Khloé Kardashian Tells Critics to ‘Chill’ Over Video of North West: ‘We Good Over Here’

05/07/2016 at 09:55 AM ET

It seems a rite of passage for anyone posting photos of their children online is to have their childcare skills criticized by anonymous haters in some way or another — just ask Ryan Reynolds.

Khloé Kardashian, however, hushed the haters before they could even start responding on an Instagram video she posted with niece North West, 2½, on Friday.

“Home,” Kardashian, 31, captioned the black-and-white video of North excitedly watching their plane land in Los Angeles, then added, “Chill out people … She’s in a booster car seat. I can hear you already! Worry about your own s—. We good over here. TRUST.”

Khloe Kardashian North West

Home ❤️ (chill out people… She's in a booster car seat. I can hear you already! Worry about your own shit. We good over here. TRUST)

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In the video, North sits up from lounging on a pillow to look out the window and tell her Aunt Koko how excited she is to be home. The pair smile for the camera and then share a sweet kiss.

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The pair were returning home from a family vacation to Cuba, where they were joined by Kourtney Kardashian and North’s parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The trip — and Khloé’s many photos from it — sparked major criticism, with a U.S. Congresswoman from Florida telling PEOPLE the trip was “vapid.”

— Andrea Park

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Victoria Dodds on

Speaking ghetto now? Get over yourselves Kardashians and Jenners, most of us think you’re an embarrassment to American society. Wasting space on all forms of social media w/the most inane tidbits of your lives.

Janee on

“We good…”??? Total ghetto. Give me a break.

Anonymous on


anonymous on

Khloé is kind of protective aunt.

Justame on

Interesting we just did a ton of research on booster seats for my grandson, and he’s just 4 years and under 40 pounds, it’s suggested not to put them in one yet. She is too young to be in a booster seat! Good grief do research..better yet hire someone to research booster seats

Amy on

Aww is somebody pissy because a true Kardashian baby is going to be born, and that the Cuba trip came with a lot of harsh criticism?

Anonymous on

Wonderful, you have a 2 year old in a booster seat, very protective considering the law is 40lbs and 4 years old before they should be out of a 5 point harness. A booster seat does not protect a child, whose skeletal system is immature from the impact of a crash like a 5pt harness does. This family is just so uneducated and vain it blows my mind.

HELP! on

Get your own s___ together. WE GOOD OVER HERE. Really?

karolyn lapka on

Maybe if Khloe knew how to talk she’d still have a alk show. I doubt it though since she doesn’t have anything interesting to say. Here’s a tip to all Kardashian/Jenner/ Wests….We don’t care! Never did.

harry on

What a waste of skin …all of the Kartrashians. You are such an embarrassment to American .

Shay on

By the time she’s done, that face is going to look more like the rest of the trash, instead of like her hairdresser father.

Charlotte on

Who is that woman with North West Point? That can’t be Khloe. Her face! What happened to her face? It looks horrible.

JIMMY!!! on

I suppose her vocabulary is better than hearing “like” after every other word.

Kerry Maxey on

I would love to CHILL in seeing you, and your WHOLE FAMILY pop up, every time I turn on my computer. Take a Kardashian Sabbatical for a year or so.. Give folks a chance, to miss seeing all of you. .

becca on

Whats with the puckering? Looks stupid with those big fish lips.
Could a more useless group of people exist Most likely NOT!
Please trashdashians could you please crawl under a rock never to be
heard from again

Anonymous on

Nice photo of Khloe and North!

rubyovertherainbow* on

She’s not in a booster car seat sitting like that !

Bigail on

I’m sorry but that child looks really ugly in this picture.

elegant gypsy on

Hanging around plastic Khloe is not healthy for any of the children in this family. Khloe, your anger and hatred are toxic and we’re all so tired of your antics!

Janey on

I am really beginning to believe that the K/Js send them pre-written stories and People Mag prints them as is. This one is so full of it, that can only be what is done. There are car seat laws, but of course, this article does not even mention them, so it was the responsibility of the mag to point them out. But, since it was pre-written, didn’t happen. Also, this poor child has to be the most exploited toddler out there and she exploited by everyone in that horrid family. I feel for her and she is the only one I have any positive feelings for in this pointless, useless, talentless waste of space family.

Heather on

My daughter is less than a month older than North and we are flying across the country next weekend. Guarantee my kid is going to be rear-facing in a 5 point harness. Absolutely NOT okay to have an almost 3 year old in a booster seat — especially on a freaking airplane during LANDING. Where were the flight attendants?

Heather on

And in that second picture, she has no seatbelt on. Generally, booster seats still require use of a seatbelt. Oh my Lord.

jules on


Guest on

Funny. We travel quite a bit and I almost NEVER see anyone strapping their own kids into booster or car seats on a plane. Maybe like 1 out of every 10 kids that age I see in a safety seat.

I wonder how many of these busybodies criticizing are either too cheap to buy their infants a seat, or too lazy to carry on a booster for an older child. Because I know for a fact it’s a lot of them.

Anonymous on

We good? Can we say ghetto? Goodness gracious. I used to enjoy coming to CBB, but not anymore. I mean you can’t go a day without seeing one of the Kardashians on here. Them and Chrissy Teigen. It should be called Kardashian Baby Blog instead.

Anonymous on

She seems a dotting aunt to North!

Rachel on

People only say “Worry about yourself…” when they know they’re doing something wrong. No 2-year-old should be in a booster seat, period. And to the “Guest” commenter — they weren’t on the plane or going on the plane they were sitting in the car watching the plane her parents were on land.

Samantha on

I’m only commenting to say that a child 2 and older does not require a car seat on an airplane, under 2 are allowed to sit on your lap while flying.

Oilly on

Khloe is the cool one in Kardashian family.

Lola on

North is not even required to be secured in a car seat or booster. Most young children are not in either while flying and you would already know this if any of you ever left your homes and actually flew sonewhere. Such nonsense coming from most of you.
Such and awesome Aunt. North is too cute!

Cindy on

Just another whore in training