Blac Chyna Shows Off Baby Bump as Rob Kardashian Wishes Her a Happy Mother’s Day

05/08/2016 at 11:00 AM ET

Baby ChyRo is already growing!

Blac Chyna debuted her growing bump on Saturday, stepping out in a jumpsuit just days after announcing that she and fiancé Rob Kardashian are expecting their first child together.

Blac Chyna baby bump

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Wearing the red one-piece with a white bomber jacket, Chyna’s hint of a baby bump was front and center.

Later, on Snapchat, the 27-year-old lounged with her 7-carat engagement ring resting in front of her stomach.

Blac Chyna baby bump on Snapchat
Blac Chyna/Snapchat

Kardashian and Chyna broke the baby news just ahead of Mother’s Day, sharing an emoji rendering of the model pregnant on Instagram.

“I can confirm she’s pregnant and of course she’s happy,” Chyna’s rep told PEOPLE.

Chyna is already mom to son King Cairo, 3, whom she shares with ex Tyga.

On Sunday, Kardashian wished Chyna a Happy Mother’s Day, writing on Instagram, “And last but not least happy mamas day to this beautiful Mama, I fell in Love with her immediately because of how great of a mom she is and now I’m looking forward to starting a Family with her! Thank You Chy for everything you do for me.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Showing 88 comments

Ally1 on

Ummm, that’s just a gut.

LaLa on

SHe is two minutes pregnant and has a bump already? Right.

Em on

This is just really sad.

HELP! on

So if she really is far enough along to have that large a baby bump we know for sure she was drinking and doing drug when she was pregnant.
That poor child doesn’t stand a chance.

Swetdee on

That’s just the Burger King meal she ate after her announcement. Even if it really is a baby bump, you don’t really show until the 4th month which means she probably got pregnant on their first date back in January. Hmmm…….probably her plan all along is to use Rob to get another 15 minutes of fame. Sad.

At-help on

The kid doesn’t stand a chance, Kimkow will be trying to out do it at every stage. The ktra shy are the problem

reh1259 on

They’ve only been together a few months. Even if she got pregnant immediately, she wouldn’t have a belly yet. That looks more like a ‘I ate too much at the Golden Corral’ kind of belly, not a baby bump.

Kris on

Congrats rob and Chyna can not wait for the reality show!

NickyAngel on

She sure played her cards right

nozona on

Paternity test recommended. Just a really really strong suggestion.

datbooty on

can’t tell which is front and which is back…….BUT, it looks like a food baby to me

Candice on

Just curious….
Isn’t her engagement ring on the wrong hand???

Anonymous on

So exactly how preggers is she? She looks pretty far long to be showing already that would mean she got knocked the first time they went out

Kim on

Ugh I can’t stand her butt, why does it look like that? It pokes out and it goes flat for some reason. Suggestion: Stay away from butt implants and injections.

Mrs J on

I know for a fact that women, especially those who are physically fit and work out like Blac Chyna,do show earlier than usual. I have a relative who was showing like she was 4 months pregnant, but she was only 2 months and delivered in the normal time frame. So, unless you are inside of Black Chyna’s belly stop judging and saying how far along she is. Also, she is worth more money than Rob Kardashian(on his own)and is a professional model, so she doesn’t need his money. I mean she did just get robbed for $200,000 that was just laying around her house and doesn’t seem to be hurting too much

st. on

Because, yes, the 7-carat engagement ring is what it’s all about!
Take out the butt implants, breast implants and she might start to look half way normal.

Erin on

Another Ho who got pregnant the first night after meeting Rob K…she see $$$ and wants a cut. Hope Rob K is smart enough to get a prenup before marrying this money grabbing Ho

Uhm.. on

Hmmm, uhmmm…her a$$…what the … she’s a very low rent version of Kim K. If she is this far along already, why was she wasted and kicked off of a plane for drugs a month or so ago? Yuck. Bad choice Rob. Bad. Bad.

