‘Car Guy’ Jerry Seinfeld ‘Very Proud’ of Daughter Sascha Learning to Drive Stick

04/22/2016 at 07:30 PM ET

Jerry Seinfeld is famous for his observant brand of humor and it turns out, all of those years contemplating human behavior might have helped prepare him for his most important and longest running role: dad. His most recent dad achievement? Hint: it has to do with cars.

“I taught my daughter to drive a stick,” the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee host told PEOPLE at the 2nd Annual Fatherhood Lunch to benefit GOOD+ Foundation at The Palm in Beverly Hills.

Even though the comedian is famous for his extensive car collection, daughter Sascha, 15, didn’t learn on one of her dad’s extravagant vehicles.

She learned on “an old beat up Land Rover with a stick shift,” Seinfeld says. “I was very proud of her. Because I’m a car guy, I want my daughter to drive a stick.”

Jerry Seinfeld
Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for GOOD+ Foundation & Gamble/AP Images

Sascha isn’t the only Seinfeld hitting major milestones: son Julian, 13, just had his bar mitzvah, which mom Jessica, the founder of Good+ Foundation, playfully referred to as “Jew-Chella.”

“We had Jew-Chella meaning Friday night service, Saturday service, rager on Saturday night and then Sunday morning brunch with my family,” she explained. “We had a raging party in New York City where people age 70 down to age 5 were on the dance floor for five hours straight. It was so fun!”

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When the Seinfeld children, including younger son Shepherd, 10, aren’t hitting major milestones, dad is still trying to teach them life lessons. When asked what the biggest lesson he’s taught his three children is, Seinfeld replied, “You can’t communicate if you’re yelling.”

But he assures that doesn’t mean their household is quiet.

Jessica echoed her husband’s most important lesson and took the opportunity to compliment his parenting skills.

“He teaches them so much. Listen — when we have conflicts in our house, what he’s taught everyone to do is to let each side tell their story,” she shares. “We have three kids and they fight a lot. They fight a lot. He’s been an incredible teacher in conflict resolution.”

— Abby Stern

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gracie on

Driving a manual transmission car makes for a more alert, aware and involved driver. It is impossible to be on a phone and drive car with a stick shift…a good thing for sure. It is also more fun, especially if one has a vehicle like a MINI Cooper…great handling, and a blast to drive.

ImALadyToo on

My father made me learn on a stick shift, too, and I am so grateful. I can drive anything!

JJ on

I asked my Dad to teach me in a stick because I wanted to be able to drive any car in any situation. I’ve been driving 19 years now and still choose to drive stick. I enjoy it over an automatic.

Wth on

driving a stick shift is so much fun! you feel like you’re really controlling the vehicle, and there’s no time to get bored while driving. I wish stick shifts were readily available options today.

Pamela on

Jerry Seinfeld is a such funny guy, loved his TV show.

European Driver on

Gracie: It is possible to be on a phone and drive car with a stick shift. Unfortunately people do it all the time, although it’s dangerous and forbidden in most countries.

Colleen on

Like Seinfeld, my dad was a major car guy who taught me to drive on a six speed manual Alfa many years ago. I’ve never owned a car with an automatic transmission and today, at 66, my daily driver is a mini w/a manual transmission. I much prefer the control of a manual transmission. And yes, the Mini is a blast to drive!

Robin on

When I was learning to drive, my mother had a Volvo station wagon thst was standard.

While I recomend everyone learning to drive standard, I would suggest that you learn the basics of driving first, lol!

I can do it in my sleep and it’s easy once you know how.

Vanny on

Driving with a stick is old fashioned. All today’s cars are automatic, it’s easy to learn and drive, and automatic is more convenient and safe.

FY on

Yup he still looks young all these years after Seinfeld show.

Lawrence on

A wise choice to learn on a standard transmission. It could come in handy when in a difficult situation. Stick is fine but a column shift is also fun.