Baby on the Way for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

05/06/2016 at 02:35 PM ET

Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna pregnant
Prince Williams/WireImage

Engaged — and now expecting.

Rob Kardashian and his fiancée Blac Chyna are expecting a baby together, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“I can confirm she’s pregnant and of course she’s happy,” the rep tells PEOPLE.

Both Kardashian, 29, and Chyna, 28, took to Instagram on Friday, sharing an emoji rendering of a pregnant Chyna. Alongside her post, the mom-to-be added baby and party emojis while Kardashian opted for baby and bride emojis.

Chyna’s ex Tyga commented on her Instagram post, writing “Congratulations.”

This is the first child for Kardashian and the second for Chyna, who shares 3-year old son King Cairo with TygaKardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend.

It’s been a whirlwind romance for the couple, who were engaged 10 weeks after going public with their relationship. But since news broke of their romance, Kardashian and Chyna haven’t been shy about sharing their love for each other on social media — or showing off the 7-carat diamond ring he used to propose.

Although the couple have yet to set a date to tie the knot, sources told PEOPLE that they are “definitely looking to tape their wedding.” And in between all the wedding prep, Kardashian and Chyna were already planning their future family together.

“[They] are talking about babies too,” a source previously told PEOPLE. “They both seem very excited.”


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Kardashian may have a hard time coming up with a push present to top his recent gift for his bride-to-be. In April, the youngest Kardashian bought Chyna a purple Lamborghini as an early birthday present.

“Thank you baby for my Huracan Lamborghini,” she captioned a picture of the two posing alongside the sports car.

TMZ was first to report the news.

— Anya Leon and Jen Juneau with reporting by Janine Rubenstein

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Tip on

And in other useless news…

AG on


awesome on

This is awesome!

Gues on

So Kylie will have a step child and niece/nephew from the same person.

PCC on

Rob, Rob, Rob. You should have heeded the words of your brother-in-law’s song, “Gold Digger”.

B on

Anchor baby anyone?

KC on

Well played….

sfmom on

I never realized that Rob is dating his sister’s boyfriend’s ex. Which is some kind of gross game of degrees of separation…ick.

Callie on

LMAO!!!! This family is a train wreck!!!!!! They need so much therapy that there aren’t enough therapists in the country. Make it stop

Anonymous on

Poor baby.

mono62 on

What a fuching disaster!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

Natalie on

Well there you have it.. Another damn reality show in the making!!! DAMN YOU SEACREST!

erica2 on

pathetic…I feel sorry for the baby and he or she is not even born yet…this is just a hot mess. I am sure Rob’s sisters are livid poor Kylie what an embarrassment Blac Chyna is playing this entire family for a fool!

Patience on

Give me a break… they have only been dating 5 minutes and she is pregnant? I doubt they will even make it until the baby is born… SO pathetic, just like the rest of the Kardashians.. why do people keep giving these fame whores attention?!!

Lisa D' on

O.M.G. … and not in a good way!

reh1259 on

Wow…that’s just crazy.

Lisa on

Wow, hasn’t anyone in this family heard of birth control!!! They are rich enough, Wtf. Common white trash with money.

Lisa D' on

Haven’t these people heard of BIRTH CONTROL? Oh but wait, this is a “CAREER” move … sadly, another future ‘ho for Mama K to exploit …

Guest on

This is going to be the longest pregnancy ever! He is so stupid to be having a baby with his half sister’s boyfriends ex! Just yuck! I hate the Kardashians!

tinamarie2001 on

No surprises here…scripted…

Eme on

Now if only Scott Disick and Amber Rose have a child …

Me, myself and i on

Ooooohhhhhh Kim is going to be so mad!!!! Someone else in the family is gonna get all the attention….

LadyRed on

Just when I thought the Kardashians could not become more trailer trash. All that is left now is for Kylie to get pregnant for Tyga to epitomize their trailer trash status.

bety on

This just totally makes me sick. They were going out for what a month and now one month later she is pregnant seriously??? The poor little baby this is sickening!

really on

Oh Good Lord……how disgusting.


