment about. Women are fucking vicious, no wonder wr have such a bully issue with kids these days..look at the parents.

Ghyrl Bye on

Too bad she looks the same in the face. She’s just not cute no matter how hard you . And, we all know that John Legends milkshake brings the boys to the yard. So, she’s just a glorified beard. . People like this are only famous on People magazines website and print. People even report on YouTube “stars” coming out of the closet. You can probably get your nieces birthday party or you cousins graduation in People magazine with no question. We are talking low level story telling about thirsty people not quality journalism.

Alle on

Meow!! Some women bounce back better than others. She is a model it’s her job to look fabulous. I’m not a fan of hers nor do I dislike her but let’s tell the truth. She looks great!

Colette on

If you weren’t skinny before you got pregnant than you probably won’t be skinny days or weeks after giving birth.She shouldn’t be criticized because she looks good.Stop comparing yourself to other women.

me on

Chrissy Tiegan takes a dump and posts it on Instagram!

Stop with this Chrissy crap every day!
Please make her go away already!

Anonymous on

Being a mom is not about how you look 4 weeks after a baby!

Kaylie on

Person wears clothes.

Vas on

She looks stylish even when she does cooking.

Anonymous on

Lol. Love it. Anything for attention….

Smkrauss on

This is the top story?? My respect for this site gets less and less every time I check it out!

Anonymous on

Poor child will take a back seat to the Mama Diva…

Anonymous on

This DIVA and Alec Baldwin’s yoga WIFE are n a competition for attention! Neva mind the babies…its ME TIME. .
Geeez girls, can’t u mind your children not ur self & a million selfies!!!

Anonymous on

This Mother and Alec Baldwin’s yoga WIFE are n a competition for attention!
Neva mind the babies…its ME TIME. .
Geeez girls, can’t u mind your children not ur self & a million selfies!!!

Anonymous on

Geeez , can’t u mind your children not ur self & a million selfies!!!

Lindsay on

Wow, the hate is real! Chrissy you look great, and more importantly I hope you enjoy your first Mothers Day!! All love!

Sunny on

This is your top story? You’ve hit in a new low. If we want to see this crap we can follow them on Instagram.

stinky on

news flash: skinny people usually go back to being skinny after having a baby….they are lucky!!

Janey on

Why all the hate? :(((

kaktyc on

whatever she cooks looks gross. is she at some no star motel?
who is she anyway?

Deanna on

This is why the expectations of girls is so unrealistic. I wish ‘celebs’ could take a step back and realize the impact of their pics and posts versus looking at the publicity of what they will get out of it. Everyday people do it too but they don’t have the coverage and influence that they have. Do you look great after 4 weeks from having a baby – absolutely! But does your PR person or you releasing this have a negative impact on an already fragile female society of girls thinking they should live up to standards that aren’t achieve able. I pray your child won’t deal with it but maybe one day you can look back and say ‘wow, wrong move’ for a society and not just a great love for your publicity

kariann on

I’m not a fan of Chrissy BUT I think she looks incredible for just having a baby! Plus.. I can’t believe people’s comments on her kitchen.. being yucky, unclean, etc. … other than a few egg splatters on front of the stove I can’t see what anyone can complain about in this tiny snapshot of her surroundings. Jeez folks…. move on!

Daisy on

To all those Mom’s on this board claiming they are still trying to loose weight after their pregnancy, well maybe you ate way too much. You should have taken care of yourself during your pregnancy. I ate healthy and kept busy until I gave birth and was weighing less than when I got pregnant 3 weeks later! So you shouldn’t be haters, before you post something like that think about it. Secondly, some women like to wear sweats and t-shirts after giving birth, some like to dress up a little to feel better. You’d be surprised what the change does.

lkjames on

Body shaming? I’m so sick of this word! It’s almost like “free speech”. it’s okay if the body that is being criticized reflects your body and you feel you should stand up for being heavy or overweight. Just like “free speech” is great if it reflects your opinion. It’s totally fine to post a picture of a gal with a great body right after having a baby. Why should she hide herself or cover up? If you’re not comfortable enough with someone else looking like they never had a baby then you not comfortable with yourself no matter the circumstance. Personally I like the looks of fit and thin women versus the larger plus size ladies and I shouldn’t have to be deemed “unaccepting” because that’s what I like.

Sahra on

I pray no women, no post-delivery moms are upset by this manufactured picture. This chick could do a lot for women, having been a model, but unlike others, she’s decided to continue wearing the shallow, unaware flag. Nevertheless, if you feel bad about yourself after looking at this pic… keep in mind she’s rich and could’ve had any number of procedures post-birth to help her look like this and/or look at her long coat, positioned just so to hide any post-baby side-flab or fat also anyone can suck in their stomach for a minute or two, especially a camera snap and there’s no telling what kinds of make-up or apps she use before sharing this picture. I really wanted to like her…but every time she shows her true character I just can’t understand how a person as conscious as John is married to the walking Hollywood stereotype, I guess he too needed a break from the harshness of reality some place in his life.

