John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Share First Photos of Luna Simone

04/19/2016 at 07:45 PM ET

They said they weren’t going to “hide” their daughter from social media, and five days after welcoming baby Luna SimoneJohn Legend and Chrissy Teigen have shared the first photos of their newborn, along with her nickname.

“Hi my lulu!” the first-time mom captioned an Instagram photo of herself with Luna. Legend’s image was captionless, allowing his daughter to take center stage.

Wearing a black bra and leggings, Teigen, 30, held her daughter in one arm while rubbing her head as she was also joined by her mother Vilailuck Teigen. “Lulu and me,” the proud grandmother captioned her own photo.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

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Teigen also shared her thoughts on some of the less glamorous aspects of post-delivery life, tweeting, “No one told me i would be coming home in diapers too.” She later added a photo of a perineal irrigation bottle, captioning it, “Buying myself a push present … have you EVER heard of a grosser name for a product, EVER???”

The Lip Sync Battle star and her musician husband, 37, welcomed their first child on Thursday, they announced via social media.

“She’s here! Luna Simone Stephens, we are so in love with you!” Teigen tweeted alongside a snapshot of the baby’s weight.

hi my lulu!

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Lulu and me👵🏼👶💕💕

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Fans can hopefully expect more Luna updates in the future, as the new mom previously told PEOPLE that she and Legend aren’t hesitant about what to share when it comes to social media.

“I am conscious of what people want to see and what they don’t want to see, or what they see through completely,” she shared with PEOPLE exclusively in March while chatting about her book Cravings.

“We’re not going to go out of our way to hide because obviously it’s such a big part of our lives to show everything: the inside of our homes, my parents living with us, our animals, everything,” the then-pregnant star said of the couple’s social media strategy. “I’m not going to do sneaky back shots of her or anything.”

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Callie on

I feel sorry for this baby already!

V on

She shared a picture of her large breasts. Where is the baby?

Mrs. B on

She has a cute little head and a lot of hair! I can’t wait to see her face, if the parents are willing to show it.

Anonymous on

V I thought the same thing. But guess what? She hangs with the kartrashians.

Anonymous on

I love her. I think she’s real and funny. I wish her and John nothing but joy as they walk through this crazy journey called parenthood. You can tell how much she is in love with her little girl just by the way she is looking at her. Enjoy every minute. It zooms by.

Sherae on

The fact that people can come say something negative about a proud new mom and grandma showing off their newest addition shows just how much misery and cowardice in the world. You sound like your parents never hugged you. This child is blessed and looks extremely loved already. Congratulations to the Teigen/Stephens family!

Julie on

Such a precious time…..getting to know your new baby!! Looking at every inch……every finger…..every little toe…..little ears……sweet nose……

Anonymous on

hang around the Kimmode start acting like trash-clearly the point of this selfie is her engorged breasts-blatant using the kid for an excuse to post selfie pornn-thats just nasty-MeMe the annoying whale just did the same thing claiming to be making pizza with her daughter in a neglige-and yes flab was flopping out-obviously they spend way more time setting up the shot than paying attention to the kids-very sad-and NOT cramming a camera phone in your kids face the second its born and blasting it to the world isn’t “hiding” from social media

cs on

no sneaky back shots? um, what? how about “top of head” shot? It’s just boobs here. But grandma looks good. Please don’t call her Lulu!

Lola on

Congratulations! Best wishes!

Jasmine on

No back shots. That’s all there is besides a full head of hair. Somehow all shots of Chrissy have everything to do with Chrissy and not the subject matter at hand. Cute name, but please no Lulu.
Most happy for Grandma.

Anonymous on

That is a precious picture of Lulu and Chrissy
all the best to this lovely family

Kim223 on

She’s debuting her slim post-baby bod!!! Sarcasm here.

Pnut on

Of course Chrissy’s mom is stunning. MAZEL to the new family!

