Chrissy Teigen Steps Out in Sheer Shirt and Leather Leggings Just 9 Days After Giving Birth

04/24/2016 at 10:48 AM ET

Chrissy Teigen‘s sexy style is back – just nine days after welcoming daughter Luna Simone with John Legend.

The new mom looked stunning during a dinner date with her musical husband at Los Angeles’ The Nice Guy on Saturday. Pairing high-waisted, shiny black cropped pants with a leather, brown trench, Teigen, 30, completed the look with a sheer beige shirt.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Teigen’s second public outing since welcoming Luna closely follows the newborn’s social media debut.

VIDEO: Did You See the Photoshoot Chrissy Teigen Set Up for Her Adorable Pooches?

“I am conscious of what people want to see and what they don’t want to see, or what they see through completely,” Teigen told PEOPLE exclusively in March of sharing her daughter with the world.

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“We’re not going to go out of our way to hide because obviously it’s such a big part of our lives to show everything: the inside of our homes, my parents living with us, our animals, everything,” Teigen explained at the time. “I’m not going to do sneaky back shots of her or anything.”

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Rachael on

She is so stunning! I’ve always admired Chrissy Teigen for her ability to be who she is in the public eye. And Luna is so gorgeous! Congrats to both her & John on the birth of their beautiful daughter 🙂

button on

I’m not jealous of these stars for looking thin when they “step out”, but I AM jealous that they get to “step out” just 9 days after having a baby LOL!

rubyovertherainbow* on


OL on

Congratulations on her new daughter.

Dawn on

She looks stunning.

Anonymous on

She’s beautiful and it’s lovely but I do worry about setting a standard that nine days postpartum is a great date night option.

Lynn on

Chrissy & John baby is gorgeous, you look fabulous Chrissy. You are a beautiful family.

suzy diamond on

Chrissy looks fabulous and the baby is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! She has so much hair!

Hmm on

She’s not bleeding nine days later? Cause I can’t imagine wearing a pad in leather pants and you can’t use tampons

Soni on

Poor celebrities! after some days they have to be in the public eye again! wearing fancy clothes, high heels, smiling and showing how much happy they are….

Barbara coffey on

You might want to be sensitive to the fact 95 percent of new moms dont look like rhis and why would rhis bw important anyhooo?

gymluv on

She looks stunning. I am sure she is exhausted but she looks fantastic. Gorgeous baby too.

Anonymous on

Obviously she’s not breast feeding…..

Anonymous on

Obviously she’s not breast feeding.

smpalesh on

Going on a date night when your baby is 9 freaking days old?? What in the hell is wrong with her? I am all for moms having time with their husbands and time for themselves but you can’t even wait 6 weeks to leave your baby with a nanny?

Ugh on

What a bunch of judgmental jerk on this site.

Kate on

Stars – they’re not like us! But seriously she looks amazing and happy. That first night out together after baby is surreal and fun and should be enjoyed. She just did sooner than average.

Meghan on

Interesting that no one is giving John a hard time about being away from the baby…

Double Standards on

Interesting that no one is giving John a hard time about being away from the baby…

Van on

She look fantastic, good for her.

Meena on

I agree with @Double Standard. Why isn’t John getting heck for being away from the baby after 9 days? To the others, maybe her mom or his is taking care of the baby (and not the nanny). Also, I looked like that after having my son because I only gained 23 lbs and I wasn’t wearing any pads because I did not tear down there and didn’t need an episiotomy. Every woman is different.

Sandy gideon on

You look amazing! The baby is Beautiful!! And you are so fabulous on Lip-snic….I watch with my 9 year old granddaughter and we love your antics !

audrea parson on

You look fabulous and you daughter is so cute!

Gail on

Thanks for posting so we can again say who cares. Really is this all you guys have to focus on.

Anonymous on

wow it goes fast only 9 days she went out on a dinner date!

Zol on

She has nannies so she doesn’t have to worry about away from her daughter.

Me on

@Double Standards. Because John can’t breastfeed the baby. Generally a new mother would be home breastfeeding the 9-day-old baby and wouldn’t have hours free to be out.

KC on

She looks great!
Wow on all the comments. I breastfed all 3 of my kids and my mom stayed with us the first week and encouraged my husband and I to have lunch her last day with us each time. I fed, we were gone for about 1-1.5 hours, came home, and nurses again. So – it can be done. Granted I didn’t look as good as this 😂
I believe her mom lives with them so maybe Grandma watched, which hopefully most of you find acceptable!
Granted, none of us know the whole story!

Samon on

They probably went out only in about hour, so it can be done if she has nanny or her mother lives with them.

Katie on

Posters from you know where…her parents LIVE with them!! Luna is with her grandmother and grandfather, so she is fine while they duck out for dinner. Chrissy may have pumped, may be bottle feeding, or may have fed the baby just before she walked out the door, and will feed her again when she gets back. Get over your judgmental selves! Ugh, so tacky to criticize someone who knows she has a new baby, is crazy about that baby, but hasn’t forgotten she has a husband she loves, and who loves her, as well. I am so over these women who act like once they have a baby, the husband doesn’t matter anymore and should just stay out of sight and mind!! Nobody said she danced the night away and didn’t even bother to go hime and check on her child, or left her with strangers. Not everyone lays around in a robe with a baby on their breast 24/7 and doesn’t even shower, let alone combs their hair…. I was doing the laundry when my first was 6 days old, and I had to go downstairs in the apartment bldg to do it, and I was crazy about that baby! Stop judging and “if you can’t say something nice…..”.

sfmom on

Bnlahblahblah minor celeb looks fab 9 days after having baby…big deal.
What I want to know is what kind of parent, mom or dad, is leaving their baby for date night only NINE DAYS after birth? Just to keep it real…mom is still bleeding at this point, milk supply is barely finding its footing (if she’s breastfeeding), the mothers body is energetically very open still and baby needs near constant contact with mom. This is just insane.
Yes, it bothers me that articles like this set up an unrealistic body expectation for new moms, but it bothers me a heck of a lot more that its considered normal in our culture for a brand new baby and mother to be separated at this stage. I want to see the pic of the celebrity new mom out on date night wearing her baby in a wrap at this age…if she has to be out in public at all. Running off for date night and pap shots in heels just seems like selfish prima donna behavior tbh.

Ashley on

Really people?
At 2 weeks I left my baby for 2 hours so I could go see my horse – I needed a mental break – IT IS OK!!!! From other articles sounds like her parents live with them – bet the baby was with them… And why can’t she be breastfeeding? You feed the baby – run to dinner – come back and feed! Depends on the kid – my daughter (chunky monkey) was eating every 3-4 hours if not longer – and no I wasn’t starving her – she had the ability to eat more at once – she ate when she wanted – I didn’t do schedules

Anonymous on

She is so cute. Congratulations to them!

Qanny on

John seems a doting husband, he is by her side in many pictures. They look like loving and devoting couple, kudos to them.