Louis Tomlinson’s Son Freddie Plays with a Soccer Ball, Meets His Aunts for the First Time

04/08/2016 at 11:30 PM ET

Like father, like son!

Louis Tomlinson is sharing his love of soccer with his baby boy Freddie Reign as seen in a photo shared on Instagram Thursday.

In the snap, the 11-week-old looked adorable in a white onesie as he rested on a giraffe baby blanket with a tiny soccer ball between his legs. The 24-year-old doting dad, who is an avid soccer of his hometown team Doncaster Rovers, captioned the cute snap with a soccer ball emoji.

Louis Tomlinson/Instagram

That same day, the One Direction band member, who has been spending time in Los Angeles recently, had a visit from his half-sisters Phoebe and Daisy, who met their nephew for the first time.

“So pleased to meet my nephew Freddie. He is soooooo cute,” Daisy wrote on Instagram as Phoebe also gushed, “Freddie, my adorable nephew!”


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Also during their L.A. trip, the Tomlinson sisters also met Louis’ girlfriend Danielle Campbell for the first time.

Earlier this week, Freddie’s mother Briana Jungwirth dedicated a sweet post to her son.”You’ve changed my life for the better. I love you with my whole heart,” the L.A.-based stylist wrote on Instagram.

An insider previously told PEOPLE Tomlinson and Jungwirth have “an interim agreement in terms of access” regarding Freddie, in which overnight visits are not on the table, but several hours of visitation per week are part of their temporary plan.

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Stacey McRae on

I hope his sisters use birth control and he does as well with the new girlfriend ( which of course you pick up while your current girlfriend is pregnant). These people are just trash.

Guest on

He is so cute! I love the white onesie, chunky thigh picture!

Rachael on

Stacie, how are these people “trash”? Because they had a baby out of wedlock? That hardly makes them trash. The fact that you’re so willing to negatively judge people you don’t even know says a lot more about you than it does about them.

Just Saying on

Of course that baby changed her life. Meal ticket!

Volly on

Aww Freddie is adorable.

Stephanie on

Louis and Briana are doing so well co-parenting and Freddie is just the cutest!

Stephanie on

Awwwww what a cute little baby!

Effie on

Wow, that baby is huge for only 11 weeks old! Can’t believe he was born in late January. My son was born in early February and he is nowhere near that big!

Guest2 on

Of course these people are trash. Mom Johannah has put her kids out in the limelight all for fame and money. The girls(Phoebe and Daisy) are barely 12 years old yet have their hair dyed in a dark colour(they are natural blonds) and are wearing heavy makeup and are dressing up like they are 18. Johannah has 7 kids by 3 different guys and has been divorced 2- and hubby number 3 happens to be a wealthy doctor and 9 years younger then she. So how do we expect her son to act differently? This has nothing to do that Louis and Briana had a child out of wedlock- the fact what makes the situation a mess is he left his pregnant girlfriend for another girlfriend and his new girl doesn’t seem to mind or think it is wrong- if that’s not morally wrong or trashy then you tell me what is??? Freddie does not look like baby Louis did and he looks more then 12 weeks old.

Vanessa on

Freddie is so cute and huge for only 11 weeks old.

Hea on

He’s not huge. The girls are very petite.

Cherry Blossoms on

The only trashy person(s) here is Brianna and her mother. Now that she trapped Louis into an unwanted pregnancy, the gold diggers are now demanding $84,000 a MONTH in child support while Louis only wants to pay $8,200 per month. Perhaps a paternity test might reveal that Freddie might not be Louis’s child. Louis is sick of all her (bitch) demands & drama. As for Danielle, hey when love hits you, you can’t put a halt and say “oh timing is not good right now for a relationship”. Danielle is his rock right now and Louis adores her (Danielle) and she’s incredibly great with Freddie so he says on Instagram!

Botheredbydirectioners on

Tired of people defending Louis because he’s rich and dissing Briana because she’s middle class when both are equally to blame for this pregnancy. If he’s not the dad then why didn’t get a paternity test even when she was pregnant or right after the birth of Freddie? Even a middle class guy or working guy would get a DNA test to prove paternity if he wasn’t sure. If it turns out Louis isn’t really Freddie’s dad that means Baby gate is real and this baby is a PR stunt. But using a baby to get support from fans and attention in the media sounds pretty low to me and if that’s the case then I have lost all respect for One Direction and Modest Management. If he’s the dad then $8200 a month for someone as wealthy as Louis is a joke- when Louis is renting a mansion for $14,000 a month. Many claim he got Briana a house- he didn’t buy her a house- he rented her a 3 bedroom home in a middle class neighborhood-sure it is gated but she’s not living the high life as many think she is and she’s getting a lot of financial support from her immediate and extended family as well. What irritates me the most is the Love doesn’t choose comment because it sounds stupid to me- imagine telling that to your pregnant daughter/niece whose been dumped by her partner for another flame or if you were left pregnant for someone else. The Danielle situation has got to hurt Briana deep down- and which women/girl wouldn’t be hurt if she was left for someone else.Yeah sure Danielle is Louis’s rock- I think I want to laugh at that one and let’s see how long their relationship lasts. If it is true they want to marry in a back yard ceremony- let’s see how long that marriage lasts given then fact he didn’t even want to marry or be with the mother of his child. His child didn’t even come into the world he was already thinking about the next women to take home with- pretty trashy to me and a lack of self-respect and judgement. And he’s not the only one with poor judgements/lack of self-control because if his new girlfriend had any morals/values/self-respect she wouldn’t go for a guy with a pregnant girlfriend- clearly she wants to increase her fame and publicity- milk the limelight while she can and while 1 Direction is still known. I don’t know anyone who watches the Invincibles and some of my friends don’t even know who Danielle Campbell is. I don’t care how incredibly great Danielle sounds- she’s not Freddie’s mom, she got into a relationship with a guy she knew was having a baby with someone else. Good girls/good women don’t go for guys who are taken and who are expecting babies with someone else and good guys/good man don’t dump their pregnant girlfriends/wives for other women. So both Danielle and Louis have some growing up to do before they can actually settle down. Briana too needs to let go of Louis and move on, perhaps it is time to go back to college or style celebrity/upper class hair in Calabasas and find a man worthy of her time and who actually loves her not just want to use her for sex and she needs to know she’s worth more and can do more and has more class and brains then people think.

Botheredbydirectioners on

Good guys don’t leave their pregnant girlfriends/fiancés/wives for a new flame/girlfriend/lover and Good girls don’t date guys knowing they are involved and expecting a child with someone else. Good girls also don’t get pregnant on purpose by wealthy man. So I am not for Briana, Louis, Danielle cause I would never do what each of them has done.

Sam on

Aww adorable pictures.

Rachel on

I’ve heard of One Direction (heck I play their music for my preschool class every day on Wii Dance on the smart board) but don’t know much about any of the members so I’m not gonna sit here and judge anyone. Sounds like a young guy who made a mistake and he and the girl are doing the best to raise their kid. I don’t think people should stay with each other just because someone gets pregnant (of course I think protection should be used if you’re not planning on a baby, but after the fact, not much use in discussing that). Anyway, adorable baby! I don’t think he looks like a huge baby at all… looks about the same size as my nephew who was born in January. Healthy and chunky 🙂