Lina on

So beautiful. Precious little Angel. Congrats!

desertmom on

That is a precious picture of Lulu and Chrissy
all the best to this lovely family

Zeph on

Please cover her. She just came out of a warm warm body and she’s tiny. I hate it.

Hugh Jazztitz on

Congratulations to the proud parents of this beautiful child!!
What a blessing it is for this mother to be able to provide copious amounts of delicious breastmilk for her hungry baby!! From the look of her engorged mammary glands, at least we can be assured that this baby will never go hungry, and will be happy and well-fed!!

Anonymous on

Her husband is wonderful. She is ……..just trash.

Anonymous on

Her husband is wonderful. She is …..just …..trash.

JD on


guest on

Yes!! Take as many pictures as you can take!!. This is such an exciting time for you. My daughter was looking for a baby picture for her High school year book she had a million pictures to choose from. lol

reh1259 on

Please don’t tell me she’s going to be another one of those angry, determined- to- breastfeed- publicly- no- matter -how -uncomfortable- everyone- is- mothers. Enough of those hormone-driven activists out there already.

Countdown on

And the countdown begins for the inevitable ‘breastfeeding is beautiful’ photos that we soon will be boggled down with as every celeb does.

Melanie on

I can’t see why people hate on this new mom. The picture is a lovely picture of a new mother holding her baby, and dressed appropriately for the area she lives in, and the weather. She’s not stripped down in the dead of winter, nor is she posed the same way Coco posed the first few months. This is a sweet picture, and nothing like KK, either. Get a grip, people, you sound so playground petty, it’s ridiculous!

stinky on

i love how the dog is in the picture too! Congrats on baby

Lisa on

Is she trying to show us a baby or her boobs? Chrissy is gross

Ash on

The baby was the last thing I noticed! Her hair and curves stole the show lol…her hair does look pretty though!

Debbe on

Time to remove the couch by the balcony…first place a crawling toddler will go and fall over. Don’t think you or anyone else will REMEMBER to close and lock the door. Toddlers will surprise you. Remove the couches making it easy for a toddler to lean over as soon as you can. In just 6 months my son was climbing on couches.

Csense on

Get that filthy dog away from the baby. Dogs lick their butts and eat their poop. I can’t believe she would allow that. Very unsanitary.

Joan on

Csense, the dog isn’t breathing on the baby or anything in the pictures. He is just sitting there. no issues

Heather on

Wow, so many of you people are just petty. She looks like a tired, new mom in love with her baby. If you see anything other than that, you need to rethink your personality.

Anonymous on

The comments are hilarious here! I will say congrats on the new baby! It does pass extremely quickly.
But I also have to agree with some of the comments. If this is all about the baby, SHOW US THE BABY!!
Grandma is also GAW-JUS!!

Auntie Maria on

What a darling little girl with lots of hair! Congratulations to the family. My sweet niece also had a little girl who just turned 1 week old & her name is Aviana.


Sweet baby and photos with her and her MOM with the baby! God bless them and I pray His mercies upon them as they train up this little one in the way she should go, and when she is old she will not depart from it! This is a blessed child and the protection of the Lord is upon them and His wisdom to live decently and in order, is already in place! ❤

Tina on

Congratulations on their new addition.

Gen on

Glad she posted this pic of her breasts without her child feeding from them.

xxx on


Anonymous on

Love the name, he is adorable.

Deez on

She showed a lic of her boobs. Real classy.

MTM on

Sure is A LOT of haters commenting on this story. Keyboard Warriors have united and start trash talking. If you don’t like her, then why bother wasting time to spew your hatred?! Get a life. A REAL life. Yes, her breasts are there. Big Whoop! Love both photos. Nothing wrong with either of them. But then again, I don’t get offended by EVERY LITTLE THING unlike most of you commenting. Seriously though, go outside. Get some fresh air. Get off your iPhone. Take a good, long hard look at why YOUR life sucks so bad that you have to bash others.

