Britney Spears Pens Emotional Tribute to Her Sons: ‘You Are My Masterpieces’

05/05/2016 at 10:30 AM ET

Britney Spears is flipping the script on Mother’s Day: This year, it’s less about being pampered with breakfast in bed and more about celebrating the two boys who gave her the gift of motherhood.

Ahead of the big day Sunday, Spears, 34, published a letter to Sean Preston, 10½, and Jayden James, 9½, in TIME. In the heartfelt letter, the singer shares her hopes and dreams for her sons who, she writes, have taught her to believe in miracles.

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“You are my masterpieces,” Spears writes. “From the day I saw the most precious eyes, I believed in miracles to the core. Such a gift God has given me, exploring in your beautiful worlds every day. I pray as a mother I teach you strength and passion to carry through the struggles in the world. Most battles will always be won on your knees. I pray you find your dreams.

“God always comes to us in tiny whispers. I pray you always find his whisper and understand the true meaning behind following your inner voice as well.

Once upon a time… ✨

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“Always believe in yourself and know anything is possible. I pray dreaming awakens your soul to limitless possibilities. I hope the most precious mysteries of life stay with you always and you are never ashamed of how bright your light truly is. I hope you learn praying alone is when you are most connected to God, and know you are never alone. He is with you always.

“I pray you laugh, love and soar through your journey of life.”

No homework! Best day ever!

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Spears regularly shares peeks into her life as a mom on her Instagram account, posting photos and videos of family vacations, after-school hangouts and late-night cuddles with her boys.

Spring is my favorite time of the year 🐠👗🐚📚

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On Wednesday, the “Pretty Girls” singer shared a sweet montage of happy moments with Preston and Jayden.

“Spring is my favorite time of the year,” she captioned the video.

— Andrea Park

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Amy on

That was really beautiful! I loved every word!

Guest on

2 beautiful boys

Liz on

Madonna, take note–this is how a real mother acts.

bellabee on

I also agree this was beautiful! Too bad some folks want to live in the past, when you hit your lowest (as if they were perfect themselves), instead of celebrating the fact that you’re no longer where you used to be. Tsk, indeed.

yep on

I’m glad she got her sh1t together.

Angela on

Wow! I agree, that was VERY beautiful!!!!

I LOVED every word and especially her acknowledging God!!

Edu on

If the children are well cared for and loved, whether in part by a nanny, or the actual parent, it does take a village. I bet any and every parent wishes they had the access to the help and expertise of a nanny to help balance the responsibility of raising a kid and a full time demanding career. Shame on anybody that think having a nanny is bad.

Patricia on

See, there is life after a mental health crisis. Let’s all be more optimistic and kind to people who go through the kind of crisis she went through back in her rough patch.

PCC on

She’s a very sweet girl and I’m glad she got it together, but I find it really hard to believe she actually wrote this. It just seems a little above her intellect level from all I’ve seen of her in interviews.

For the person who mentioned Madonna, what do you mean? Britney’s act is just as sexual as Madonna’s is.

L on

The pic all 3 together look weird…. False smile or something ! Still happy, she feels so much for her boys. Not sure it is necessary to have that letter to the public…

Sandeana on

The boys are being raised by their own father, Kevin which he had been doing since 2008. He prvoides them with a stable family environment which Britney could not do. They go to school in LA near their father’s home. And Britney pays him a monthly child support.

Brittany on

So a few interviews and soundbites here and there are a reliable source for judging someone’s intellect. Makes sense. Anywho..this was very lovely to read. Of course there will be some who will NEVER let 2007 go, but I’m beyond ecstatic that she came out of that dark period and seems to be at peace.

Sandeana on

Cannot believe how much the oldest boy, Sean Preston looks like his dad. He is a clone of him. I just hope that neither of these beautiful kids inherited their mom’s mental illness. It must run in the family. Britney’s paternal grandmother committed suicide from depression many years ago when her youngest baby died in childbirth. This was in a book written by Britney’s mother in 2009 I believe.

Rena on

Her boys grows fast, can’t believe the oldest one is over 10 years old already.

Nancy on

Hey TSK! Keep your opinions to yourself if you have nothing NICE to say. You have NO IDEA ABOUT THIS WOMAN’s life . . only what you read. Open your mind. Sorry just because one has money does not mean they don’t RAISE their OWN children. Loved what Britney wrote . . and I bet she wrote it ALL BY HERSELF. Hmmm . . imagine that.

Patty on

Brittney I was worried about your boys for awhile, but I can see that you are a GREAT Mom!! God Bless you and your boys!!

Love on

Sweet kind humble Britney. I love her.

stacey on

I can’t believe she ruined her face like that. You were a super cute girl, Britney. There was absolutely no need for that.
Anyway, love the boys hair, and Sean is darling!

Yonny on

Yup her boys are adorable.

Alex on


Have you ever listened to any of the lyrics that she’s written for her songs? This is absolutely her writing. It’s very characteristic of her to write in this manner. Listen to her song “Someday (I Will Understand)” – it is about her first son when she was pregnant and she is the sole writer of the track.

West on

That is really lovely . Happy Mother’s Day Brittany .🌺

Ona on

She seems a protective mother.

Ritt on

I’m glad that she hsa recovered from her mental breakdown. I’ve never been a fan of her music, but no one deserves to live with severe mental illness. I forgot how young she was when she became a mom.