Kevin and Danielle Jonas Expecting Second Child

04/25/2016 at 09:30 PM ET

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Kevin Jonas is going to be a father of two!

The singer and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant announced the baby news on Instagram Monday writing, “Prepping for baby number two! #babyjonas2.”

Along with the caption, he shared a funny photo of himself reading a baby prep book while pregnant wife Danielle laid in bed next to him surrounded by snacks.

The couple, who celebrated their six-year anniversary in December, are already parents to 2-year-old daughter Alena Rose, who was born in February 2014.

“We are excited to share the news that we are expecting a new addition to our family this winter,” the soon-to-be parents-of-two tell PEOPLE exclusively.

“Alena is beyond thrilled to be a big sister and we can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family.”

Prepping for baby number two! #babyjonas2

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Someone is happy 💗

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In October, Danielle revealed to PEOPLE that she and Kevin were “always talking about” giving Alena a sibling.

— Naja Rayne with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Mandy on

Anyone else thinking the timing is off? Due this winter would make her only about 4 weeks pregnant?

Rachel on

Is she 4 weeks pregnant? If she conceived last month and just found out then she would be due in December… the earliest “winter” month. They must’ve found out 2 days ago and let the world know the following day. Geez!

Eli on

Supposedly she didn’t even give birth to the first one. Just Google it.

JG on

Congrats to them!

Sassypants on

Why does he even need to read ‘What to Expect’? They’ve GOT one already, he should know what’s up.

Kaitlynn on

Congrats! Winter could be anytime between December to March so Danielle could be more then a month along. I am sure Alena will be a great big sister after getting used to the adjustment period.

Kay on

@ Kaitlynn yes winter goes through March. However it’s only April, so December is really the latest that her due date could be if she’s actually pregnant right now and due in winter, first week of Jan the most. Maybe they are saying that to throw people off who knows. Either they are telling super fast or she’s actually due in the fall.

Allie on

Always talked about giving Alena a sibling…but had to wait until the right surrogate was found. Gotta fake this pregnancy like they did the last one.

I feel sorry for Kevin. The closet must be cold and lonely.

IdontCareaboutYou on

What is she like 5 minutes pregnant?! The timing is off. If you’re smart enough to pork and make a baby you should at least know how to math!

Kendra on

This time, they really need to stage the “just gave birth” hospital photo a lot better. The last one showed her with flawless air brush makeup, perfect hair and the baby wrapped in a fancy knit blanket, not the usual hospital issue. This fooled no one. Nothing wrong with using a surrogate, just own it.

Guest on

The book is titled “What to Expect When you’re expecting AGAIN.” And yes, the timing of this odd. Why not just say later this year or something? Winter? Hmm.

GinaG on

The good news is…..since these kids are it biologically hers…neither should get that uglyass ski slope nose.

dlraetz on

Maybe they consider November winter?

Jenny on

Geez, why comment on an article about someones happy news if all you’re going to do is berate and belittle?!? Congrats to them!

Cee on

Wow, this is the earliest announcement I’ve seen yet! Why are people being so mean saying they faked being pregnant and used a surrogate? If they had to maybe it was something they wanted to keep private. No need to be mean.

DesOCD on

Im due Dec 3 and am 8 weeks as of last Sat. We are waiting to tell until I hit 12 weeks out of tradition, however we’ve already been to the Dr and seen the heartbeat which means it’s a “viable” pregnancy. While obviously miscarriage can happen at anytime your odds drop drastically once there’s a heartbeat and a lot of people feel comfortable announcing it at that point. Just a little FYI for everyone freaking out. Congrats to them! They’re actually one of the few celebrity couples who don’t annoy me!

Kelly122 on

Oh p,ease. It’s highly unlikely she’s pregnant this time, just as she wasn’t last time. They are being purposely vague because they likely just found out their surrogate is pregnant, lol.

naphon84 on

Congrats Kevin and Danielle on baby no. 2.

Vanna on

Alena is so cute, so happy she is going to be a big sister.

Lyndsay on

All these hateful comments…you should be ashamed of yourselves!! Who cares if they used a surrogate? You don’t know their lives!! And calling her ugly? What a bunch of pathetic haters.

Joy on

Congratulations to this cute and seemingly decent couple. This brother doesn’t seem to have the need to be the center of attention like Nick. Nor does Joe as much. Prayers for a health, happy baby and a easy labor and delivery for a happy mom…and dad.

emilys on

Neigh…..she is one homely/horsey looking woman. Hopefully the kid doesn’t look like either of them.

Rory on

It does seem soon to announce to the world….like, she literally peed on a stick and they started staging their photo op. God willing, she has a healthy pregnancy, but the cynic in me knows that if things don’t work out, they are ready to cash in, hence the “early” announcement. Sad when you have no actual career and your only income is promoting your personal life as a storyline.

Julianne on

Alena is scrumptious! Congratulations to an adorable couple!

Katy on

The comments that they used a surrogate are just comical! You dumb people continue to believe the crap written on the Internet.

lilly pond on

Sorry…..she has had way too much plastic surgery on her nose, looks fake.
Not a fan at all.

Anonymous on

Pretty sad how bitter these comments are. You don’t know these people from a hole in the wall. Must make you feel really nice having such hatred. To think, maybe if people put more energy into wishing others well then hating perfect strangers, the world might be a little more kind.
I wish them a healthy baby and a happy life. In the end that’s all that matters.

Anonymous on

Does it even matter if she is pregnant or if they have a surrogate and don’t wish to share that information? I just don’t get why people care.
Either way, congrats to them! It is a very early pregnancy announcement. 7 years ago today I found out I was pregnant and my due date was January 6, so if they consider November winter then she could be 3 months pregnant…That is again, their decision. I am not a celebrity but I did announce my pregnancies earlier than 3 months. I knew if I had had a miscarriage I would not want nor be capable of hiding my grief.

Jaded on

By the WAY there is No surrogate you morons! If you actually believe the crap on the internet you have a serious problem! And get a life! Oh! and Rory publicity freak he doesn’t need to cash in on anything Jerk! He has already made an app while not being in the spotlight and doesn’t need publicity! He is just sharing the news like every other person would!

Jo Ann on

I wish their reality show was still on. Danielle’s family are so funny. It was hillarious! They are a nice couple. I am very happy for them.

kyra2170 on

Nowhere does it say how far along she is – she could be three-four months, maybe they waited to make the announcement to be sure everything is fine. Nor does it say she will have the baby this year by winter time. Why does everyone have to be so doubtful, and always suspect fraudulence?

kyra2170 on

Where does it say how far along she is? Maybe they waited until she reached the 3-4 month mark to ensure things were okay before announcing her pregnancy? That would make her due date in November or December reasonable.
Why does everyone have to be so negative and suspicious? This couple is rarely in the news, and the I cannot recall anything scandalous involving them that would warrant responding in such a manner.