Lily on

i don’t understand why sharing everything with strangers is necessary. Privacy is a wonderful thing.

facelessbandit on

Her mom looks younger than her

Moo on

“Loot at my boobs, look at my boobs” fuching loser! Poor little girl!

Marie on

She is proud of her newly big boobs not her baby. First Class Trash.

Lala on

She posted this to show her breasts. Not her baby. Not genuine bonding time. Photo op time.

Carolyn on

Nothing is private with her, wish she’d keep her yap shut. That dog is gross-a drooler.

Kim on

Poor baby. She has a very stupid trashy Chinese mother. I guessed legend was desperate to find someone when he stumbled into that ugly TRASH.

Poor girl 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Ashley on

Umm she just wanted to show her boobs and used the kid as an accessory. Absolutely vile. And btw her mom looks a lot younger and more beautiful than her. Take that, Chrissy!

Anonymous on

The baby was born just days ago, but it’s all about stripping off already. She’s such vulgar trash. But I guess it’s an improvement that at least we don’t have to see her bare breasts while the kid is feeding.

Ashley on

The baby was born just days ago, but it’s all about stripping off already. She’s such vulgar trash. But at least it’s an improvement that we don’t have to see her bare breasts while feeding the baby.

Traci Trottier on

What did she name her breasts?

Shocked on

So much hate, and it’s women hating women. So what if she wants to show her breasts? Is that wrong, maybe she loves her child and she’s not ashamed of her boobs? Maybe that’s a natural state of being for her. We don’t know.

Guest on

Oh.. She had twins??

Ginger on

“I’m not going to do sneaky back shots of her or anything.” OK, we have a picture of the back of the baby’s head. Just saying. If that is all she wanted to show, then fine. But why say one thing and do another?

SPA on

Aww. Very sweet. And, grandma is beautiful. Congrats to the family!

Gia on

I had to squint to see the baby. Her boobs deliberately stole the show.

Stacy on

welcome precious baby

Sue on

Good luck you guys! Cute and tiny, from what I can see!

wildtreeseedsrep on

Guess what, people? When you have a baby, you get large breasts. This is basic human anatomy. Why do you feel so threatened by it? Women’s breasts are out on display every day on tv, magazines, and film but a women gives birth to a child and now all of a sudden everyone is threatened by her breasts, the most basic and natural part of being a mother? You all must lead some miserable lives if all you want to do is shame and criticize a new mother.

Dawn on

I think the picture captures such a tender moment between a new mom and her precious baby girl. Congratulations to the family!

ErEr on

Give her a break. After giving birth, your body is not your own, especially your breasts! I’m sure she is engorged and uncomfortable and she’s wearing a nursing tank, like many women who plan to breastfeed. Her daughter looks gorgeous.

button on

Mrs. B – You ask if the parents will be willing to show the baby’s face, just wait ten minutes and there will surely be a new Instagram upload…

Nicole on

Say what you will, she may be nice, funny, real, or whatever, but she’s also an attention seeker. Her entire life is about attention. And if you want to post pic of your giant boobs, just do it rather than using your baby as a pawn. This baby will have absolutely zero privacy growing up. She’ll be the new North West, dragged to fashion shows screaming and crying.

Sheri on

Picture of your boobs for your first picture of your new baby girl, this is just the start of things WRONG in this world! I thought she had more class, but obviously not.

Sheri on

Live your life like you want your daughter to live, set an example, be her role model! Do you want her posting a picture like this with your first grand-daughter? It’s time to mature now that you’re a parent. I’m embarrassed for you.

dancer92136 on

Her baby is beautiful, and so is her mother. She is a very pretty woman. To the haters…many celebs share pictures of their children, and if you don’t want to look…then don’t.

tosha on

she is just gross! and do we really need to see your boobs and the babys head??? I thought she sd that she was going away & not gonna share her pics on social media anymore?? the kid is 5 mins old and already outside w no damn clothes on!!

guest on

Well this is funny! seems like two top of head shots to me. You not really showing her so what’s the difference. But those boobs are front and center….lol too funny. Well Congrats!!!

