‘Nothing Is Planned’: Brian Austin Green Opens Up About Upcoming Baby with Megan Fox

04/16/2016 at 08:45 AM ET

With two children (and a third on the way) with his estranged wife Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green is simply beaming about the fact that he is going to be a dad again.

Even if it wasn’t exactly planned.

“You know, nothing is planned,” he told PEOPLE exclusively at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Celebrity Race, which was hosted by the Verizon IndyCar Series, on Friday. “None of them are ever planned. You kind of just go with it.”

“At my age, to be having three babies, is crazy,” the actor, who is already dad to sons Noah and Bodhi, said with a laugh. “I’ll be 43 this year.”

Brian Austin Green
Albert L. Ortega/Getty

It was revealed earlier this week that Fox is pregnant with the couple’s third child — even though she filed for divorce from the 90210 star in August.

“They never stopped loving each other and they will never stop being devoted parents to their boys,” a source previously told PEOPLE.

At Friday’s event, Green said that he has learned “everything” since becoming a dad — especially when playing it safe at a race event.

“It used to be just the rush of doing it,” Green says of picking up race car driving as a hobby. “You know, it’s a different feeling, a different rush than you are used to, and now that I’ve got all the kids that I have it’s like, ‘Yeah, this is fun…’ ”

Green adds that being a father means that he does try to be safe so he can get home to his little ones.

“It’s important that I live,” he says with a laugh.

On Saturday, Fox was by Green’s side to cheer him on while he took part in the celebrity race.

“Megan looked amazing,” an observer tells PEOPLE. “She was in a great mood too. She seemed to enjoy the event. She watched the race from the sidelines.”

— Reagan Alexander

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Awwwshucks on

With all the ‘hoopla’ surrounding Mr. Green’s upcoming birth of baby number 3 with Megan Fox…..let’s not forget Brian Austin Green is also father to son Kassius with former 90210 cast-mate Vanessa Marcil.

Kris on

They’re not exes. They’re married. What’s the big deal. Doesn’t seem like the divorce is pending. They’re living together again.

Ellie on

Ah, nice to be so carefree…

Anonymous on

I thought or heard that he had virtigo so now he races cars, wow

anonymous on

Yeah he is so carefree…

multiplicationproject on

I’m not sure “nothing is planned” is true for all people. Love that he thinks that.

sally on

“They never stopped loving each other” Obviously!!! lol

Mama Riska on

If he’s fit enough to race cars, he’s fit enough to get a darn job and stop living off his wife.

Chi on

I agree with Awwwshucks, he has another child!

kitty62862 on

Good for him!

Kristen on

As long as they don’t drag this child (and the others) through divorce, then good for them!

Shay on

So BAG wants big bucks from her, because he is unable to work due to vertigo. Yet, he is able to raise cars with vertigo? I guess that spinning sensation stops when he hits the track, and resumes when he is expected to support himself. smh

BAZ on

Selfish, self-centered…Cannot believe these entitled people…These poor kids they will end up hating their parents & I bet 500$ they will not be together…What a mess…

Kay on

I think the writer never learned about a little called research. Kind of sad that you didn’t even mention Green’s eldest son Kassius who he fathered with Vanessa Marcil. Shame on you.

Sharon on

I am sure he is overwhelmed on having 3 young kids at his age.

Sonia on

In the long term the arrival of a child does not save a couple !!! I think it’s a huge stupidity

Stella on

He asked for spousal support because he supposedly can’t work due to vertigo, and he’s racing a car?!

Linda on

I love that all men say “You can’t plan babies or its never the right time , oh and its never planned’ oh please women plan it! Men just don’t pay attention. But women have the final say no matter what.

Julie on

Did he say babies are never planned? What? Mine was.

Sam on

He has divorced from Megan yet they’re still having a new one.

Anonymous on

Julie, he’s talking about his babies. A lot of people have children that aren’t necessarily planned. They clearly aren’t prevented from getting pregnant, but what he is saying is that the two of them didn’t say, hey, let’s have another baby. They had sex and she got pregnant.

I know plenty of people who had unplanned pregnancies. Some were on birth control pills, some were breast feeding, one had the depo shot, and some other situations.

Sam, they are married, not divorced.

I have vertigo. It used to be very very bad, but it is much better now. Everyone has different symptoms and things that make them worse. My aunt has to get out of bed slowly and has a hard time getting her hair washed at the salon because of her head being back. I got horribly car sick, all the time. I don’t know if racing around the track would make me sick though. It is jerking motions that do. Not going to judge him on that one because invisible illnesses are worse and everyone is different.

Niko on

Estranged couple still having sex. Pretty smart.

Zak on

He looks older than 43 in the picture.