And yet another Kardashian train wreck! I feel sorry for the poor kid!

Anonymous on

Wow! Rob can’t even take care of himself, he needs his mommy for everything!! How’s he going to raise a child???!!!!
That poor child!!

HELP! on

Poor innocent child, doomed from the beginning.

steph on

Kylie will be an aunt and a stepmom at the same time! hahahaha

Vero on


nelle on

Congradulations to Rob and Chyna! Hope they hsve a happy and healthy baby.

D on

Bow Down… Chyna just showed all you bitches how to successfully trap a man in less than 6 months… turning lemons into Kardashian flavored lemonadequate 😉

... on

Open Letter:

Kris, okay, now I feel sorry for you. That whole Bruce is a woman thing, that was bad. Kim’s porno, that was bad. Khloe marrying a crack head was also bad, Kourtney having 3 kids with a jobless alcoholic, pretty bad.

But this, this is a disaster. Good luck. If you thought your girls or Bruce caused you trouble, you have no idea what the next 30 years will look like for you b/c of this woman and her kid. Rob’s kid…Karrying the Kardashian name, this woman is going to Kash out on your daughters last name. It is going to be World War 3 btwn you and Blanc or whatever her name is. Sorry Kris, there was no other way to sugar coat this one for you. Sympathies..

allison olefson on

Soooooo. F’ed. Up.

kardashiansdie on

Ewe, the amount of times this gal has been in trouble lately for drugs, and alcohol…I feel sorry for the baby.

Toni on

This family is so messy… dysfunction is the norm. Go Away please…

Lia on

Congratulations Rob and Angela! I’m so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous lil angel.

Anonymous on

Oh Great! Another Kardashian on the way. Now every story on here is going to be about this baby or Chrissy Teigen or Kim K.

Marsha on

Wow. Well she’s got her financial situation all set until this child reaches age-of-majority. Nice work, Ms. Chyna – poor, gullible Rob. His family threw him under the bus and left him isolated and vulnerable. So now their punishment is that one of their arch-enemies gets the prize – justice done! I can’t help but feel that the K-family deserves this given their vapid, self-serving behavior. Hope they can learn a lesson?

oyvey on

Isn’t garbage pick-up on Monday though?

Kim on

That entire family is just revolting. Like most Americans, I am sick of them all. Turn on E! anytime of the day and they are on….it is disgusting. They are trash with money. Enough of them already.

Jacked up on

Wasn’t she just drunk, high, and arrested 4 weeks ago? Awesome.

UDontNoMe on

HA ! The plan proceeds… Why do some feel the K/J coven will be shocked about this? Kim Kong was pictured 3 weeks ago taking the couple to her own OB/GYN’s office. They’ve known for a while. Hence, playing nice lately. NOW, if they have a boy (this WILL pi*s them all off), Blac C will have the ONLY kid that can carry on the proud/holy Kardashian name ! Just gets better& better………

Deborah on


Anonymous on

This is just gross.

Amelie on

I told you all…..She would be knocked up in a heartbeat. This chick is not stupid. Money talks.

Ugh on

Anyone else feel like this is all a joke? Garbage people.

Cray on

This explains the engagement and why his sisters suddenly made up with her. Kris and the girls must have been livid when they heard this news! Poor Rob is such a sucker. He gets the girl pregnant after she gives him some attention, and now that girl is going to rob him. What a mess. She’ll be able to collect millions in child support from Tyga and Rob… What a scam artist.

KellBell on

Complete idiots

Bahama Pirate on

Congrat’s to the happy couple. Bonus points for pis8ing off ALL the right people. Haven’t seen drool-donkey of late, but imagine Vylie’s not happy Rob got there first. Kim cannot be thrilled, as she planned to have the only bi-racial pups. That and her huge butt malignancy are her claim to fame. Onto the wedding reception, with Black Chyna’s lovely mother and the rest of her family. This is gonna be a hoot !!!!!!

