John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Welcome Daughter Luna Simone

04/17/2016 at 10:35 AM ET

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Welcome Daughter Luna Simone
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A baby Legend is born!

Model, TV host and newly-minted cookbook author Chrissy Teigen and her husband, musician John Legend, welcomed their first child on Thursday, April 14, they announced via social media Sunday.

“She’s here! Luna Simone Stephens, we are so in love with you! And sleepy. Very sleepy,” Teigen wrote alongside a snapshot of the baby’s weight — 6 lbs., 11 oz. — dated Thursday.

Legend also tweeted the happy news on Sunday, writing, “Our new love is here! Luna Simone Stephens, born on Thursday, the 14th. We couldn’t be happier!”

Teigen, 30, shared her pregnancy news on Instagram in October after revealing that she was undergoing IVF in order to conceive.

In February, she told PEOPLE exclusively that she chose a female embryo during the process, though they didn’t reveal the sex publicly until December.

“I’ve made this decision,” Teigen said. “Not only am I having a girl, but I picked the girl from her little embryo. I picked her and was like, ‘Let’s put in the girl.’ ”

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For the couple, who married in 2013, their daughter will hopefully be the first of many. “The number of embryos we have left is not matching the number of people I want at my dinner table, so I’ll have to do it again,” Teigen told PEOPLE.

“I wish I had frozen my eggs earlier. We have a few more on ice. Who knows what will work?”

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Welcome Daughter Luna Simone
Anders Overgaard

Even though Teigen had “never been alone with a kid” before motherhood, she and Legend are preparing as best they can.

“We’ve been together so long, and sometimes we look at each other and we’re like, ‘I know everything about you and you know everything about me,’ ” Teigen said. “But we have no idea what we’re going to be like as parents. I think it’ll be really fun. I’m excited.”

— Catherine Kast

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Melissa on

I wish them all a life time of happiness. Parenthood, is an adventure, I hope they embrace and enjoy every single moment.

Noah on

He always seemed so level headed until he hooked up with her. Now its all about her and things. Her favourite conversation is herself. Here’s hoping that somehow this child finds life in the real world and can balance the overboard life with family and less fortunate with poor situations. Grow up to be the opposite of her mother.

Lisa on

Let’s hope we see more of Luna and less of Chrissy and her awful food pics.

Bluemeaford on

Loony Legend. Poor kid.

Dawn on

Beautiful name. Congratulations to mom and dad!

Mary Walker on

Unfortunately, in this mean world, people are going to call her Luna-tic.
You should have named her Lana.

sandy on

Luna-tic? what a mean comment, like some of the others as well!
I think of the moon & it’s a lovely name.

guest on

Mary, I have been teaching for twenty years and rarely in that time have I heard kids teased about their names. I never thought of lunatic, just that it sounded like a cute name.

Guest on

Yeah Sandy!! You sound like a bully to me. What normal person would think of that nonsense remark.

me on

800-588-2300 LUNA


How original on

Bout seven years out of date with the name but she seems a bit simple so..

Fatima on

Congratulations John & Crissy!!! I’m sure that is one beautiful baby, as for The baby’s first name, it’s not my favorite but its no worse than Blue lvy, Apple or North West.

Mrs. B on

Congratulations! I’m happy for them!!

kelleye1980 on

Mary, you’re the only one. Who even thinks like that?

kendra on

But why is the baby’s last name “Stephens?”

kml3000 on

Congrats! She will make a great momma!

V on

Now I understand why it is rare for celebrities to have children with disabilities. I have a feeling most babies are IVF babies. Carefully selected and screened.

Sharon on

Oh God, now it’s going to be years of her never shutting up about motherhood. I wish this irritatingly stupid woman would go away.

LLL on

Kendra: Stephens is John Legend’s birth name, Legend is his stage name.

Lina on

Springtime babies everywhere! Very sweet. Congrats to them.

Edie Koller on

Congratulations to Chrissy and John on their new baby Luna Simone. Best wishes for a happy and heathly life. Love the name..And I know they will be great parents. Luna Simone was so close to the Singer Nina Simone. I bet this little girl will be beautiful and talented too.

Francine on

Very nice name.

Janie on

Congratulations to Chrissy and John! So happy for both. Princess baby Luna Simone, love her name. Enjoy your precious daughter.

Leon Star on


John Legend is a stage name. His real name is John Roger Stephens.

Anonymous on

Congratulations! What a lovely name. I love this couple.

kitty62862 on

Best wishes to the whole family!

Mallory on

So happy for them! That’s one lucky baby.

Kathy on

Great. Now we get to hear about every poop this baby takes. Poor baby. Your mom doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut.

