John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s Daughter Luna ‘Looks Like Both of Them’

04/18/2016 at 01:00 PM ET

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Who does Luna Simone resemble most?

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen welcomed their first child last week, and a friend of the singer revealed the baby girl favors each of her parents.

“I think she looks like both of them,” producer Mike Jackson, who works with Legend on the Underground series, told Entertainment Tonight of the pair’s newborn daughter. “She’s gorgeous!”

The couple announced Luna’s birth on social media, with Legend, 37, calling Luna his and Teigen’s “new love” in a tweet. And Teigen, 30, posted a photo of the baby’s weight (6 lbs., 11 oz.) on Instagram.

Jackson told ET that the new parents are enjoying time at home with Luna, noting that he’s held the newborn in his arms — “She is absolutely beautiful,” he revealed.

“They’re happy. They’re elated,” Jackson said of the couple. “It’s a long time coming. They went through a lot to have this child. They’re excited — we’re all really blessed that she’s a part of all of our lives.”

The same day she and Legend announced the birth, Teigen jokingly tweeted that Legend is “healing perfectly.”

“Thank you for all the well wishes!!! We are so happy and excited! I dunno what to tweet now. Does my twitter change? This is so awkward,” the model wrote in a follow-up tweet.

— Char Adams

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yup yup on

That baby must look like a 10 year old Asian chipmunk then.

Ellie on

That child will be gorgeous, and well loved. Congrats.

TH on

Butter Face. The mom, not the kid.

Guest on

I pity the child if she grows up to look like Chrissy Teigen. Ugly, ugly woman.

Janey on

Well, better than looking like her and the milkman. But isn’t this what you would expect?

e.e on

Just post the story when you actually have the pic of the kid. Her eyes will look Asian and mostly likely will be darker than chisty. I hate the teasing of the headlines, it’s not like a lot of people know these folks.

kai on

Don’t want to knock a baby as they are all supposed to be cute, but to look like a combination of them is not a good thing. Her round and pudgy face is not attractive and and he, well…..he’s not good looking at all.

Guest on

What in the world were they thinking naming that poor kid”Luna”. “Luney tooney, lunatic.” The kids in school from day care to college are going to have a field day with this name!!!

lmiv on

Well… I actually had a friend name her daughter the same thing and then they shortened it to LuSi (for Luna Simone). … which I think is cute. I have hopes the baby is the best of both of them… They are pretty unique looking individuals. Love his talent but I can pass on her mouth. Glad the baby is here and healthy.

BigBrownEyes on

Luna’s birth weight is the same as my nephew’s was (27 yrs ago, lol)… Chrissy has beautiful features but she has a huge butt skull forehead… I’m sure their baby will be adorable… :):):)

Lex on

Thank you to all that agree that she is hideous!!!! How girls these days are becoming models is so beyond me.

charlotte on

My goodness such nasty comments on here 😦 Who cares what he, she, or the baby for matter looks like. This baby was very much wanted and will be very well loved and taken care of. Congrats on their new little blessing!

Shell on

I am surprised Chrissy hasn’t posted any pictures yet – certainly not like her to try not to be the center of attention. The kid’s forehead is probably huge if it looks anything like her…poor kid.

Jessica on

I’m sure the baby is cute however I don’t think Chrissy is attractive at all!! Don’t mean to be negative but I only call it like it is!!

Leticia Farr on

Hey yup yup, that was a mean & racist comment. Let me guess, you’re ugly (monster lookalike ) inside & out.
You’re mother & father are probably regretting they had you 😡👿

michelle on

Chrissy and John look similar…

Racquel Garnette on

Congradulations to Chrissy and John.

Pam on

So happy for them! Congrats.

Anonymous on

They’re lovely couple, good for them!

Guest1 on

Why is this child’s last name Stephens not Legend or Teighen? Hollywood seems to get strangers and stranger. Luna- that’s the cat’s name from Sailormoon- don’t believe me just YOUTUBE IT. This baby was genetically designed and its gender chosen in a lab- for all you thinking this is some miracle baby. A miracle baby to me is when people are told they can’t have kids end up naturally conceiving and having a baby or when a baby that’s supposed to die defies all odds and pulls through. I do not believe IVF or LAB MANUFACTURED babies are miracles from Heaven.

kitty62862 on

Best wishes to the whole family !

Anonymous on

I absolutely love the baby’s name. You people are so cruel to say hateful things about Chrissy. I think she is very beautiful and I am sure their baby is even more beautiful.