Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Advises Ginger Zee About ‘Judgy’ and ‘Rude’ Moms: ‘We Should Warn You About the Mom World!’

05/05/2016 at 04:30 PM ET

Sunday will be the first Mother’s Day for Ginger Zee — and she’s already dealing with some of the outside-the-home challenges that come with being a new mom.

One of those hurdles for the ABC chief meteorologist and Dancing with the Stars contestant? “Sanctimommies” — a term Orange Is the New Black star Alysia Reiner explores in the newest installment of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk series.

“It’s hard as a working mom, and what I have found is that all moms just want to do it right and just want to feel like they’re doing the right thing,” Reiner, 45, tells Zee, 35, who is mom to Adrian Benjamin, 4 months. “So the stay-at-home moms might have their opinions about you, just because they want to feel like they’re doing it right — just like you want to feel like you’re doing it right.”

Ginger Zee Nicole Snooki Polizzi Mom Talk

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“I think we should warn [Ginger] about the mom world,” says Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, 28, who has two children: Lorenzo Dominic, 3½,  and Giovanna Marie, 19 months. “That moms are judgy, and rude.

“You’re gonna see that moms are assh—-,” she adds, prompting a chorus of laughs. “And they’re mean to each other. That’s why I’m so happy you guys are normal moms because some moms are so judgy, and they make you feel like crap.”

Reiner, who is mom to 7-year-old daughter Livia Charles, agrees. “What I’ve learned, and what I believe, is that there is no right. There’s just right for you. There is no perfect … we all just want to feel like we’re doing it right, and we’re scared that we’re not.”

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pcc on

Snooki has sure extended her 15 minutes by becoming a professional mom. I guess it doesn’t occur to her that maybe the moms she attracts are a*holes because she herself is one, and birds of a feather…

Sarah on

Okay, I’m going to be judgy. Snooki became famous for drinking, partying, and screwing guys on a ridiculous fake reality show that nobody cares about anymore. That’s great she’s a mom and good for her, not judging that, but she is not a career mom. Ginger is an educated meteorologist who actually is a career mom who has valid points and I have way more respect for her than Snooki. Snooki made millions like the Kardashians, making an idiot of yourself and know for nothing substantial in life, but Ginger is hardworking and educated, someone any mom can relate to whether stay at home or career mom. Personally, I have never thought what other moms thought of me and I don’t care what they think. I don’t have time to be involved with drama and judgy moms who have nothing better than to do than be rude and condescending. I have a career, a husband, two kids, and I’m in school. I don’t have time for petty, catty moms who want to live drama lives. I don’t really even care or have thought of it.

Dina J on

Jersey Shore was the most ludicrous show on TV. Snooki and Jwow were trash then and are trash now. Being a mom is all they have now. So what do they do? They become experts on it. I can’t stop laughing.

Anonymous on

To those no good comments I just read. You guys wanna be the kind of person who judges, go ahead but who cares how Snooki became famous? Who gives a damn how anyone became famous, the whole point is that she’s giving advice to Ginger. It’s not about what she did before becoming a mom. Why are you all even worried about that? Why stir up that shit if you don’t give a damn about Snooki and the rest? So your comment is pointless and invalid. All of you. There’s no point or whatsoever in your comment. I do understand what you mean but it’s still pointless because Snooki and those people weren’t talking about how they became famous. They are taking about being a mom and what’s it like being a mom for them, how it is. So it’s ok if y’all gonna be judgy but you all are welcome to look stupid and like a fool. Help yourselves, have a nice fucking day. 🙂

Ange on

There is no manual for parenting.

bugsforever on

Anonymous and Ange, I love your comments. Parenting is tough. It’s tougher for some than others. Most of us do the best by our children that we can under OUR circumstances.