Adam Levine Pops His Belly for Selfie with Expectant Wife Behati Prinsloo: ‘I’m Pregnant Too’

05/03/2016 at 07:45 PM ET

Behati Prinsloo is 20 weeks along in her pregnancy … and so is husband Adam Levine?

The Maroon 5 frontman joked about his body transformation in an Instagram photo posted Tuesday. Levine, 37, and Prinsloo, 26, posed for a mirror selfie as the Victoria’s Secret Angel showed off her growing baby bump.

“Week 20 and I’m finally popping! #impregnanttoo,” Levine captioned the photo of the pair.

Adam Levine/Instagram

The Voice coach and his model wife, who married in July 2014, are expecting their first child. During an April 28 appearance of The Tonight Show, Levine confirmed he’s “super excited” that he and Prinsloo are having a baby girl. He also revealed that his spouse has been having a specific craving during her pregnancy.

“She’s eating a lot of watermelon, a lot of watermelon,” the father-to-be said, adding, “Because, you know, they get random cravings for stuff and it’s just like, so much watermelon!”

The couple expect their first child in September.

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Lu on

She’s lucky having such a healthy craving, all I wanted was chips and guacamole. Lol

ginger on

I like Adam Levine’s personality, at least the one I see on The Voice. Good luck to them both.

Mrs. B on

His tattoos are so gross looking. When I see tats I think of smelly, dirty people.

Anonymous on

I’m 21 weeks pregnant with a little boy. :). I wish them a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Anonymous on

My husband developed a baby belly too when I was pregnant lol

Gretchen on

So is he going to give birth also? Sticking out his stomach to emphasize his pregnancy is just the tip of the iceberg for Adam. How about having all the symptoms, up and including having labor pains, giving birth and then having an episiotomy. Then he just might be in the same league as his wife.

DaisyMoon on


Dawn on

Way to go guys. Love your body image confidence. Hugs.

LA on

You BOTH look great pregnant. Yes, it does happen, Adam. My husband gained right along with me when I was pregnant with our first child. I gained 27 pounds total and he did too. I lost mine after I had our son and he did not….for a long time. So excited for you two. You’ll love having a little girl. We had that the second time. A new baby…is seeing the world all over again….through their eyes. Enjoy your new journey you are about to begin.

shaquitahayes on

There is always someone that has to leave a negative comment. Before I could click on the article, I already knew someone would say something about how he couldn’t compare himself or shouldn’t say that he is pregnant as well because he doesn’t go through the pain, changes, and transformation that his wife is going through. Blah blah blah. He’s just being supportive to his wife. Basically saying that he’s right there with her every step of the way….Why do ppl become so sensitive? I’m pretty sure he knows that he has no idea what a women goes through for 9 long months. And yes I’ve had to 2 children so I do know the pain if anyone is wondering.

Jenny on

Love them! They are just so adorable.

Bella on

When i first got pregnant, somebody told me that if you crave salty foods, you’ll have a boy, and sweets for a girl. (Obviously this doesn’t happen in ALL cases,) but it certainly did for me. It really did take the fun out of it though. All i wanted was potato chips with my boys, and strawberry short cake with my girls 😛

smpalesh on

Bella – I was the same way with my pregnancies. With my first (boy) I craved salty and sour things. With my two girls it was all about the sweets, chocolate, cake. Yum. So far out the 3 kids the youngest is a total sweets fiend. That’s the pregnancy when I ate frosting out of a can with a spoon. lol Ah well, they all turned out okay in the end

VL on

Oh get it he is going to give a birth.

Qinny on

She doesn’t look like having a big belly.

Callie on

Watermelon, really? I think she is making herself eat watermelon instead of junk food because of being a model.

Adison on

Aww funny if he is giving a birth.

sally on

Watermelon? Lucky her! I craved vanilla shakes from McDonald’s!

Anonymous on

They are adorable!

Vaz on

She has good taste for watermelon.

hush on

Lighten up @Gretchen….it was supposed to be a joke. In find it sweet.

Dawn on

@ Mrs B – Sometimes the nicest people are covered in tattoos and the ones who preach and judge are the ones who could learn from them! Never judge a book by its cover!! As for Adam and Behati, they are adorable!

Joke on

Although his caption was probably just a HA HA moment. I do appreciate the men who say “I’m pregnant to” and really mean it. The man may not be physically pregnant and go through some of the hardships woman do but to have that support of a spouse who goes is by your side is something many people don’t get. Kudos to him.

Nell on

I love people that know laugh of themselves.Adam is one.

Luisa on

That’s a funny joke from Adam.

Sasha on

My thoughts exactly DaisyMoon lol… Congrats to them 😀

Anonymous on

Adam looks so serious in the picture!

Loz on

She likes watermelon, good for her.