Jessica Simpson on Daughter Maxwell: She’s Almost 4 and ‘Might Be Wiser Than Me’

04/06/2016 at 01:30 PM ET

Come May, Jessica Simpson will have a 4-year-old on her hands … who is large (well, tiny, actually) and in charge!

The newly appointed Budget Car Rental’s brand ambassador tells PEOPLE that her smartypants daughter Maxwell Drew has all the brains.

“Maxwell will be 4 May 1 and she might be wiser than me,” Simpson, 35, says with a chuckle. “She definitely has model poses. I was never born to be a model, but my daughter, she’s just got something in her that makes people want to strike a pose.”

Jessica Simpson daughter Maxwell
Source: Jessica Simpson/Instagram

The fashion designer, who also has son Ace Knute, 2, with husband Eric Johnson, admits that her little girl takes her responsibilities as an older sister very seriously.

“She definitely lets her brother know that she’s the oldest and that she is in charge,” Simpson says. “Ace is finally starting to stand up for himself.”

My beauty has no fear #MAXIDREW

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The proud mom, who says that she and Ashlee Simpson rely on each other for parenting advice, admits that she sometimes confuses her daughter for her sister.

“I always get Ashlee and Maxwell confused because they are pretty much the same person,” she says. “I call my daughter Ash, and Ash, Max … all the time! I do it just around the house and I’m like, ‘Sorry, guys.’ Ash takes it as a compliment because Maxwell is pretty fabulous.”

Despite having two kids under 4, Simpson says that her family really does enjoy going on road trips “all the time.”

“[The kids are] always very chill in the car unless they’re bantering back and forth,” says Simpson. “And then me and Eric just have to tune them out. Just let them talk back and forth and get through it. They’re brother and sister!”

— Christina Dugan

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kirby1 on

what a mini me Jessica has!

Talisa on

Beautiful child.

GoodTxGirl on

What a beautiful little girl

Jen on

Of course a 4 year old is smarter than Jessica Simpson. Any 4 year old at all. But why is she teaching her kid to adopt such sexual poses?

Becky on

Beautiful baby girl..

Jen, don’t have children huh? This is typical for young children..

pep on

Fashion Designer? She means someone else designs it she puts her name on it.

Guest on

She is such a cutie!

Anonymous on

She is a gorgeous little girl!
I doubt Jessica is as air headed as she leaves people believe since she is a pretty successful businesswoman…but think what you want, she’s laughing all the way to the bank 😉

Carla on

Her daughter is a mini Jessica.

Jessica on

Calling Jessica a fashion designer is a bit of a stretch. She does NOT design anything. She just puts her name on items and gets a cut of the profits.

You know your career is going downhill when you are a brand ambassador for a budget car company.

Etsy on

Her daughter is cute! I still remember when Nick asked Jessica if she wanted Buffalo wings and she told him that she didn’t eat buffalo;)

ej on

@ Anonymous… Sequential Brands owns the brand Jessica Simpson (the majority) and they rent the name out to companies that design and produce clothing as a way to advertise their products. Some companies rent ad space on a billboard, others rent ad space on Jessica. Neither the billboard or Jessica have anything to do with runnning the businesses using them for advertising purposes. If Jessica is a business woman then so is the billboard.

ej on

We all know Jessica Simpson loves plastic surgery. She had her hooded eyes fixed, her nose made smaller, boob jobs, lips inflated, and gut deflated. Why doesn’t she do something about that masculine jaw? It’s so rugged and square. It will be fun to see if the daughter inherits all the flaws Jessica had surgically altered.

sharon on

Jessica is not a fashion designer, she has her name as a brand and she gets profits when they sell the product using her brand name. She has clothing line under her name that is sold at Kohl’s.

Cutekid on

Cute pics and cute kid. If she knows that chicken of the sea is indeed tuna, she’s definately smarter than her mum.
Jen, I agree,you obviously don’t have a little girl. As a child my daughter watched very little tv and it was all crap like Dora and blues clues, but I have at least 5000 photos of her posing like Maxwell. Its just something little girls. To think its sexual makes you kinda sick.

Brooke on

Maxi is GORGEOUS. She just has hat little pout that could melt hearts

@Cutekid on

Jessica was raised by a sick man who sexualized her (“Jessica is just sexy”; “she’s got double d’s, you can’t cover those suckers up” Joe Simpson). The way Jessica was raised is obviously affecting the way she is raising this girl.

Jessica is the one who put the sexually suggestive song lyrics (“my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”) under the child’s pose. Jessica obviously intends for all who view the image to link the suggestive lyrics to the child. That makes Jessica the sick one (just like her dad), not Jen.

Anonymous on

It doesn’t take much to be wiser or smarter than Jessica Simpson…

Sofia on

good she is smarter than jessica simpson.

Sarosh on

She is so cute. Siblings love is awsum