Ronnie Wood’s Wife Sally Shows Off Baby Bump at Rolling Stones Exhibition

04/04/2016 at 08:15 PM ET

Double the love!

Sally Wood, who is expecting twin girls in June with her rock star husband Ronnie Wood, showed off her growing baby bump at a new Rolling Stones exhibition in London on Monday night.

The 37-year-old dazzled in a knee-length, black lace number, pairing the dress with nude heels, wavy hair and berry colored lip.

David M. Benett/Getty

PEOPLE confirmed the couple’s pregnancy news in December, when a rep for Wood, 68, revealed that he and Sally would welcome twins this summer.

“Needless to say they are thrilled and overjoyed with the wonderful news,” the rep told PEOPLE.

The rocker, who authored the book How Can It Be? A Rock & Roll Diary, already has four grown children — Jamie, 41, Jesse, 39, Leah, 37, and Tyrone, 32 — from his previous marriage. He also has 10 grandchildren.

— Naja Rayne

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PCC on

What are they grinning about? With his age and history of alcohol and drug abuse, he probably won’t see their 10th birthday.

Disgusting on

Gross. Who wants a baby with a 70 year old?

nancy on

“lost a new Rolling Stones exhibition” —- what???? I can’t even guess what that editing error/typo is. And she “dazzled?” No she didn’t. She didn’t dazzle. What or who IS she? Is she…a groupie? An “aspiring actress?” What is she thinking? Old sperm old sperm, so many problems with old sperm! And the guy has 10 grandkids! ICK! His carbon footprint is already WAY TOO BIG. Does he still smoke? These infants are doomed.

lukas on

When you print the ages of his children, and we see that all of them are over 30, there is no need to label them “grown children.” HAHAHAHAHA

Cindy Presley on

Why would some one want a baby with a 68 yr old when you are in your 30’s?? Gross !! He won’t be alive to see them in high school and he needs some one his own age ! This is plain gross!

Rachel on

Gold digggggggggggger. She oughtta be ashamed of herself. Those daughters she has with this geriatric creature will have to deal with losing a father at a young age. Really cool knowingly putting children through something like that. Idiots.

Stacy Hackney on

uh oh, he’s still dangerous. congratulations regarding the exciting news

Nancy on

If he wasn’t rich and famous, she wouldn’t even look his way

Kathy Smith on

Why is everyone so grossed out because of Ronnie’s age? All that should matter is that they are happy, and they seem to be just that…very happy!! I say congratulations!!!

rick on

I say congradulations !! who cares about age. As long as they’re happy that’s all that matters. Good for you Ronnie and Sally!!

stinky on

well there is the 30 yr age difference….but she also looks younger than her age… that makes their age difference even greater!

Amy on

No…just no!

Hea on

I care a lot about age actually. I doubt he’ll live to see them graduate high school let alone college. I think it’s awful when you decide that that’s how
it will be for your future children. When you full well know you’re likely to die of old age before they are grown. Sure, life isn’t fair and bad things could happen to anyone but this…
I have three friends whose fathers were around 47-50 when they were born. Two of them are now, at 28 and 31, caring for dads that no longer recognize them. Who are in diapers and wants to go home to their mothers… And this man is 68 now. It’s not as if he’s living healthy. I saw stones live the other year and I bet he smoked a whole pack on stage that night. I don’t think those were water bottles either.

Whatever happened to that barely legal Russian girl he dated a few years ago? That was creepy.

Not Just a Number on

Well, good luck with that.

Greed on

Good way to get into his will.

Amy on

LOL. I feel like this article is just comment-bait.

Jan on

He could be her father’s age, gross.

Zippy on

Y’all act like this is the first couple to have kids with the dad at an advanced age. And it cerainly won’t be the last.

Melanie on

Anyone can die anytime. I have a friend who kissed her 22 year old husband good-bye, he went to work, and she got a call an hour later telling her he had been in a terrible accident and had died. Good grief, your own children might have lost a parent, for that matter! Just because they didn’t, doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened, but you had children anyway. Her husband is more likely to die before his girls are grown, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be having them. He may have children, but these are her first children. When I was 32, and we had several children, I decided I didn’t need to have more children, but I was intelligent enough to realize that while I was through having children no matter what, if something happened to me, whoever my husband married might not have had children, and deserved that opportunity, should life happen that way. I had a tubal and years later, here we are, but if I had died in an accident, from cancer, or whatever, he might have had another child with whoever he married, as I hoped he would. This woman may be madly in love with her husband, or maybe she’s not…none of us know. The assumption she’s a gold digger is, IMO, disgusting and over the top judgmental on the part of posters who assume they can see into other people’s lives. Congratulations to the happy couple, and I wish them well!

a mom on

Wow they have 36 years age difference, that’s a large age gap.