Anonymous on

She is so cute!

guset on

Love the name!

Zal on

The baby is so adorable.

wil on

Enjoy it – they grow out of that phase very fast! My son is 4 months old and he’s like a different baby now – so alert and curious about the world around him. Baby time flies by like a whirlwind!

Anonymous on

What a Sweetie and is she lucky to have such beautiful hair already 🎀🎀

Dawn on

Precious little girl!

Guest on

I expected way cuter.

Vanessa on

She’s adorable!!

Vanessa on

A lot of jealous haters on here. Bet you’re fat and ugly .

maryhelenc on

I can’t stand her, but that baby is just the cutest.

Ribbon Clark on

What a cutie pie! God bless!

guest on

Cover it up. We don’t all need to see the giant tatas. Then again I wouldn’t expect less than that from this piece of trash!

Debbe on

That baby is SO CUTE and looks JUST LIKE her daddy!!!! I see John Legend in her face, he is everywhere. How cute!!

Just Saying on

Already annoyed by this kid and it’s not even her fault.

teammom on

Mrs. B, the baby’s face is right there, in the third picture down, and in the thumbnail for the article. And yes, she is adorable.

Sue on

Sadly, Chrissy has brought on a lot of these negative comments herself. She is not well liked, and the distates for her shades whatever she does, even giving birth.

Gramma2Four on

Beautiful baby, lovely name.

Dawn on

Beautiful beautiful baby!!!! What a little blessing!

Sarah on

That didn’t take long at all. I’m sure this child will be overexposed as well.

sally on


guest on

Beautiful baby!

Lp on

Adorable baby!

Gina on

Pretty girl. She looks like both her parents..

Anonymous on

She is still hanging out of her clothes as usual.
Having a baby hadn’t made her less trashy…geez!

Slw88 on

Lush baby! She is beautiful. Very happy for them and the new exciting journey they have ahead of them.
Wish people would stop being so god damn negative and nasty towards them. So what she’s wearing a bra? She’s just had a baby, and judging from when I had my daughter my breasts were very sore and I often wore a bra round the house just for comfort!
And so what she hangs around with the kardashians, that’s nothing to do with her daughter and the type of mother she is!!!!

Fatima Qawwee on

What a beautiful baby!!!! John going to have his work cut out for keeping those boys away.

gymluv on

Baby is beautiful. Congratulations!

Sonia on

Lovely family, adorable Mommy, and a beautiful baby girl.

Elle on

what a pretty little baby… congrats to the new mom and dad.

NicMom on

She’s bee-yoo-tiful! Enjoy, our daughter just got married recently and I miss her so much. Time does fly! Get all the kisses, hugs and squeezes you can now, they are few and far between during the teen years! 😉

Melanie on

Hello, little girl who looks like her daddy!! Such a cutie! If Chrissy Teigen donated all her income to charity, built a hospital to treat babies with brain tumors, and mopped the floors in her house all by herself, many of you posters would have something negative to say! Seriously?? She is not some crazy person, she is just a new mom, doing what she does, not hurting anyone. Lovely baby, and congrats to their whole family!


Darling girl looks just like Daddy & hope Mom will spend time caring for her & less time on social media, just saying Mom is a little overexposed!

genius on

reminds me of the first pic of Blue Ivy.

Chrissy, use only cloth diapers and non-synthetic clothing! No glue-on fingernails, no fragrances, no glop — the world is shocking enough to a newborn, with the sounds and tactile intrusions!


Darling baby looks like her Daddy, hope Mom spends some time caring for her & less time on social media as she’s “overexposed” like the K family.