Cujo on

Great just what we need another Kardashian reproducing. Mama Jenner probably already cashing in on photo ops and plans to stick a camera up her cooch to see the baby before its even born. Just puke.

Samsonite on

Ew. They are both gross.

jeannie on

WOWZER.. Sisters are gonna explode

Mimi on

Its a gift from God!!!

nina on

They will have one cute baby! Congratulations…

Samsonite on

So was she pregnant a few weeks ago when she was drunk/high at that airport? Lovely couple.

Melissa on

Some of the comments are immature and hateful. Really pathetic how adult’s express themselves. Why so bitter?

Tweak on

Rob said he wanted to married when he had children. Unlike his sisters he said. Hope they are very happy.

Tami on

I love how it is under celebrity babies. Why are these people considered celebrities. They are just a trainwreck! What a trashy bunch of skanks.. men and women. What a great role model for the rest of the planet. Go away you nasty family.

Jeremy on

IF, IF, IF this is true, I am imagining the pre-nup, etc, that Kris will have drawn up !! Sure it will incredible. Gotta protect that “brand” (how I hate that term), at all costs. Be nice if Blac and Rob were happy about this and truly care for each other. Hope this not just more of Mom’s lies and manipulation for attention. None have a great relationship history. We’ll see.

Mia on

The Kardashian name continues… But all in all honesty I wish them luck and hope they have a beautiful healthy baby.

Guest on

Dear God they’re multiplying. Please wipe these bacteria from the earth.

Angel on

Hahahaaaa! Congratulations to them both 💍👪 that’s the biggest clap back ever 😎

Gwen on

Hats off to her… She went from Becky to bride to financially cared for for the rest of her life in the backyard of her biggest enemy’s. She has redefined revenge.

Anonymous on

So will King Cairo call Rob “Uncle Daddy,” since he will be the kid’s step-dad and uncle (assuming Kylie and Tyga get married)? I realize there is no blood relation, but still… One would think that someone with the means to go all over the world would be able to meet someone who isn’t already connected to the family. I feel bad if that poor kid ever has to make a family tree project for school.

Just Wow on

Real life Beverly Hillbillies.

Ella on

This will make for some interesting holidays…

Michelle on

How fucking embarrassing!!! This is just all kinds of wierd..

Rally on

Rob could have done so much better then her, she is ugly and using him for fame. Too bad he fell for it.

Twrainne on

I try not to judge but this is really fucked up and rob should have known better. Young and stupid, his dad would be dissapointed

guest13 on

Wow, does everyone in this family have bad taste is picking good looking spouses? Poor baby

lily on

Done reading People. The thought of having to read and see pictures of this family for the next 9 months plus is more than anyone should have to endure. Please People put our real heros on your page not this crap.

goodie on

Wasn’t she in a drunken brawl last week?

HaveMercy on

You are all forgetting the fact that she was on a vacation without him not to many weeks ago, and was pictured with another man. Who wants to bet Rob isn’t even the father.

Anonymous on

So damn disgusting. Can you say money entrapment????

Laura on

What a freaking circus this family is. Such a shame.

8er on

This is news because????? There are more important things for us to be concerned about, like Trump getting the Republican nomination, than another Kardashian doing something mindless …

Kate Wollaston on

Gotta love stupid men.

Er Er on

I give their relationship 10 months. They’ll be in a honeymoon period through her delivering their baby and then when reality sets in and the stress of a new baby hits them, they’ll split.

ellwn on

Oh my. I guess they couldn’t afforrd contrception.
This is Rob’s ultimate ‘back atcha’ to his family.
Sad way to have gone.


guest on

Feel sorry for the kid being born into a circus.

guest on

Rob is too unstable. Coming off his issues of recent years probably not a good idea to throw a baby into the mix. What are people thinking? Bringing a child into the world is serious!! Morons!!

Gia on

What a smart cookie she is..she’s secured her spot financially and next she will carry the Kardashian name. It’s only a matter of time before he marries this opportunist. They’ll last for about a minute.

