Braids for Days! North West and Penelope Disick Now Have Hair Extensions

04/07/2016 at 11:45 AM ET

Faux hair, she don’t care. North West‘s baby braids have evolved to include hair extensions.

The adorable 2-year-old is sporting longer locks — much like her BFF Penelope, Kourtney Kardashian‘s daughter.

Kim Kardashian West showed off North’s new look — likely inspired by her mom’s affinity toward wigs, extensions and, recently, plaits — on Snapchat.

North West hair extensions braids
Source: Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

The famous family is currently on a ski trip in Vail, Colorado, organized by matriarch Kris Jenner. North is partial to the hair ‘do because it reminds her of cartoon character Anna, from her favorite movie Frozen — also revealed on the video and photo app.

Penelope’s own blonde hair got a major length upgrade, as well, courtesy the handiwork of aunt Khloé Kardashian, which she showed off on Instagram Wednesday.

“I made her my mini me,” Khloé wrote.

I made her my mini me!! 👯

A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

The entire, extended Kardashian Jenner family hit a bowling alley on Wednesday night, posing for pictures with fans while laughing and smiling.

— Lindsay Kimble

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pablo on

They REALLY want to make this braid trend happen. Its not going to happen

Debi on

A 2-year-old has hair extensions???? What is wrong with these people?

Anonymous on

Can’t their kids just be kids? What next , coloring their hair?

jeannie on

Extensions in a small child’s hair is just plain idiotic. Nothing like teaching her that the real child is not good enough is it ?

Ang on

Really people? It’s just dress up!! My daughter had little clip on extensions when she was this age, in a range of colors.

I seriously doubt these are glued in extensions, very likely just braided in and I’m sure the two girls love them. Seems some folks just want any excuse to hate on this family.

gracie on

@Anonymous…my guess is the next thing for North will be hair straightening and maybe they will start her laser treatments as well.
These people call themselves parents? They are using the little girls as dress up dolls…pathetic.

TooMuchFake on

And so it begins…at age 2, apparently!

What???? on

Hair extensions, next up plastic surgery and body contouring then a modeling contract not based on how they look or what they can do but only their last name.

Diana on

Penelope has a sad look on her face always. Could it be the lifestyle forced upon her?

Emily on

Ridiculousness aside….that Penelope is a cutie pie!

Pam on


Allie on

This has to be some form of child abuse! What’s next—waxing their “unruly” brows? Lasering the hair on their necks? Butt implants, once the cushy pad of the diaper isn’t there anymore? These are CHILDREN. I would say that their whore mothers should be ashamed of themselves, but we all know Kartrashians cannot experience shame. They know one thing: narcissism.

meme on

Kimbo completely did this to get a rise out of people because she’s probably jealous her sister Chewbacca is getting all the attention lately. Next they will be posting pics of these little girls in makeup and pageant clothes.

elegant gypsy on

Screwing up the girls already. Next the little ones will be dating! Sick, sick trash.

Francine on

Because it’s never too early to start doing permanent damage to your child’s hair. Stupid irresponsible Kardashians. They don’t have the first clue as to good parenting.

Stupid is as stupid does on

What.The.Hell! These little girls should be allowed to be little girls–not extensions of their dysfunctional mothers. What is going to be fun and exciting for them to do when they’re 16?!? They’ll have done it all by the time they’re 5. Idiotic!

Truth on

Poor kids, such materialistic birth parents

taxi21 on

The look on Penelope’s face says it all, doesn’t it?

heather on

Toddlers with hair extensions. When do the botox treatments start?

Lynda on

Northwest is still being dressed in her parents colors. Black-brown-greens. What ever happened to colors for girls?

s on

These people are just gross. Poor little kids.

Just My Opinion on

The added hair is braided into her natural hair, no clue, clamps or sewing. It adds thickness to her natural braid and length. The braids are a bit too long for me, but she’s a cute girl with or without them.

Edie on

Did someone tell North her favorite movie is, “Frozen”?

WTF on

OMG really? The bad influence they are exposed to in that family would turn these kids into vain and shallow adults anyway but do it to them on purpose? Where are child welfare services when you need them?

Anonymous on

Penelope certainly looks thrilled with her extensions…what’s next? Waxing?

