All the Details from Nick Carter’s Game of Thrones-Themed Baby Shower

04/08/2016 at 12:45 PM ET

Nick CarterΒ and his wife Lauren Kitt Carter didn’t go the conventional route when it came to planning their baby shower.

No blue balloons were anywhere to be seen at their chic Game of Thrones-themed shower, held in their Hidden Hills, California, home on Saturday, April 2.

“We love that show!” Carter, 36, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The Backstreet Boys singer says he put his trust in Kitt Carter to plan the party. “She pretty much handles everything here, as far as these events. She’s got the taste!”

Nick Carter baby shower
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The mom-to-be, 32, kept all the details — including the theme — a surprise.

“I kept him in the dark so that he could enjoy it and just relax,” says Kitt Carter, who’s due April 12 and planning a home birth. “He just got off a tour, so I really wanted him to enjoy this next thing, which is to become a dad, and make it about him too and shower him with love and surprises.”

The shower — planned with the help of Stacey Ruiz Events — featured white and green lush florals, a Renessaince-era food setup complete with turkey drumsticks, grand indoor-outdoor seating areas with lots of white, wood and furs, a photo booth and a dessert bar that centered around a gold-frosted vanilla confetti “Winter Is Coming” cake.

Fifty friends and family members attended the shower — including fellow Backstreet Boys Kevin Richardson and A.J. McLean — and guests were provided with a pack of bloom+KIND baby wipes to take home with them.

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“This is really that moment that I can celebrate, and have the realization that we’re just weeks away [from having a baby],” says Carter.

“[The best part is] seeing all the people that we love, all of our friends and family, supporting Nick and I, and all being together before this monumental event,” adds Kitt Carter.

The first-time parents announced that they would be having a baby boy during a live Dancing with the Stars show in November.

For more on Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt Carter’s baby shower, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Gabrielle Olya

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Anonymous on

Odd theme for a baby shower…

Lisa on

Is it not kind of weird to throw your own baby shower?

Kathy on

Is this women able to close her eyes? I’m not trying to be mean really, but her face seems really tight.

Callie on

She is beautiful but I seriously thought she was older than 32. It sounds like they should of just had a “Game of Thrones” party, very weird for a baby shower but then again it is Hollywood

Kel on

Why do I get the feeling she is lying about her age? Guess plastic surgery really does age you….

AA on

I find it funny that all these rich celebrities need to throw their own baby shower.

deb on

I’m glad other people thought she was much older than her said age too! That was my first thought when reading the article. I’m guessing maybe she’s gone overboard messing with her face. People can’t leave well enough alone.

LA on

I wish them nothing but the BEST !!!! A healthy baby, a healthy Mama and a Daddy so content with his new and growing little family. This little guy will be beautiful. God bless you all.

Just Saying on

…she’s only 32? Is it plastic surgery or is she lying about her age?

me on

Yes she looks older than 32.

Kim on

I totally thought she was older than 32 also! Maybe they meant to write 42???

Rachel on

She looks 45! Wow. I’m 34 and am in shock that she is younger than I am. Yikes.

VirgotheVirgin on

Why can people not see when they look in the mirror, that their face looks weird/distorted after too many surgical procedures? Why don’t men see it? Can they possibly find that attractive? The things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

Carolyn on

Gluten-free cupcakes? Oh so trendy when less than 1% of the population has celiac disease.

Alecia on

Can she stop hiding the packaging now? Tbh, her body looks nasty pregnant!! Then again, plastic surgery will fix her again with hubby’s money. Just saying!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Denise on

They look like mother and son to me.

Guest on

Well, she is white..they tend to age a lot faster.

heather on

Who hosts their own shower? That’s really sad.

Susie on

Does anyone else think she is so old looking? Hard to believe she is only 32. Who throws themselves a baby shower weird!

Nina on

You people are so hateful it’s pathetic.

What????? on

Throwing your own baby shower is tacky, and the theme is inappropriate. I seriously thought maybe they would just kill everyone at the shower like the Game of Thrones wedding.

Alecia on

It cracks me up she can’t smile under all that falseness and Botox πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hateful Nina? A bit harsh, don’t you think? No one said they hated the girl. Said no one – ever.

If you researched her past, then you’ll understand the word “hate” in the BSB fandom. And yes, he had a tour recently for those who claim it’s “fake,” but the only one who’s fake is Lauren. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Cathy on

I find it kinda weird they throw own baby showers.

Anonymous on

You people are so rude they are sweet people just having fun and excited for their baby no showers are not for the baby he is not even born and babies do not care about dang parties it can be for both parents and he is not a nightmare either stop judging what you do not know

Cthulhu30 on

Red Wedding cupcakes? Really? They do know in that scene a pregnant woman is stabbed in the belly several times. Bad choice for a baby shower.

Sara on

Tacky tacky tacky. And shame on them for using little people as props. There’s a picture of one of Laurens trashy friends shoving her fake tits in one of those guys’ face. You wouldn’t do that to an average height man, why do you think it’s ok to do that to men with dwarfism? Disgusting and it goes to show the kind of people nick carter is surrounded by. No wonder he got arrested while hanging with the Kitts. I feel sorry for that poor baby, he will be used as a prop by his fame hungry parents. They’re already exploiting him and he’s not even born yet

VA on

Yup she looks good but seems older than 32. years old.

zoom on

Ya I agree she does look older than she says . And what’s with that silly hat he’s wearing . He wore them way back then and still wearing them . I didn’t even think he still had any kind of career . I guess it must be a reunion/ oldies show.

Anonymous on

White people age faster? Hmmm….interesting… Not sure why race needs to be brought into the discussion. But whatever.

These boards are just disgusting. Race, making fun of her age, looks, size, her theme…. This all coming from perfect people of course. Such nasty, nasty people. I hope you don’t teach your children to treat others that way. Could you imagine on the flip side how you would feel if your kids came home crying BC someone said similar things about them? I would be livid!

Anonymous on

She looks older than him in the picture.

jenwer101barbiefashions on

I am happy for them and all but I for one don’t think people should just go on a gluten free diet to go on one. My oldest needs to be on a gluten free diet for medical reasons and now that he’s older hates it and wishes he could be in a regular diet. To me this gluten free life that famous people wanna live make’s no since. Anyways I think it’s cute she picked the Theam.At least she got what she wanted.

jenwer101barbiefashions on

One more thing it seams like out of the 5 guys Nicks the one who’s gotten picked on the most for being with Lauren then any of the others guys with there spices.

I’ve never met Lauren. Have nothing to do with her but cut her some slack. She was not that famous before being with Nick and I thought she’s with him for the fame since they started dating she really did not avance much more in her career.Let her be. Again wish nothing but the best for them both. They deserve it. There human beings like us.

Anonymous on