Thursday on

She is smart.Now she can sit around and collect a cheque for the next 18 years.I would do the same thing.Actually I plan on doing the same thing.

Kesh on

LOL! She beat you to it Kylie!! And, now only that but she is having the baby that’s going to carry on the Kardashian name!!

Ilona on

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !!!!

Ally1 on

This will be the one, my friends. The longest pregnancy on Earth.

Anonymous on

Yeah, it’s always a great idea to bring a baby into a brand new relationship. And another great thing is how they’re keeping it all in the family! Think of the family reunions with Tyga, Kylie, Rob, Blac, Tyga’s kid, Rob’s kid….just one big cluster! YAY

Louis Ferris on

Wow! What a mess! She just made herself a boat load of money now that she wormed her way into that family by getting pregnant! That was her plan all along! She’s got it made in the shade!

Ann on

Already knew that. They had a pic of them and Kim going to the OBGYN a few weeks back. What the heck else coukd that have been about! Duh

Caligula77 on

I aint saying she a gold digga, but she aint messin with no broke n&gg$#s. Gonna be funny when dat ho realizes she got knocked up by fat gay boy! word!!

ST on

No wonder the family suddenly embraced her!! Funny how they are forced to like her because she is having a baby!

Anonymous on

This is some Jerry Springer sh**

Ambs on

Oh I bet his mother’s and sisters’ heads exploded when they heard the news…

sandy on

Thursday above! Really, that is your only goal? How pathetic and sad. Why not get a education & career and make your own money!

Pam on

And the plot thickens…………

guest13 on

Wow this family has bad taste in partners.

Guest on

It’s going to be a loooong pregnancy!

Ava Hill on

Your move Kylie!

stacey on

What is this family’s obsession with black people.

Tosha on

This is one smart bitch!!! Take that kylie!! Lol. The ultimate way to get bk at ur ex n former frds!

debbe on

LOLOLOLO. The sisters are probably fuming.. Especially Kylie. Well tell your boyfriend that he still needs to be a father even though his ex is having a child with a Kardashian.

Guestie21 on

How many people live in LA that they are recycling their relationships.mthis work has millions of people….just a very odd family dynamic…

Anonymous on

what a joke

Andrea on

Well that explains the super quick engagement…

canna on

Ugh. This family shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. Such sad news.

I Love Spaghetti on

Who didn’t see this coming? They’ve been dating for what, 4 or 5 months? Engaged within a few months and now she’s knocked up. We all knew this was coming. She found an opportunity and jumped on it. I’m no fan of the Kardashians, but Rob seemed decent, he was at a really low point, gaining a bunch of weight, seemed to not have his crap together, and along comes a chick who’s willing to pay attention to him, give him love, and maybe there was some intent to be malicious towards his family because of the way they have been treating him, talking negatively about him and his weight, but I thought he’d be MUCH smarter than this. I don’t see them lasting but for another couple months until she moves onto another opportunity. She’s seeing $$$ right now, and now she’ll be seeing those $$ for the next 18 years.

amyinoaktown on

I’m guessing it was more like expecting and now engaged….

Montana Mom on

Well at least she now has some claim to the Kardashian millions……………..she is carrying a Kardashian kid………………………10 min romance then into an engagement and now a baby……………..way to seal the deal Chyna.

jessicafreels on


exit82 on


Rem on

Poor Khloe is the only one with no kids…

Stacy Hackney on

How exciting. Congratulations; I wish them a healthy, happy baby.

lola on

DAMMMNN!!! Blac Chyna set a good-ole fashioned man trap and caught her a Kardashian. Stupid, Stupid Robert. Another fool who didn’t wrap his tool. Ha! Opps!!

