Scrub a Dub! Chrissy Teigen Shares Bath Time with Baby Luna

04/30/2016 at 12:55 AM ET

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
Donato Sardella/Getty

Bath time fun!

Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram on Friday night, sharing an adorable picture of her daughter Luna Simone being bathed.

“Bath time is tooooo cute! My heart, it hurts,” Teigen, 30, captioned the snap.

In the pic, Luna — who is just over two weeks old — seems to be enjoying the moment, as she rests calmly in the baby tub as her model mom hold her head, splashing water on her stomach.

bath time is tooooo cute! my heart, it hurts.

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Teigen welcomed her first child with husband John Legend on April 14, and has been sharing her through social media ever since they announced her birth on Instagram two days after she was born.

“We’re not going to go out of our way to hide because obviously it’s such a big part of our lives to show everything,” Teigen told PEOPLE in March about her plan to post pictures of the baby. “I’m not going to do sneaky back shots of her or anything.”

Teigen definitely seems to be sticking to her word!

— Naja Rayne

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stinky on

cute baby, thx for showing pics,

xoxo on

Aw, she looks just like her daddy! 🙂 Congrats to them!

Katie on

Such cute pictures she has shared! Luna is a beautiful baby..such a cute blend of both her parents….. adorable!

Ashley on

So it actually wasn’t her who gave her baby a bath, she just took the picture. You are not all that, Crissy, so get off the internet and try to be a mom, like you’re supposed to ffs!

Guest on

She’s so cute, takes after daddy. I can so see him 100 percent. Awww boy, she is going to be a daddy’s little girl!!! 🙂

Anonymous on

She is a beautiful baby!


Cute child, but I’m tired of the media trying to make them the new “it” couple.

Kelly on

i guess she wants desperately to be the new media sensation. Way too much posting of her minute by minute activities. Baby is cute but she really shouldn’t overexpose her. What happened to privacy?

Audrea on

Lovely picture.

cesa on

I thought her mother was living with her, and oh, she has a husband who can take a photo, too, while she is bathing the baby. My oh my, let’s enjoy a couple who loves their new baby and doesn’t care if the world sees. Nice to see baby Luna instead of just a foot…or a hand.

Seem like on

Right now, I see the Thai genes. But it keeps shifting. A beauty.

Amy on

Beautiful baby. And lucky mom; my two cried the whole time they were being bathed at that age. Wondering what the strings tied around their arms are. They both seem to have one.

gracie on

@Ashley…so easy to be judgemental from behind a computer screen,huh? Chrissy’s mom is living with her as is her husband. Did you ever give a thought to the fact one of them most likely took the photo? You might want to engage your brain before your typing fingers. Oh, and try spelling her name correctly…all you had to do was look in the post for that.

Nana8 on

Such a beautiful little girl! Love the pics!

Sue on

After struggling to conceive they have every right to feel over the moon. You go girl! Be a proud mama! (And dad)

guest on

Her baby looks Asian. Sooo cute!

karolyn lapka on

Absolutely adorable. Delightful couple seem to have their act together and genuinely enjoy their newborn.! Congrats to them. More picvture!

Guest on

Please keep the pictures coming!! How exciting! lol I remember 30 years ago when I gave my first born his first bath everyone took turns bathing him just to get a picture. His little face was so puzzled, how many people are going to give me this one bath.. lol

Anonymous on

For those who have negative comments, get a life and Chrissy, go out w/your husband again to a romantic dinner, these loosers wish they could do the same. Happy Couple, Happy Baby 🙂

Diasy on

For those who have negative comments, take a look at your life! Chrissy, go out again to a romantic dinner with your husband, Happy Couple Happy Baby 🙂

guest on

She is so cute!

Cathy on

What’s with all the hate. I baby is a baby and does not know if he/she is rich or poor. This is couple enjoying their first child.

Lisa on

That baby is adorable! She is such a strong combo of both Chrissy and John’s face! So happy for them!

Lisa on

I had to post about the comment on babies not needing a bath at a young age…………..they are in poopy and pee pee diapers…….they spit up and get formula down in the crease of their neck. To each his own…..I bathed my babies twice a day and a hair wash. Everyone commented on how great they smelled. They both had a gorgeous head of hair too! Baby lotion and oil are what you rub on their skin to keep them soft. I used baby magic on their hair……..nothing like a clean sweet baby! Luna I’m sure is just that! Who cares who bathed her? Glad she posted the pics.

Olivia on

Love the name Luna. The baby is beautiful!

Sam on

Nice picture.

Von on

So happy for her. Congrats.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

A white lady is washing her?

Lexa on

Of course she “took to Instagram”, as her whole life revolves around social media. Why is she consistently shoved down our throats? She’s a phony, attention-seeker.

Anonymous on

She is a cutie pie!