Melissa on

What’s next? Waxing? Penelope certainly seems thrilled with her new look. Poor kid.

Guest on

“Penelope’s own blonde hair got a major length upgrade”??? Is the person who wrote this article blind? She is NOT blonde!!

Sally on

Do they ski? Please stay out of Colorado! I think I can speak for the entire state when I say we don’t want the Kardashians here.

Anonymous on

people why do yo continuously promote this ridiculous family what are their accomplishments?

Glenda on

I’m starting to visualize the next generation, and it’s not pretty. This is child abuse. Terrible example of parenting

Anonymous on

Sad. Why? Do they even ski?

Denise on

I doubt Penelope’s hair which is brown People, not blonde, is the handiwork of Khloe. Unless she’s passing off someone else’s work as her own again like she did with the pies for Thanksgiving. Whatever happened to letting your kids grow up as kids, not extensions of their parents. Which in North’s case, she is sooooooo like totally like screwed. First making her wear furs and other ridiculous clothes, hair extensions, and tweets. This family gets more ridiculously stupid as time goes on.

ick on

Unfit parents. I feel sorry for the kids who will never learn anything from these pin head people!

Lydia on

Next North will be tweeting like her dad….oh wait she just did. Makes a tweet that makes no sense and can’t spell…Chip of the ol’ block she is.

PJB on

Fake hair for fake people. These kids don’t have a chance.

Really on


Stef on

This braid thing is not flattering for their faces. The adults I mean. Cute kids tho. Sad that their lives will be based on how they look like the rest of their family. Doesn’t Penelope go to preschool or anything I mean give these kids some normalcy. Normal kids don’t have braids like that or HAIR EXTENSIONS.

kdm on

Can fake boobs and butts be far behind?

Tanya on

Cute braid pictures

guest on

North is dressed like a militant!! Why do they insist on dressing her like an adult with bad taste?? Let her be a kid.

Jess on

That poor little girl looks utterly horrified.

Guest on

North looks like a military kid lol.

ella on

I really hope these are some form of clip in extensions(like the kind you buy at Claire’s) and their moms did put real hair extensions the a 3 and four year olds hair.

Caitlin on

Yes, by all means, lets start shouting abuse and asking for social services and child welfare when there are children out there who are being beaten and left in closets and starved by their parents while the system is taxed as it is, but SURE. Let’s call them on something this fucking stupid. You guys really have all of your priorities in order.

Teena on

Perfect! Next they’ll have botox and injected fake lips!

Nope on

First of all, that braid trend has been around forever. But when these tr@mps start doing something, all of a sudden it’s a big deal. Heck, we use to wear those as kids an I’m 40.

Barbara Dennis on

Penelope DOES look bewildered. This a sad family, I feel sorry for the kids.

Anonymous on

They don’t have that long hair, it’s hair extensions.

heytheregeorgy on

Forget the kids, to me the bizarre thing is how the Kardashians want to look alike and don’t seem to have any personal style. They’re all in their 30s! I can’t imagine wanting to have matching hairstyles/outfits/plastic surgery with my two sisters.

Alissa on

Yup Khloé is the coolest aunt to Kardashian kids.

butterfly6777 on

What’s next? Botox?

Anonymous on

Poor kids, they can’t enjoy their childhood freely.

N. on

Kim Kardashian is a whore

VP on

2 years old having hair extensions? none sense.

Ala Lemon on

That’s a cry for publicity and harsh criticism. Unfortunately, that’s what this family is all about.

Tina on

I’m not a fan of Kardarshian family but I will say this Penelope is a cutie.

Rose on

I feel like no one has said this, but in the African American community it is common to put braid in extensions in a child’s hair. It’s a protective style. Maybe they are going for a fashion esthetic here, but all the same it certainly isn’t the craziest thing a person has done. It especially isn’t abusive.

Not A Fan on

Hair Extensions on a 2 yr old ? Well, she plucked the kid’s ( North’s ) eyebrows when she was a baby….She also probably has North’s African American Hair straightened as well….I mean if you don’t want your kids to be of their heritage Kim, why in the HELL did you marriage someone outside your race ? …Well, I already know that answer…for more attention of course.

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