Jenn on

I am sorry to say this but they won’t last and she is using him to become more famous. He is dumb!
God bless that baby.

knitluver on

Can this family get anymore dysfunctional?? OMG…so gross

brome on


Margarita on

Dang girl! Baby Daddy #1 owes money to half of the world and now Baby Daddy #2 is a free loader. You sure know how to pick them. Well, at least Rob is still attached to his mom’s tits and she can support the two. But girl, you sure got it coming since those women are witches. Run!

desiree on

All of the Kardashians are with gold diggers… I guess this family doesn’t mind being used.

MissM on


mary on

I’m sure his mother and siblings are so proud of him, NOT! I think Blac Chyna is getting back at this family.

Meena on

I actually thought this relationship was a hoax, so…..congratulations, I guess.

PrinccesssssKate on


katie on

I have no words….

Meri on

Shit! She is smart!

Guest4 on

So if Kylie and Tyga get married his son and Rob’s would be half brother/cousins? That’s a whole new kind of fucked up.

Mrs. B on

Rob needs to get himself together before bringing an innocent baby into the world. And whatever happened to getting married before having a baby? This country is going to hell in a hand basket.

Ofcourseyoudid on

Didn’t she just get busted for having ecstasy?

jen on

this is the worst thing to happen to kris…not the almost dead lamar, not the trans-gendered husband, not the arrogant kanye, not the hood rat kylie, not the kris humphries debacle, not the perpetually evicted tyga…but her own son . to think their whole fortune will be lost b/c of a stipper named chyna, with a mom named tokyo

Anonymous on

She wants a piece of the cash . Well planned . !!

Irene on

Congratulations Rob & Chyna !!!!
It’s about time something good is coming to both of you. All the attention is going to be on both of you, enjoy it . I know your father is looking down on you with a big smile, another Kardashian to carry his last name.

Samantha B. on

These 2 have been together for what feels like a month, and she’s already preggers. Meanwhile, I’ve been with my bf for over 3 years, and he won’t even consider talking kids, at least not in the near future. How f&*(ed is that? Best of look to them, but jeez louise, what a sh*t show.

Anonymous on

This has Pimp Monster Kris written all over it. She’s probably already counting the money.

Anonymous on

Game, set, match

Beth on

I’m sorry but all I can say is “ew gross” All that time that Rob was in seclusion and then when he surfaces all he can do is jump right into this mess! Doesn’t anyone in his family see this as a total nightmare? Kris may act like she is supportive but she has to be worried sick.

Amy on

This poor child…thats all i can say.

Anonymous on

Bunch I’d Gypses

Kardashian Heir..... on

I personally think it is a brilliant plot on the part of Tyga and Black Chyna to trap the Kardashians into something so deep they won’t be able to dig themselves out from. Can’t wait to see how this story plays out.

Guest on

Sounds like Hollywood has trailer trash drama too.

Elaine on

Oh my, it just keeps getting better doesn’t it?

Guest on

What a mess!! And is that her real name? How to you say it?

KanyeWest on

Where is the trailer for this family!

Charlotte on

Hilarious. Can’t stop laughing.

Kathleen on

Good grief! I’m not surprised but whatever.

Kim Chrisman on

Okay I don’t like this family any more than anyone else but you got to be impressed with their ability to create constant drama to stay in the news. It’s just mind boggling. Like a lot of commenters said, it’s the kids you feel sorry for.

JoJo on

Well, um, I,I,I don’t know if, well, um ….this is B.S! Just when I think this family can’t get any lower, they prove me wrong! I would love to see this family with no money, no makeup artists, chefs, maids and assistants! That’s all they have on the rest of us. This poor kid is going to be a pawn in the first years of its life.

Emer on


LA on


She does seem to care about him. I just hope he is happy.

3company2 on

congrats to the couple. the siblings of rob might even be more of a sour note like they were when they heard rob was going to marry china.

