Megan Fox Debuts Baby Bump: ‘I’m Always in the Process of Having a Baby and Looking Like I Didn’t Have a Baby’

04/12/2016 at 08:15 AM ET

Megan Fox‘s baby bump is here!

The actress, 29, showed off her third pregnancy at Monday’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where she promoted her new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. Evidence of the sizable bump poked through a black Versace minidress.

She posed for photos alongside her TMNT costar Will Arnett, turning just enough so that her baby bump was on full display.

Megan Fox pregnant baby bump
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

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The star sported a big smile as she showed off her belly and talked about the new movie. But Fox said filming while pregnant isn’t easy.

“I’m always in the process of having a baby and looking like I didn’t have a baby,” she told PEOPLE at the event. “I was training. There was no access to healthy food on the set so I ended up losing weight because I was hungry all the time.”

Fox noted that her go-to food on set was a rice cake with almond butter and jelly. “That’s the healthiest thing you’ll find,” she said.

Megan FoxTodd Williamson/Getty

Sources confirmed to PEOPLE that Fox is expecting her third child. Fox has not openly discussed her pregnancy, nor the possibility that her estranged husband Brian Austin Green is the father, though a source with knowledge of the situation tells PEOPLE, “of course Brian is the dad! They never stopped loving each other and they will never stop being devoted parents to their boys.”

The actors are parents to sons Noah Shannon, 3½, and Bodhi Ransom, 2. The pregnancy came as a surprise for the couple who are “very excited” and are “continuing to work on their marriage and are living together again,” says another source.


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Fox said her little ones don’t know much about their mom when it comes to the big screen. “They don’t watch television,” she said.

“I let them watch some movies, but I don’t let them watch my movies. They’re too grown up,” Fox told PEOPLE. “My kids are 3 and 2, so they’re not ready to know all that stuff.”

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J on

Considering that Megan and Brian have been spotted everywhere together for the last few months and their divorce was never finalized I think it’s safe to say BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN is the father of her baby. Stop trying to make her seem like something that she’s not. She’s not a s l u t. Congratulations to them for working out their problems and on the new pregnancy.

Mandi on

Well I kinda hope it’s her husbands, maybe there working things out and with 3 little ones that’ll be nice for them.

Kathleen on

It’s surprising to me that there were no healthy food offerings from craft services on set. Isn’t that fairly standard these days, or is she not A-list enough to request healthy offerings?

wildtreeseedsrep on

Why would she be a “slut” exactly even if BAG wasn’t the father??

ErinB on

I gotta say Will Arnett is looking mighty sexy!

JustSayin on

Megan has ruined her face. She was a cute girl that seems to have a problem with body dismorphia to keep doing stuff to her face.

... on

She is looking quite twinkly in the eyes with Will, and so is he, hmmm.

But, it would be nice if her and Brian are working it out, they have been together for so many years, why throw in the towel now, especially if they are having 3rd baby in 3 years.

Peachy on

Everything about this article makes me go… huh? The pregnancy, the grammar errors, and the fact that she said she ate nothing since there was no healthy food available. Geeze, you’re pregnant. You can’t starve yourself and live on rice cakes.

Deb on

I wish this beautiful young girl would leave her face alone. Goodness no reason to look like you can’t have facial expressions in your 20s.


Her face looks like plastic. Shame because she was pretty now she looks kinda fake.

EM on

I hope it is Brian’s! I wouldn’t think of her as a s l u t if it wasn’t though. I am just curious since they were separated.

R on

She was so pretty.

Nica on

No healthy food on set so she thought it better to starve than pack food or order proper meals? Given that she’s not yet 30, has deformed her face and starves herself, I think it’s a safe bet that MF has got bigger issues to contend with. Sad!

Abby on

I think she looks beautiful and glowing!
But I have to agree, the comment about the food is odd.
Even if she didn’t like the stuff they had there, I’m sure that everybody would have been happy to get the pregnant lady on set something to eat…

Abby on

And shame on all of you!!!
When did it become okay to make such nasty comments about a pregnant woman???
Those photos are unflattering, that’s all. She was on Ellen a few weeks ago and stunning as ever.

And I’m saying this as someone who wouldn’t even consider herself a fan.

packer on

I thought she was divorced or getting divorced,

Busy years on

Wow, third baby in that mess? It’s not easy even with lots of money and nannies. I hope their kids are going to be okay, they are so very young and vulnerable.