Becky on

It’s ridiculous for posters to act as if no one can look like this after having a baby unless they have a chef, a personal trainer, three nannies, and stuff their baby in a box. I know lots of women who looked like this a month after having the baby, and they didn’t neglect the baby, didn’t neglect their other children (if they had any), and they somehow managed to feed the baby, take a shower, and get dressed every day, and brush their teeth. Stop being filled with envy and hate every time you see someone who takes care of themselves, and put that energy in to taking care of yourself, and your own family, instead of complaining about others. Ugh, so tiresome….

Marcy on

Do you people really think everyone has to look like a worn out lard butt after they have a baby, or else they need to stay home in their bedroom for 3 months in order to not offend you? What a load of crud. I looked like this a month after I had my babies, and I make no apologies. Why should I? I had a little help for the first 2 weeks, then I was on my own with 3 children under 4. I showered, combed my hair, and brushed my teeth, took care of all my children, and my home, and I looked every bit as thin and flat as Chrissy Tiegen, and I darn sure didn’t have surgery or a surrogate! Some of you really need to stop hating, and start realizing everyone isn’t going to jump on the bandwagon of fat is the new normal, and everyone should be fine with it or shut their mouth…get real!



Anonymous on

She is a hot mama!

Sam on

She has amazing body.

Eusebio Manuel Vestias Pecurto on

Happy Mother´s Day America

May Ninth on

My first thought when I saw the headline was it sends such a false message to the world. It’s awesome that this girl’s body can bounce right back into shape enough to expose herself in a crop top and shorts – but it is NOT the norm.

Heather on

It always amazes me the flack that women receive when they look great after giving birth. She followed a healthy diet before, during and after pregnancy. She worked out before and during her pregnancy and she is currently breast feeding which assists with weight loss. She looks amazing. How can anyone possibly put off negative energy towards a picture? Do all moms look like this after giving birth? NO. But when you only gain 25lbs with a pregnancy what do you expect? I never really thought “fit” or “mommy” shaming was a thing. Society is so disgustingly fucked up.

Jim on

I just threw up my brunch.

Christine H on

I knew as soon as I saw the story the story that there would be so many jealous haters commenting. Some are wondering what does she do, well she is a model and actress. She has show the world her stretchmarks (before pregnancy) proudly to show that she is just like everyone else. It is true that not everyone loses that baby weight in the same way or in the same time frame. After my first child I was in a bikini (and looking great) 12 days after. With my second child, not so fast. Anyway why bash her for being proud of herself? If you dont like her why read the story in the first place? Some of you are just so laughable. Get over it.

Lucy on

Hey Sam, here’s a newsflash that really needs to resonate with you — you have EXACTLY the life you chose. We all have exactly the life we choose on a daily basis. Nobody put a gun to your head and made you get married, have children, work full-time, etc. If you really wanted to, you could walk away from it all and do something different. So, no matter how irritable seeing this picture makes you — and don’t get me wrong, I have the distinct impression that this woman is an idiot who serves no noble purpose — it doesn’t give you the right to make yourself unaccountable for the life you choose to live.

Patti on

The women who have a difficult time with how great Chrissy Tegan looks, should have thought twice when they put on 50 pounds and gave birth to s 6 pound baby. Who on earth told these women they needed to eat donuts and candy and eat 5 times a day? I can relate to Chrissy, I gained 10 pounds and gave birth to a 9 pound baby. I swim everyday walked, and most importantly ate very healthy, salads, protein etc. I am sure that Chrissy did too! And guess what no stretch marks!

Meemaw on

Seriously this is a top story for People? My daughter just had her fourth and looks like this with a spotless home! Not impressed. Surely ther is something more interesting you could write about?

ddbas on

Let’s not hate how others live. On the side note, I’ve watched Chrissy as guest on someTV shows interviewed, she”s actually has pleasant personality; she’s vibrant, has a very positive energy and actually a no- nonsense lady, and has a good sense of humor, contrary to what I thought of her before. In other words, she’s a likeable person, and in addition to being a good cook!… thus the media loves her. And I believe John Legend is smart enough to see that! They deserved each other,they”re both good people. They seem to be a happy loving couple. Let’s be happy for them. PEACE TO ALL.

Anonymous on

Let’s not Hate. I’ve seen her on some TV shows as guest being interviewed. She’ actually has a fascinating personality. She is vibrant with a very positive energy, with good sense of humor, and a no-nonsense lady. In addition to her being a good cook, she’s adorable, a likable person, thus the media likes her. And John Legend is smart enough to see those good qualities of her. She’s beautiful in and out.And they seem happily in love. They deserved each other because they both are good people. I’m happy for them. PEACE to ALL….

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