Coco Rocha Is Trying to Potty Train Her 13-Month-Old Daughter: ‘I Think We Can Do It’

05/06/2016 at 08:30 PM ET

Attitude can be key on the runway. On the potty, not so much, according to supermodel Coco Rocha, who is potty training 13-month-old daughter Ioni James.

“She’s got attitude,” Rocha told PEOPLE at the Delete Blood Cancer DKMS gala on Thursday at Cipriani Wall Street, where Ariana Grande performed.

“We are potty training. And if I say no, she laughs or gives me this hand shake. Or, if I say no, all of a sudden her head rolls back and she’s just crying.”

Coco Rocha Delete Blood Cancer DKMS gala
Kristine Callahan/ACE/INFphoto

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Other subjects of contention for the first-time mom? “It could just be touching the new Sonos speakers,” she says. “[I tell her,] ‘They are not your toys, leave it alone.’ She doesn’t quite understand.”

But Rocha is hopeful that Ioni will quickly catch on to potty training despite her young age.

“Although I am being told that it is very young, I think we’re going to do it,” shares Rocha. “I think we can do it. I think the funny thing is that throughout her one year of life, you really don’t get to teach them anything. This is the first time I’m literally teaching her something — so we’ll see if we’re successful.”

— Jeffrey Slonim

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Julie on

Please be patient with your 13 month old daughter….the potty training will come when she’s ready. Don’t be in a hurry to rush it so much. In one year of her life….I hope she has taught you a lot and if not…slow down….enjoy the moments.

Milica on

ummm yeah good luck with that..

Claire on

It’s not impossible if she’s committed but she doesn’t sound committed. You can potty train a kid anytime after 12 months if you REALLY want to but it’s not easy until at least 18 months.

Bottom line, you’ve got to commit to no more diapers. Whether your kid is one or four, if they don’t want to go in the potty and you approach it with a wimpy attitude and go back and forth and eventually give them a diaper to go in when they scream and cry for one, you’re looking at an uphill battle that will last a long time.

I trained all three of my kids in one day each right before their second birthdays by calmly explaining to them that there were no more diapers. Ever. We had “potty days” and had a ton of cookies and treats and surprises every time they went. Kids get it pretty fast when they realize you’re serious.

bugsforever on

I don’t know who Coco Rocha is or why she’s in such a dadgum hurry to potty train her daughter (it looks like she can afford diapers, so I don’t think that’s it)

But evidently she isn’t aware that potty training is dependent on the spinal cord being fully innervated, which doesn’t happen until about age 2 at the earliest-give or take a few months.

A child being toilet trained much before that means the parents are trained, not the child.

HELP! on

More like she will train you to take her to the bathroom every hour.

Ben on

Hope it goes well. I hate to be that parent that criticizes other parent’s choices, but from what I’ve read it can be emotionally stressful to train before 2 years old, and in some cases has negative short-term effects on the kids’ organs.

Erin on

….which pretty much means she’ll be potty training her daughter for the next year until she’s actually ready to use the potty.

Anonymous on

I started training all of my kids at 14 months old and they were fully trained by 16 months old. It’s not rocket science, and changing a 3 year olds diaper? revolting…

ava on

My daughter woke up every morning with dry diapers from age one so it is possible to potty train them that young. Children in the third world (where diapers may not even exist!) start potty training around that age. I was born in Vietnam and my mom had all of us potty trained by about 18 months old.

Gramma2Four on

Thirteen months is too young to start potty training!! Try 23 months.

Joi on

It’s not that hard, just she’s too young. We did our potty training in just a week, when the time was right with the Concisework potty training.

Carol on

Kids don’t typically potty train until age 3 fully. I know because I have a child and he wasn’t ready until just a week or so before turned 3 and then he went off to preschool. He was dying for some friendship as he’s a forever only child. 13 months is kind of ridiculous, am I right? I mean I have tons of mom friends as we are all over 35 now with kids in middle school and none of us potty trained the kids before age 3 fully.

robert on

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