C on

Why are people making such snarky comments about her….she is a first time mom….that wasn’t sure it would ever happen for her…let her enjoy the moment…and being appalled by her choice to wear a sports bra …is ridiculous…she wasn’t showing nipple….and wearing comfortable bras after having a baby….just what a woman has to do….Chrissy isn’t known for modesty….why would she start now

C on

Why all the snarky comments…she us a first time mom…that wasn’t sure if it would ever happen for them…let them enjoy the moment…and bitching about her sports bra is silly…baby boobs r huge and they hurt like Hell….whatever keeps them happy is what gets put on….it’s not like she was showing off her nipples.

Sick of losers on

What a bunch of low life B*tches on this story!! First, don’t like her, don’t read anything about her. Second, she lives in a warm climate. She’s wearing what she feels comfortable in and she has big boobs, so FN what?!! She’s proud of her baby and I hope she posts thousands of pics!!! Hatters please just go drop dead! You hate everything and everyone anyway so beat it.

B on

She is gorgeous! All you negative posters are horrible inside and out and jealous! How can you look in the mirror and think you are so perfect to hurt an innocent little beautiful baby? They are also a beautiful couple! Keep your mean comments to yourself. Makes me sick that people are so mean and ugly themselves!

Sherirod on

Congratulations!!! Beautiful baby girl, thanks for sharing.

dancer92136 on

Beautiful baby…

erica2 on

Is it just me or in every pic Luna is damn near naked! Chrissy/John, newborns lose body heat very quickly! Luna needs to be kept warm at all times…please put some clothes and booties/sock on her feet, it wouldn’t hurt to swaddle her and cover her head with a thin cap like the one I’m sure the nurses put on her in the hospital…jeez practice common sense take a break from social media and become familiar with newborn care 101 she is not a baby doll! Luna is lovely congratulations enjoy the special moments babies grow up so quickly. I blinked and now my baby boy is 19 months time flies.

krtmomk on

She’s adorable but her mother is a big mouthed idiot!!!

Bob on

She’s obnoxious

Macy on

This little angel is beautiful! Congratulations and thank you for sharing these pictures of your beautiful family.

stinky on

cute baby, congrats and thx for the pics!

Melissa on

Adorable baby, they look so happy. She looks like her Daddy.

Jj on

Luna is a beautiful baby! Thankfully,she got her daddy’s looks.

Anonymous on

@reh1259 – head back to the time machine and return to 1910 where you belong.

canna on


Deb on

I don’t know about the name, but she is a pretty baby. Congrats.

Stacey McRae on

When you say you are showing your new baby yet posing in a bra, it kinds of screams narcissist.

John on

Chrissy is such trash

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby..congratulations on this joyous arrival.

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby..congratulations on this joyous arrival. Thank you for sharing this pic with everyone.

Jen on

How rude for people to comment such nastiness on a post about a beautiful newborn baby. It’s hilarious to me that some of you cared enough to click and read the article, yet you find it impossible to have something nice or even civil to say. Mom, baby, and grandma are all beautiful. I think anyone who is taking the time to trash-talk about these photos is either miserable or just jealous.

guest on

Beautiful little girl. I am curious why she doesn’t have on at least a onsie. New parents need lots of advice so please don’t try and figure everything out on your own. Dr Spock book is really good. Your baby should be swaddled and clothed because a baby is use to the warm climate of the womb.

KZ on

Still trying to figure out how she became a model. She is really odd looking! But, the baby is really cute.

Anonymous on

Luna is so cute. So happy for her.

Js on

I was so happy that they had conceived after the struggles they had getting pregnant. But once she put out there that she chose to have a girl I was done. If you wanted a child that bad and struggled that long wouldn’t you be happy with either gender. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Mrs. B on

Chrissy, thanks for showing us Luna’s face. She’s a cutie pie who looks like her daddy. Enjoy motherhood!

Me on

The baby is a mini John! On that note, can we stop hearing about this attention-seeking woman? She’s as vapid, untalented and uninteresting as the Kardashians.

Olay on

Luna is so adorable baby.

Lisa jacobsen on

Beautiful child. The love and respect you show to each other will be what your daughter will reflect to the world. Try to keep it real, true to ur daughter. You have been blessed. Congrats and keep safe