Jennifer on

In case you are wondering, Legend is NOT John’ s actual last name!!! His actual last name is Stephens.

So for Bluemeaford you to call the baby “Loony Legend” without knowing all the facts about John and his name is just WRONG!!!

Dajoka on

Its also the name of a popular London hotel.

LilahK on


Hera on

I don’t know why I find Chrissy so irritating, but that’s of no account. Congratulations. Best wishes.

Gina on

Beautiful name! Felicidades..

Trish on

Don’t know know why people on this site are so judgmental! Your crappy attitude is much more irritating than anything Chrissy Teigen has said or done, as far as I can tell. Sheesh, what is wrong with reading what you’re interested in, and skipping what you’re not? I came here to read the exciting news about this couple’s baby’s arrival, and wow! Acid flowing from people who could have skipped the article instead of insulting the mother, the name, the….list goes on. Do you not have a life? Go live it, and leave this couple alone. Nothing she has said or done deserves such rudeness! The name is fine, and only the jerkiest kid, raised by the jerkiest parents, would make fun of another kid’s name! They hear weirder names everyday….. Take a nap, or grow up, people!

lujacklvr on

Here’a to a lifetime of good health & happy for lovely Luna [I keep thinking of the “half-off” Luna commercial that’s quite annoying these days as well as the late, great ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Luna [which I think also means “moon”–at least her middle name is Simone and not Unit; Luna Simone is much prettier than Moon Unit, but that’s just me. Anyhoo, congratulations to John Legend [nee Stephens] & Chrissy Teigen on the birth of their beautiful little girl, Miss Luna Simone Stephens!

Shiela kerr on


Anonymous on


WeAreStars on

I am stunned by the immature and rude comments on here. “Luna-tic?” Are you for real, loser? You sound like you’re the bully in the school yard! Luna is pretty and I love the name Simone.

abc on

To the teacher that said she has been teaching for 20 years and has never heard kids teased about their names….. WHERE do you teach? I have a very ordinary first name that rhymes with a few unsavory words and I was teased a lot growing up…. I’m nearly 45. My husband has a unique first name and he was to the point as a young adult that we wanted to officially change his name as people continually commented on his name, made weird comments. Kids are mean and kids do TEASE if you have a name they can make fun of. Personally I would have opted to reverse the first and middle names. Simone Luna Legend would have been beautiful.

desertmom on

So happy for this sweet family
All the best to Luna, Chrissy and John

Denise on

Congratulations on your new baby girl. Our kids bring such joy to our lives. Everything changes now, but for the good 💜❤💋❤💜💋💜❤

ginger on

I wish them all the joy a new baby brings.

Luna fan on

Congratz! Beautiful and Normal names.

Guest 3 on

Congrats !
I think the name is nice……wondered about Stephens ? Maybe it’s a family name ?
I do agree about children making fun of names. My DH wouldn’t let me name our daughter Elizabeth because he said the kids would call her Lizzy-Lizard…..
I know all about how kids are…..cruel if you aren’t what is termed “normal ” and have medical issues. It’s sick when parents don’t teach their kids that everyone is EQUAL.

Anonymous on

Actually I take back what I said earlier. It’s a cute name!!!😊 May God bless The 3 of them.

jo on

Congrats! I hope the baby won’t get Chrissy her FLAT butt.

Mrs. B on

For all of you who didn’t pay attention to the previous posts- Legend is not his real surname. That’s his stage name! His real last name is Stephens, which is what his baby’s last name is. You got it now? LOL

Holly on

Good name! Thanks for not going “celebrity” with it!

Anonymous on

Love the normal name!

jewels on

Congrats to chirstine teigen and John legend for new daughter Luna

P on

Who is this woman? I see her face all the time in this magazine, always talking about herself, but other than being married to John Legend, what has she ever done? The baby’s name is pretty, but let’s hope that we won’t be hearing about every thing the baby does or how hard it is to be a new mother ad nauseum. There has got to be more interesting people to write about!

Red Skye on

At least she was not born on Tax day. Congrats to them and the middle name is nice. Oh man Luna lets hope for the best for that child having that stange first name. Sorry!

Jerry on

Good job to the both of them. Glad you’ve got a healthy baby.

Julie on

Funny looking couple still. Congrats on the newborn.

andy pilot on

First of all, Stephens is John Legends real last name. Did you think his actual last name was Legend?
Second, I don’t approve of parents naming their kids apple or north but Luna is an actual name and if parents taught their shitty kids not to be little pricks and to accept other kids, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Janey on

Congrats!!!!! So happy for you all :))


Love the name! Best wishes to them!