Anonymous on

Uh … while she may be pregnant … I have a feeling that what we are all looking at right now is called FAT.


Ummm, while she may be pregnant – I’m pretty sure what we are all seeing right now is called FAT. Sorry. Oh, and to the comment below, that’s what you call physically fit?

Anonymous on

She’s disgusting. Such class

Hea on

What is it with American women and butt implants these days? I don’t get it.


What is this lady famous for nothing! She fits right in with the kasdarsins

Samantha on

The only bump I see in the first pic is on her butt.

So Unattractive on

That is NOT a baby bump! She looks like she’s just fat. How soon did this woman get knocked up after meeting RK?

Just Wow on

What is the matter with her bum?! If my bum was so blubbery, I sure as h e l l wouldn’t wear spandex.

ImALadyToo on

It looks like she is carrying the baby in her a**!

Christa on

Does she know an engagement ring goes on the left hand?

Guest on

Where is her other kid?

Kim on

What a ridiculous looking butt. Is she a pile of plastic or what? That or this is an odd picture. I find this woman just unattractive and strange looking.

Guest on

It looks like there is a plate on her upper hip and if I had a butt that nasty looking, I sure would NOT be wearing spandex. The second picture doesn’t look like s baby bump, it just looks like a food bump (the I just ate the family size taco deal at Taco Bell)!

Etienne on

Her jacket says SPECTACLE.
If you inject Fix-A-Flat into your a$$, and get pregnant by a Rob K., can you be anything less than a spectacle? Dead ass!

Roo on

She got one of your kids, got you for 18 years

Song4Ten on

Looks more like a badonkedonk to me.

Song4Ten on

Looks more like a badonkedonk to me…

John on

Must be a slow news day for PEOPLE. People has become a really low level trash filled magazine….really going downhill.

Brandi on

Despite her thick body and enhancements, her stomach has always been super flat in the pictures that I’ve seen of her in the past. I remember seeing pictures of her and Rob at some bikini photoshoot she did on a beach in February and even then, her stomach was totally flat. Definitely makes me curious about how far along she is but there’s no way to tell just by looking at her stomach as women are different in their pregnancies and start showing at different points

Tnana on

That’s all the fast food drive-thru’s she goes through!

Rachel on

She has the body of a gorilla.

Naya on

Just shut the hell up all you negative people! Congrats to these two, wish you nothing but happiness!

toni on

that’s not a pregnancy bump , that’s a burger king bump

pcc on

I read she is in her second trimester and they have been dating for four months. Which means she got knocked up as soon as she could when she hooked up with him. Well played, Chyna, well played.

Anonymous on

Lard ass

Shelley on

Lard Ass.

Jenni on

Looks to me like a fat ass

jude on

Who let this FAT ape escape

le on

the LARGE bump in the rear?

Common on

Good luck to them! They seem to have rescued eachother… May love prevail.
Also, mixed babies are always so gorgeous!

K.W. on

She’s carrying in the back more then the front.

Mama Riska on

This is stupid and ridiculous. This woman was a stripper, her best friend was also a stripper. Why the hell would PEOPLE be writing an article on these types of women who are getting pregnant by men for money and fame? The dumbing down of America in full view of the world.

Deborah on


Adkmom on

I see she has the prerequisite Khardashian badonkadonk !!

Oh and that’s a jelly roll, not a baby bump…..most likely left over from her possibly future brother in law and baby daddy!

guest on

She is so freakin gross!! I can’t look at her. This is going to be a long pregnancy having to see her on this website everyday!!

Michelle Terrell on

I think she is carrying the baby in her fat ass.

Louis Ferris on

Continuing the trend of a baby momma raising her kids without the dad does in their life. I don’t think Rob will be around for the long haul either!

GG on

Are we looking at the bump in the front or the back??