Ellie on

oh she’s got her claws in deep now. hahahaha the K clan must be shaken up by this news. Chyna is here to stay!!

gross out on

WHY do these people NOT get married FIRST then have their off springs.. UGH…

Jazz on

Another Kris Humphries ‘marriage’…except this one’s gonna be drama filled and realllllly ugly when it goes bad.

redwagon111 on


Seriously on

This some inbreeding crazy a$$ messed up nonsense. What’s next…Khloe’s gonna hook up with Scott? Kendall’s going to declare she’s gay and date Amber Rose? No…just…omg..NO

ginger on

She will dump him and take him for every penny she can.

kimberly on

so, he can’t even get his act together as a young man and he is bringing a child into the world after a whirlwind romance. Don’t you think the only reason he connected to this woman is due to relationship issues with his only family and he was trying to hurt his family. Sounds mature and responsible.

Anonymous on

Did anyone not suspect that? The girls were ordered by mamma Jenner to make peace with her, then She, Rob and Kim all went to see Kimmy’s OBGYN… If that wasn’t a clue, then I wouldn’t know what else would it be?

Sue's on

Did anyone not suspect that? The girls were ordered by mamma Jenner to make peace with her, then She, Rob and Kim all went to see Kimmy’s OBGYN… If that wasn’t a clue, then I wouldn’t know what else would it be?

jenn on


Debra on

What happened to the shy Rob wanting out of the spotlight? Originally thought Khloe was the good one with head on shoulders, etc but that change drastically into a wh**re. Now Rob is truly acting like a Kardashian. Not one good seed in the whole family and now dysfunction through future generations. SMH

Anonymous on

When you say heir I wonder are the Kards royalty. They aren’t Will and Kate. They are what America worships. Such a shame.

Roo on

She is so desperate to become a Kardashian. You know she planned this baby. I bet those sisters are ready to kill Rob for being so dumb.

KC on

Get a paternity test STAT!

Deborah on

“I can confirm $he’s pregnant and of course $he’s happy,”

CHA CHING! She just paid her kids way , just as planned. TYPICAL!

Your mom on

What the actual f@¢k! We already know how this story ends. Idiots.

Patricia l Stahler on

congratlution to the both of you on the news of your baby

C.J on

What does these people have against dating/marrying white folks? Share the stupid.

Sarah on

Wow I can’t say I am surprised here.

Awwwshucks on

Heir to the dethroned….

stinky on

BC got a paycheck in her belly…lol

Booger butt on

Kylie is not a step mom. She’s not married to that ugly guy. This family is utter trash and a joke! That poor child is doomed

stinky on

there was a pic of Kim K + Rob + BC …they said they were going to Kims gyno…..that sounded so stupid …..of course Kim was going to BCs appt…no surprise here, obviously BC + Rob were having a baby

Mallory on

That poor, poor baby 😦

Jennifer on

Of course she’s happy. When she dumps him she’ll be swimming in money.

Alexis on

Boy, Mama K. must be going crazy. More publicity to keep the name in the news.

Well Deserved on

Check Mate Damn!!!!
K’s just keeping reaping what they sow!

Love my Ks on

Now I ain’t sayin she a gold digga

Mya on

Put your hatred aside and think back to how Rob was basically a depressed overweight hermit. No one, and I mean no one could pull him out of that downward spiral. Black Chyna was the only one able to do that AND get him on the right track health wise. You people want to criticize that??! Everyone needs love in their life and Rob had found it. He definitely doesn’t need your approval but the harsh words are ridiculous. Also all this he’ll be related to his blah blah is ridiculous. No one is blood. Even through marriage no one is truly related. Stop judging people, you self righteous jerks.

Genevieve on

To CJ, why does it matter whether or not they marry whites people? Stop with the racism.

Pinky on

Congrats to them.

Anonymous on

guest13 guess what she is better looking than so called white women in the kardashian’s. They are not good looking white people and they do not even look white.

Adison on

Aww a dysfunctional family.

Stefanie Stephens on

Everyone Passing judgement upon an unborn baby PATHETIC!!What’s more…Instead of focusing on these people and their lives why don’t you step back and take a deep look at your own lives. Judge not lest you be judge. He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.”

Anonymous on

Blac Chyna, you go girl….. Bleed the brakes off these Kardashian.

Hellas on

TRASHdashians….And TRASHchyna trashfamily…