TJB on

School kids are mean & will make fun of anything different, name wise or facial/body wise. So to the school teacher of 20 years, I simply do not believe you! Besides they live in HW Luna is normal. I think Ellen Pimpeo & Uma Thurman calls her little one that, even though it’s not her proper name

TJB on

@susie C Did you not read the article at all? She had to have IVF, so they made up the embryos, the she & John decided to implant female embryos. A lot of people don’t agree with this bit it’s their choice, I guess. SMH!!

Trish on

To those talking about the kids at school making fun of Luna’s name…I am a staff member in a public school. In the first place, there is zero tolerance for any bullying at our school, including ridiculing someone’s name, so not happening where we live. In the second place, schools today are not filled with blond, blue-eyed, European descendants…they are filled with children from everywhere in the world, and those children are using their birth names from Viet Nam, Russia, India, Africa, Korea, China, Brazil, and everywhere you can imagine. Some of the children have names with 15 or more letters in them. One of our students made up a name for himself (not even his parents know where he came up with it and it has nothing to do with his real name) and everyone just calls him that and never gives it a thought. Get real, 30 years ago, maybe parents let their children ridicule kids names and the school didn’t put a stop to it, but those days are over, at least where I live and teach! Luna isn’t even that uncommon where there are many Hispanics, for example. Seems as if there is a lot of reaching to find something to insult this couple who has managed to stay together, happily, and hurting no one. You don’t have to read a word she writes, you don’t have to hear any interview, listen to a word she says on the radio, so I really don’t understand what the complaints are about. Don’t see me carrying on about a certain family and guess what?! I don’t read a single article, nor do I watch anything on TV, nor do I give a fig about where they go, what they eat, who they are hanging out with. Life is too short to spend it whining about someone else’s happy life, when you really think about it!

Mandi on

What a beautiful name! Who cares if she was able to choose the baby’s gender; if regular people could I’m sure they would too.

Mandi on

I agree with what Trish says. I also work at a public high school and have kids with very unique and/or quirky names and no-one picks on them or calls them some off slang from it (like one poster said Luna-tic). My own daughter has the name Autumn and it’s kind funny as her BF is named Summer.

Lily on

Ah! Like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter! Love it. Congrats to them. Luna Simone is a lovely choice.

Anonymous on

Love the name Luna!

guest2 on

guest – You must not be much of a teacher because I can tell you that even my children with very traditional names have been teased plenty, and I would have hated to give them a target on their backs for worse teasing. Kids still do tease each other over names.

Tina on

Congrats to them.

Becky Rae on

Congratulations John and Chrissy. Both of you will do just fine. You will learn as you go and enjoy every moment with you baby…they grow up so fast. John, I, too, am from Springfield, OH and saw you at the Strawberry Festival in 2015 in Plant City, FL. I am so proud of your rise in the music industry….you are a wonderful singer. Please ignore the haters as there will always be haters…they probably do not like much in this world……

Deber on

To Trish, while I agree with you on some points the one thing that I am sorry to disagree on is the school’s with “zero tolerance” on bullying. More and more schools indicate they have zero tolerance and programs in place for anti bullying but frankly it just doesn’t work and it never will. You can establish some rules at school but it is tenfold what it was even a decade ago with social media, etc. My daughter joined a club at high school that was “anti bullying” as a freshman.. she said it was so pathetic by the time she was a junior she dropped out. Her biggest complaint was that for a “few days” a year the whole school comes together to sign pledges, be friends and then next week same intolerances exist again. Sorry to get off topic of the name Luna but I just think kids will pick on, harass, tease until the end of time. Luna Stephens most likely will be fortunate as she’ll grow up in elite circles with Blue Ivy’s, Frankie’s, Olive’s and Apple’s,

dianalrix on

Ok people…… ones perfect, life isn’t perfect, no name is perfect, and everyone is unique. Parents name their children after relatives or they name their children something that means something special to them. WHY DO YOU CARE!?!! Let this sweet couple be and let them enjoy this special time in their lives without having to read these stupid comments. How would you feel if someone told you their kids name was dumb. You wouldn’t like it so why is it ok for you to do that to someone else. Because it’s easy to pick on someone from the other side of your computer! Heartless, gutless idiots! I wish them a wonderful new life with their beautiful baby girl. You haters………take a good look in the mirror….you’re the problem!!!

Anonymous on

I think they’re nice couple and I like the name.

Rosa on

Congratulations to your new bundle of joy and love. Luna is an adorable little butterfly. She looks a lot like daddy, but it’s too early to tell just yet. She’s beautiful mom & dad! Now you guys know she’s gonna need a brother, so give it a year or two.