Sandra Lindsay on

Maybe this baby will bring her family back together! I hope her and Brian step up to the plate and work out their issues! The kids need them together!

ann on

Wow…she ruined that body. Too bad!

Ellie on

She looks great. Congrats to her and Brian.

norosecoloredglspls on

oh, please…..if you’re not big girl enough to get your own “healthy food”, you’re not big girl enough to be an adult. stop procreating if you cannot fend for yourself.

Ilona on

She is lovely but her filmography is catastrophic !!!

st on

Just beautiful. Best of luck to you!!!

Kelly on

Whise the daddy?

Elle on

she looks great. reminds me of one of my sisters who is built like her. and always felt sick whenever pregnant. poor megan. but congrats on the new little one.. hope it’s a little girl!

Valerie on

Ok..I’m really confused..ummm..hasn’t megan Fox say on multiple interviews and talk shows that she had given up sex with hubby for awhile…ummm and she’s pregnant again…didn’t she just have Bohdi…I’m still confused…cause I thought Brian had filed for Divorce… Ok…well…guess she must like being pregnant

Lana on

Hoping things are working out with her husband.

Sari on

To the folks ripping Megan for supposedly not eating healthy while on the film set-the movie wrapped filming last August so she obviously wasn’t pregnant then.

Anonymous on

Maybe its Shredder’s

heather on

Guess she’s never heard of bringing her own food to the set. I’m sure they have mini fridges in the trailers.

Edyie on

I find it hard to believe that nowadays there isn’t healthy food on the set of movies. She is always slamming something about her movie sets. Maybe that is why she isn’t in as many movies as she could be.

bb on

I think its kind of insane for a Hollywood actor to starve because the food service people brought nothing she would/could eat. #1, I bet they provide a variety of options, healthy or not. #2, as an actor I bet she could say “Hey could you guys bring some carrots or yogurt?” and they could accommodate her/an assistant could run out for her. #3, she could bring in HER OWN FOOD. Whatever she wants to eat. Starve, really?

Dale on

What did she do to her face????????

Sam on

She looks great. Congratulations.

cds on

She isn’t even a good actress — if it weren’t for her looks, no one would be paying attention to her.

Guest 1 on

Funny people comment if someone looks too old or too much surgery. What would be the happy medium for everyone..we all are going to age although eveyone wants a person to look young sorry but life doesn’t go that way.. gravity always wins.

msladyjayne on

Megan Fox and BAG make adorable babies. If it’s his baby, great. If they get back together, great. If it isn’t and they don’t, that can be equally great as well. I wish them both much happiness as they are after all only people trying to do the best they can. As for how Megan looks, puleeeze…she’s gorgeous. Best of everything to her and I hope she has a girl.

JU1978 on

Just a note, people: Her comments about not finding healthy food were her responses to how she quickly lost weight after having her LAST child. She was saying there was nothing to eat on set that was healthy, so she didn’t eat that much, and that she was training for her role. Just a response because of all of the nastiness I’m seeing on here.

Ana on

You’re pregnant, and you would rather go hungry instead of packing some food and taking it with you? I don’t get it.

Jenna on

I’m sure either herself or her assistant could had gone to the nearest Whole Foods and buy healthy foods, pregnant or not but even more so expecting a child.

CC on

I didn’t know she had a second child! Also why doesn’t she bring her own healthy food? Us normal everyday people do that even when we are not pregnant. Those comments made no sense.

Noe on

Some of you could benefit from reading and comprehension regarding the healthy snacks.

Anonymous on

Whether it’s Brian’s or someone else’s, it’s a mistake for her to be pregnant right now. A baby will not fix the problems in their marriage (if they are in fact back together). Go on birth control. Stop making your life more complicated than it should be at this point. Especially if you’re having problems with your spouse. And if it’s someone else’s, that’s even worse. Thank God she’s somewhat wealthy that she can hire some help to maintain her “busy lifestyle” of being a celebrity.

bbb1975 on

I hope the father isn’t will arnett…that guy is skeevy

WonderWoman on

She is a seriously beautiful lady.

Shannon on

Does she not have enough money to bring a lunch? Or is that not Hollywood enough? LOL

Sofia on

She looks mighty fine, congrats to her.

Anonymous on

Read…comprehend. Read…comprehend. So many people forget to do both.

anonymous on

She looks lovely! So happy for her.

sunny on

Yeah she is not dating co-star Will Arnett,