Kim Kardashian West on Her Fears of a Third Pregnancy: ‘I Don’t Think I Can Carry Another’ Baby

04/29/2016 at 02:30 PM ET

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Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to straight-shooting when it comes to motherhood (and really, everything else). And less than five months after the birth of Saint, her second child with husband Kanye West, she is already fielding questions about expanding her family.

“Kanye has said it every single day,” Kardashian West tells sister Kourtney‘s ex Scott Disick in a clip teasing scenes from the upcoming season 12 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, after Disick asks whether she’s thinking about having a third child. “I don’t think I can carry another one.”

Her comment isn’t surprising; Kardashian West considers her health and body a priority — something she has freely discussed in the recent past.

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In January, she shared that she was following the Atkins 40 plan to lose the 70 lbs. she gained both before and during her pregnancy with Saint.

And it’s definitely working. On Wednesday, Kardashian West posted a photo of her scale to her Snapchat account, with the caption, “YOU GUYS!!!! PRE BABY WEIGHT WAS 135!!!!!”

Kardashian West, who is also mom to 2½-year-old North, also recently shared her excitement about training with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

“Gunnar is amazing!” she wrote in a blog post earlier this month. “He has a private gym where we just grind, grind, grind!!! I put in the work and I definitely see it paying off.”

But aside from regaining her body after baby, Kardashian West’s health — she underwent multiple IVF treatments and feared placenta accreta would force her to have a hysterectomy — would be at risk if she were to get pregnant again.

“The plan now is not to have any more kids and Kim is okay with that,” a source told PEOPLE in December. After two high-risk pregnancies, “doctors have advised that [trying for another] could be dangerous.”

Season 12 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres on E! Sunday at 9 p.m. EST.

— Jen Juneau

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st on

They have the money- hire someone else to carry it for you!

bkable on

Last time she made this big of a deal about having another baby, she was already pregnant… Here we go again.


She should

SeattleDreamin on

Good ’cause we can’t stomach watching you carry another kid! To have seen and heard the last from your vapid selves is an unimaginable dream of the educated world!

Meza on

First birth, she picked a girl. Second they mixed it up and picked a boy. Is she afraid she’ll have a hippo mixed next? She needs to get over herself….

Guest on

Just tell the big ape NO, and get on with your lives. No sense having another one that she will have to raise alone eventually.

rubyovertherainbow* on

She clearly didn’t even want to carry the second one. She can’t stand to gain weight even if it’s to bring life into the world. She’s a sad excuse for a mother.

Kathy on

If Kim K WEST is afraid of becoming peg ant then go on birth control. End of that fear! If she feels comfortable with a boy and a girl then all the more use a contraception . She has adorable North ,and Saint of course she isn’t sharing Saint, so that’s that. She’s the one that has to carry the child. And because she has had some scarry problems with her pregnancy, listen to your body Kim. If it feels risky then don’t.

Stacy Hackney on

Her health comes first. I didn’t realize the dangers for her and in my opinion, given those risks, they should avoid pregnancy. If they want more children they can adopt or do surrogacy.

JLE on

Enough already of these people! Wah, Wah, Wah!

SAR on

She’s already produced the male heir. They wouldn’t stop bragging about how THIS one was a boy when she was pregnant the last time. So why would she risk another pregnancy anyway?

PCC on

Why is a third pregnancy even being discussed? She hated being pregnant both times, as she repeatedly complained. She has had health problems associated with her pregnancies. She has a boy and a girl.

fatalreview on

straight shooter??? f-cking hilarious she is totally lying about her weight-she is still a total lard azz in any photo she doesn’t post and even her no class TMI selfies are literally super close ups of her flopping udders she hides in giant murdered furs thinking her big fat lady boobs shoved into shapewear will distract from her blubber-and if the cow says she can’t carry another child she probably is already doing more IVF to sex engineer the next fetus obviously Kuntye wants boys-besides all her whining is because she has Munchhausens Syndrome and craves attention from sympathy obsessively so if she feels a twinge she is dying-the only problems with both her pregnancies was her gross gluttony she literally ate herself sick to get attention-next step Munchhausen by Proxy she already uses her kids for excuses and attention -Kuntye better keep an eye on his kids

mono62 on

Attention seeking ho

bugsforever on

Kim is undoubtably correct- another pregnancy would be a huge health risk for her. And it would definitely finish the rest of us off for good!

guest on

Kim how can you NOT want another baby? I means it gives you the most precious gift, another million dollar piece of jewelry.

maryhelenc on

If she’s happy with her family, more power to her.

Beth on

One word – Baloney.

thedorkone on

Lucky for her, she lives in a day, age, and country where preventing pregnancy is rather easy, ESPECIALLY if you’re very rich.

Anonymous on

Kim; You have two healthy kids, one of each. Be happy with what you’ve got. Besides the fact that it’s too soon to be thinking baby #3, why risk your life with a third pregnancy?

If you really want another baby, adopt. You and Kayne can afford it and there are plenty kids that need a home.

Imac on

I smell a surrogacy coming……………..

UDontNoMe on

BS. She hates being pregnant and doesn’t seem that attached to the kids she has. UNLESS there’s a camera near. ALL she does is complain, whine and eat. Everything is a life threatening medical emergency. No one EVER had pregnancies like hers. So much BS.

Qua on

All she does is complaining, she has been complaining even before her first child.

Vanna on

Kim is a cry baby.

Tawrens on

And why anybody cares about these morons is the great mystery of the ages.

veggie mama on

Please spare us all yet another Kardashian future slut or macho man! No talent except big butt shows….So sick of this dysfunctional family and their losers. NO ONE CARES.

Dannie on

Maybe here health wouldn’t be at risk during pregnancy if she didn’t put on so much weight. 70 pounds each time is 40 pounds too much.

Just a Duck on

Get your tubes tied girl.

harry on

please don’t have another kid. There are enough asses in this world. your family has added enough.


They’ll add to their family in some capacity and she’ll make it all about her and how terrible an ordeal it is.

Elvis33 on

The non-stop ridiculous articles on this. From these articles, and the absurd commercials there is only few things I can learn about this family. They love to lay in bed, take a lot of pictures of themselves, love to eat, constantly complain about who each other is currently sleeping with, and go on vacation. Do any of them have friends other Cheban, and Gigi? For a family that talks about how hard they work and how many products they started it’s amazing they’ve never been photographed walking into a office building, going to a manufacturer, or even going out with all of these executives. We do hear about all the lawsuits on these sham products they throw their name on.

Also the people always look like they would have terrible breath. None of them can close their mouth because of the bad plastic surgeries. They sounds like they can’t breathe thru their nose. They’re constantly going out to eat. And I can’t imagine any of them brush their teeth for fear of smearing their caked on make up.

Omlz on

Kim is looks great on the video!

Amy on

She tells the public no third baby like we’d be devastated by the news. I’m thankful she’s not bringing another child into this world.

G K on

Her butt couldn’t take another pregnancy. I give this couple another year or two. They won’t last any longer than that!!

Guest on

There’s an easy solution and that is have your tubes TIED!

guest on

No one cares if she wants another child!

Ally1 on

Danni hit the nail on the head. I realize that everyone gains weight differently with pregnancy, but a 70 lb. gain has to be entirely too taxing on her body. Especially at 5’2″. She should just be happy with the two healthy kids she has.

PY on

Kim looks fine, probably can carry another child.

POR on

They have money, they can hire surrogate to carry for them.

Mandi on

So sew it closed or cut it off..not rocket science.

Tina on

If she wants another baby, good for her.

Erin on