Third Child on the Way for Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

04/11/2016 at 11:35 PM ET

Megan Fox is pregnant!

The actress, 29, is expecting her third child with estranged husband Brian Austin Green, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The mom-to-be showed off her baby bump wearing a black Versace dress at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Monday where she and costar Will Arnett promoted their new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.


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Megan FoxTodd Williamson/Getty

Fox and Green are already parents to sons Noah Shannon, 3½, and Bodhi Ransom, 2. The New Girl guest star filed for divorce in August, days after confirming the pair’s split after five years of marriage and 11 years together.

However, in the recent months, Fox and Green have been spotted together several times. The amicable exes were pictured stepping out in early March, in addition to reuniting to spend time with Noah and Bodhi as well as running errands together without the kids.


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“Of course Brian is the dad! They never stopped loving each other and they will never stop being devoted parents to their boys,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells PEOPLE. The pregnancy came as a surprise for the couple who are “very excited” and are “continuing to work on their marriage and are living together again,” says another source.

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Amy on

so is Brian the father or someone else?

Kathy on

I was wondering who the father is as well.

Melissa Kelly on

@ Amy : She and Brian are divorced, so it’s someone else’

Guest on

Sounds like it could be Brian’s, divorced or not.

Sunny on

Is it will arnetts? Lol doubt it. It’s most likely bags

Wheezy Jefferstone on

People seems to be suggesting Brian may be the father. Considering how he went after her money during the divorce, this could be a very costly Ex Sex on her part.

Callie on

Apparently they weren’t worried about having another child while going through a divorce! Celebrities are so STUPID!!!!!! Birth control people

Sam on

@Melissa Kelly, they are separated, and have been spotted together several times, and are said to have a good relationship, if only for their kids. At least according to the article. Sounds like it could be his. Perhaps she and he wanted another child, maybe try for a girl. She’s got 2 young boys with him already, might as well keep same baby daddy, makes visitations and all that crap much easier. that way.

Marilyn on

It sounds like it’s Brian’s since they’ve been spotted together several times.

Callie on

Apparently they weren’t worried about having another baby while going through a divorce. Celebrities are so STUPID!!!! Birth control people

Lola on

So, who’said the Father? Has she even said who it is?

Callie on

Seriously? Have they ever heard of birth control??

Me on

Actually it’s probably his they aren’t divorced yet and it says they been spending a lot of time together!

Anonymous on

29? Looks close to 39.

YeahISaidIt on

It’s Caitlyn Jenner’s kid, the plumbing is still there…

Selfish on

Way to go bringing another kid into the world when you’re about to divorce each other.

Lily on

The article did not confirm her ex-husband as the father of her 3rd child.

Guest on

Hmmm why does she keep having kids if her priority is her career?

CeceE on

She shouldn’t have touched her face…

rubyovertherainbow* on

The article strongly implies that Brian is the father.

Wth on

@Melissa Kelly: divorced people have been known to have sex, you know.

Wth has that beautiful woman done to her face? This is the prob with Hollyweird…a gorgeous girl goes there and chops up and freezes her face. She goes from age 25 to 45 in one surgery.

Patty on

She’s starting to look like Kim Kardashian.

robinepowell on

Well I guess that divorce is on hold for now.

robinepowell on

@ Melissa Kelly: She filed for divorce but isn’t actually divorced yet.

Megan may call off the divorce now that she and Brian are expecting baby #3.

Hope it’s a girl this time.

Beth on

Nowhere in the post does it say they are divorced. Just that she filed last August. They have been spotted together recently, so chances are it is Brians’.

Anonymous on

She is ugly and desperate , and has no talent

Love on

She is ugly and desperate.

Wth on

What the HELL did she do to her face?! She was so naturally pretty. Now she’s borderline scary.

Wth on

Do people who do Botox/fillers/surgery ever look at their pictures? Or do they go into denial???

Liz on

Who’s the dad??????

Debbe on

You couldn’t pay me a trillion dollars to get pregnant right now while the Zika virus is out there deforming babies. No way, they even predict it to get worse. No way, I would not put my baby at risk.

guest on


Brian on

What the h*ll happened to her face? She looks like Cher now!

vanessa on

She is more look like in her late 30s than 29 years old.


Oh geezzz what happened to her face??? She looks more like 49 than 29 yikes!!!!

Erin on

I think I know what happened. They decided to get divorced before they found out about this pregnancy. After they found out, they obviously got back together and are trying to work it out.

bb on

I fell for the clickbait! I knew they wanted me to click when they didn’t announce Brian as the father in the title, but I did it anyway! 🙂 I was hoping it was her husband, so I’ll go along with People on that theory. I always like to heart the story of when these couples separate but then work it out, like CZJ and Michael Douglas, or Patrick Dempsey and his wife. It’s nice to see that they work on it 🙂

J on

Are some of you that gullible?!?!!? Brian Austin Green is the father. DUH!!!!!!!!! Obviously they aren’t divorcing anymore. They would have been divorced by now! You can divorce and work out support afterwards – just ask Kelsy Grammer! He’s done it quite a few times already. Megan does not strike me as a loose woman. That child is Brian’s child. PERIOD.

julie wallace on

3rd child to go with her 3rd face?

Nancy on

How sweet! I hope she works it out with Brian. I always liked them as a couple.

Brooke on

She is a HARD looking 29. Take note, girls….Plastic surgery at a young age??? No bueno.

NMB on

Actually, it says she “filed for divorce” and he is her “estranged husband.” They are not, in fact, divorced. So thanks, People, for NOT answering the one question we all seem to have: who is the father??? #PeopleSucksNow

Toots on

I guess the divorce is off now.

Madalyn on

I do not care what anyone says…this woman is beautiful. She does not look old at all. Only haters on the internet who need to go get a life. Her children are absolutely Gorgeous!

anonymous on

She looks lovely! So happy for her.

Erin on

I read in another People article that it is indeed Brian’s, and they are still going through with the divorce.

KL on

Oh wow so he is the father… why would they split up if they were going to have more kids and still love each other.. :/ weird…

ルイヴィトンコピー on