Anna Faris Gets Candid About Childbirth and Wanting More Kids: ‘Chris’ Face When Jack Was Being Born Is Unforgettable’

04/13/2016 at 01:05 AM ET

Anna Faris more kids
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Despite only having one child with husband Chris Pratt, Anna Faris has always wanted a big family.

In her podcast, Anna Faris is Unqualified, the actress dished about her desire to have a huge brood, revealing to guest Olivia Munn why it hasn’t happened yet.

“We both love kids, Chris and I have both dreamed about having a big family,” she said.

“But I didn’t love pregnancy … I was just bored. I was uncomfortable at times, and Jack came early. He came two months early, so now I’m in a high-risk pregnancy category, but I would love to.”

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Faris, 39, and Pratt, 36, welcomed their son Jack, now 3, in August of 2012. Despite an early birth and the time it took to heal, as the muscles surrounding her vagina “[throbbed] for like, weeks,” the Dictator star said her husband’s face during Jack’s arrival made everything well worth it.

“What makes up for whatever is happening down in your pelvic floor area, is Chris’ face when Jack was being born is unforgettable,” she added. “He was holding my hand and he was just sobbing. I was scared he would be turned off by the whole thing … That was amazing, seeing his face.”

The feeling of support certainly is mutual. Pratt opened up to PEOPLE in June, saying that although the couple’s family is his main focus right now, maintaining a relationship between husband and wife is just as significant.

“It’s just as important, if not more important, to focus on your relationship with your partner because your children are going to leave one day [and] you have to maintain a relationship that’s going to outlast your child’s needs for you,” Pratt said.

— Naja Rayne

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mer on

These two sound so loving and normal, I really like them!

juno on

what a CUTE DRESS!!!!!

you don’t have a baby to see the father’s face during childbirth, LOL> and he was sobbing because a baby 8 weeks early is a really really scary thing…and they don’t need another…she’s 39. stick with the one.

Shay on

Have another one. Who cares if you didn’t like being pregnant or giving birth, that kid needs a sibling. 😉

Sharon on

I love these two. This is one marriage I hope lasts forever.

Unforgettable on

These guys are my all time favorites. They both seem to be so down to earth, and madly in love. Doesn’t hurt that I would do both of them, just because they’re yummy! lol

Virgo the Virgin on

She may love kids, but it sounds like she didn’t like being pregnant, or giving birth. They won’t be having another kid, unless he does some major begging.

Mrs. B on

She has a strange way of putting things. I absolutely agree with what he said. Oh, and if they want more children there are other options. She doesn’t necessarily have to be the one who gives birth.

myuntidydesk on

They could adopt. From what I know of them, they’d love that child just as much as their biological son.

bb on

I just love them. (Have you seen Chris and their son learning the Pledge of Allegiance???) This is one celeb marriage that I would actually be CRUSHED if something happened. (I understand what Anna says about pregnancy because my sister had very difficult pregnancies–stuck to IV poles, yes very boring for her!–and wants to stop having children at her 2nd just because its so hard on her body.)

bb on

Plus we don’t know what pregnancy complications Anna might have faced, and we know Jack was a preemie so if the doctors have told them another might be risky again, that could be a reason for her to be cautious. There could be many things they won’t share publicly that play into their decision to have or not have more kids. They seem like they both are fairly normal folks who will weigh options and do what they think is best for their family, and not for paparazzi cameras. 🙂

Sarah on

You don’t need to so see his face for another kid, they are perfectly fine where they are now.

drgrady on

They could adopt or do a surrogate. They seem like such a great couple and awesome parents.

Carrie on

juno… She didn’t have a baby to see the father’s face it’s just something that stuck with her from her first delivery. And while having a baby 8 weeks early is scary that doesn’t have to be the reason he was sobbing. Having a child at anytime is very emotional. Maybe he was overcome with the fact that he was about to be a father and the whole experience in general. They may not “need” another one but maybe they want another one. That is a decision only they and her doctor can make. While 39 is considered advanced maternal age she definitely wouldn’t be the oldest woman to ever give birth. Whatever their decision I wish them luck and happiness!!

Anonymous on

They can adopt and provide comfortable living condition and the son can have a sibling.

angela on

They seem down to earth and normal, good for them.

sarah on

Aww lovely pictures!