Anonymous on

Her bum just looks absolutely ridiculous. And how far along is she with a “bump” already?!

Ellie on

She and that belly laughing all the way to the K bank…

anonymous on

Looking forward to see her on Kardashian reality show!

Momofsdg on

Does he realize he’s essentially doing his sister???? She really looks no different….eww.

Anonymous on

It looks like her baby is growing out her behind!

mary on

It looks like her baby is growing out her behind.

IJS on

Wonder if this is a publicity stunt to get people to like her and shortly we will have to be sympathetic to her lose of child… I would never wish that on anyone but these are the kind of people who would use that to gain attention. It’s unfortunate but also unfortunate that is what crossed my mind when I heard the news THEN saw this photo of her “bump” IJS

digit on


digit on

Hate to say it, but this family, despite our hopes (and short of an apocalypse) isn’t going extinct anytime soon. The only way to ensure you’ll never hear, see or read about this awful family is to move to a deserted island without electricity or mail delivery.

Umm on

not that I am defending her at all or anything but I do want to say that this is her second pregnancy and usually a women will show sooner and even tend to be bigger the second time around as well, but like others are saying you never know if he’s the daddy for sure or not…..

Anonymous on

These crazy woman run to the doctor for plastic surgery but can’t make time to get birth control? She got pregnant on purpose just to stay in the lime light. I’ve never seen any signs of love.

Kim on

So last month she was caught by airport security with coke and ecstasy … Some mother! That baby would be so much better off being put up for adoption. There’re so many women that want children and can’t have them. Just because you have money in your designer bag and drive around in a G wagon, does not make you a good or fit mom. I wouldn’t trust this gal with my dog, seriously…. sad..

Guest on

I wonder if the price of diamonds loses its value everytime one of these “girls” in the Kardashian world gets a ring! A diamond use to mean something but with these people buying them and wearing them, then probably discarding them once the marriage is over not long after. Didn’t Rob have his Mom buy him a house? How was he able to afford a ring like that? I know he’s probably not poor by any means but if he’s not then why did she have to buy it? Doesn’t his fiance have a house they could live in? This has got to be the weirdest pieced together family i’ve ever seen!

emee on

That woman has huge thighs.

Olly on

Congratulations to her and Rob on the pending bundle of joy.

bob cummings on

It looks like the baby is in her ASS!

Anonymous on

Lucky girl.

Sally on

Oh Wow, people are sooo Jealous and soooo Hateful for nothing, what happened to the world? minding other peoples business , insulting and judging them for nothing. How our about our own problems, did we start solving them…just take a look at the mirror before pointing a finger to others because the other three are pointing at you.


Wouldn’t that ring be on the wrong hang?

Anonymous on

Wouldn’t that ring be on the wrong hand?


Is she carrying the baby in that ASS? & isn’t that ring on the wrong hand?

Bridget on

She is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Fits right in with the KTrash fam.

kirsten on

she looks so hideous. pretty much deformed. Poor Rob

heather on

“I know for a fact that women, especially those who are physically fit and work out like Blac Chyna,do show earlier than usual.”

Aaaaaah, no you don’t.

Liz on

How she is managing to carry that baby around in her a$$???

len on

Rob is getting robbed.

JoJo on

The baby is growing in her butt? That’s all I can see……

Anonymous on

These women that think butt implants are attractive in any way, shape or form are suffering from some serious body dysmorphia…

POX on

She doesn’t have perfect shape, but she looks mighty fine.

lmao on

Chyna seems very genuine and they fell in love with each other.
I dont think they planned this it just happened , and now they can see a way where they can be better off and make,loads of money,on there, own steam , and tbh they stand to make millions especially if the marriage, happens Mr and Mrs Kardashian
Sorry Kim/Jenners step to the side , and give these two loads of space this is the best seller for 2016,without a doubt love it or lump it.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to her on the pending bundle of joy!

Ola on

She is lucky to landed Rob.

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