Ginger Zee Reveals She Was Blasted for Going On DWTS By Social Media Bullies

05/06/2016 at 01:45 PM ET

On the newest episode of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk series, Dancing with the Stars Ginger Zee shares with other celeb moms her experiences with haters on social media.

“I can’t stop,” says the ABC chief meteorologist, 35, who has a son, 4-month-old Adrian. “As much as I tell myself, ‘Oh, I’m not gonna look at that tweet’ or ‘I’m not gonna look at that email,’ it still hits me. It still hurts.”

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Some of the messages she receives on the internet are extra nasty, though — from moms who think they know how best to parent Zee’s child.

” ‘You’ve taken away this precious time with your child because you want to dance,’ ” she recalls one of the messages saying. “And the way it was written, I’m like, ‘No … ‘ ”

“You have to ignore [the judgment], especially social media,” advises Selenis Leyva, 43, who plays Gloria Mendoza on Orange Is the New Black and is mom to teenage daughter Alina. “Sometimes [people] can be so awful, and when they go out to get you and be mean, they go for it.”

Zee, who recently landed DWTS‘ first perfect score of the season, then reflects on how much differently she handles criticism now that she’s a mom as opposed to during her 15-year career.

“They could say whatever they wanted to me — call me ugly and stupid and I was like, ‘All right,’ ” she says. “But when you’re a mom, it’s like, ‘No, no, I’m really trying!’ ”

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Mandy on

Ginger, in doing what is good for you, you are doing good for your baby. If you are gappy, he will be. If you are miserable, he will be. Do what’s best for you and your family, and it doesn’t do you any good to stress! Love watching you on GMA, and looking at you being happy!

Hp on

I don’t know who convinced her to do this in the first place. I like her I think she’s adorable but going back to work is a challenge, going back to a high pressure spotlight job after having a baby has got to be very hard. But taking a second job that requires you to either be on a plane twice a week across country and dance 5+ hours a day while breastfeeding is literally insanity! I feel the person she short changed the most is herself. That first years is filled with constantly changing moments you blink and the baby has grown into the next phase. Even in her down time with him she has got to be exhausted. It makes me sad for her that she made this choice.

saberwolf335 on

You know there is a very very very very very simple thing she can say to these people who clearly have no life. In fact it’s so simple it can be summed up in just two words: “fuck off”

Izzie on

@saberwolf, I hope the majority of people have more class than you.

Nancy on

Let’s face it, ABC wanted to create “buzz” and wanted cross promotion for both shows. Mission accomplished! So happy I stopped watching both shows, tired of media trying to manipulate things.

Tracey on

oh shut up “Hp” down there! The whole “i’m so sad she made this choice” is just passive-aggressive BS to get a sly little dig in. How about she makes her LIVING on TV and she just had a baby and it was the quickest way to get back in shape AND make a ton of cash to give her baby a good life?? Shove your judgement up your tight a$$

R on

ignore the Bullies Ginger, so glad you are on DWTS. You’re sweet and refreshing. And a really good dancer now. 🙂

Patricia Byrnes on

They are just jealous. You and Val are Terrific. you have all my votes.

Selena on

Ive always said that no man can batter a woman a way another female can. The most vicious things ive heard said to a woman didnt come from men, but other women. We are our own worst enemies.

Tart on

Her partner Val likes to bully overweight children with Down’s Syndrome and their parents on social media, so her fear’s legit.

NoOneIsHatingGetReal on

I think they get no hate tweets and no emails and no one really even notices what they are doing, so they write those messages to themselves for pity or any kind of attention. I don’t even know who these chicks are.

Jackie in Seattle on

So tired of her on DWTS. She’s not that great, her husband is super annoying, and you know they’re fixing it because she’s an ABC fixture. Ugh.

Karen on

From the vey beginning ABC and GMA have shoved Zee down our throats in typical network style Is she good? Yes she is? Is she he best? Not at all. She did get the first perfect score but only from the luck of the draw because Mark Ballas and Paige got a perfect score right after. With a newborn I am so surprised hat Ginger has time to surf the net and then go on and on about being cyber bullied. Spend that time with your baby and yourself. The only one that expects you to be a machine is ABC because, let’s face it, it is all about the ratings.

Anonymous on

Glad she’s wearing clothes appropriate for being a Mom. All those short & tight (too tight) dresses on GMA was ridiculous. Who wears that to do the weather???

Karen on

This is all about what ABC wants. I guess having a baby and going back to work wasn’t enough. Ginger does have time to surf the net though.
She got the first perfect score only because she got to go before Mark and Paige who also got a perfect score. Funny how Ginger gets so much of the hype from ACB and GMA. She is good but not the best. She got paired with Val only because Dereck is not here this season. ABC is very unfair with their pairings. Why couldn’t she have been paired with Tony?

pcc on

A bunch of hens sitting around clucking.

Edyie on

I have no idea who she is, but obviously she’s in the public spotlight and the trolls are going to have their say. That’s the way social media nowadays. Ignore it and do what you want to do. I guess she is on DWTS after having a baby. Maybe she could have asked to defer to another season?

anon on

SO tired of her

Catherine on

I didn’t really know who she was but heard she was going to be doing DWTS shortly after having a baby. The only one living her life is her so her decisions are her own. The only thing I remember thinking when I heard her story was that it sounded like an awful lot to take on, but it must be working out okay for her.

beth on


Jo55 on

Who gives a rat’s ass what complete strangers have to say? And no, telling them to ‘F off’ is useless too. Ignore. It’s your life and you’re not hurting anyone. Dance away.

Jackie on

Why attack stay at home moms? That came out of know where? I’ve found working Mom’s really attack stay at home Moms. Why not talk about that? I wish People would stop these things. These celebs can pat themselves on their back as much as they want, but do we really need to see it? They don’t represent normal Moms.

Kay on

How about staying off social media if it bothers you? Or be confident in your own decisions?

Christy on

the only person a mom should listen to for a ‘parenting evaluation’ should be her child. no other person has the information or right to judge your choices.

Tracys38 on

She is an ok dancer, but, she is no Paige Van Sant!!! I definitely hope Paige wins. If Ginger Zee wins we will all know it was because ABC rigged the competition. She is already their weathergirl. She is not anywhere close to being as good as Paige. I thought the final 3 should’ve been Paige, Wanya and Niles!!!

KMG on

I’m not sure how it’s not clear to others that GMA producers were behind her being on this show. The whole Michael Strahan scandal only further exacerbated their attempts to pull in viewership. Not only that but the goal would be to add cross viewership btwn the shows, attracting normal GMA fans back to Dancing with the Stars. No new mom coming back to work from maternity leave is begging to go back and forth across the country for 3 months, get up for the normal work days at 3am and have an infant. Clearly a play from producers to increase ratings. Frankly I feel bad for her.