Proudest Siblings in New York: Ivanka Trump’s Daughter Serenades Baby Theo as Big Brother Can’t Stop Looking at Him

04/04/2016 at 12:15 PM ET

Nothing like a little sibling bonding!

Ivanka Trump took to Instagram on Monday to share a cute photo of the three men in her life — husband Jared Kushner, son Joseph, 2, and newborn Theodore James.

In the photo, which Ivanka captioned “Sweet moments with baby Theo,” Kushner and Joseph are shown gazing into baby Theo’s bassinet with smiles on their faces.

Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner Baby
Ivanka Trump/Instagram

Later on Monday, Ivanka shared an adorable video of 4-year-old daughter Arabella Rose holding her baby brother in her arms and singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” “Arabella serenading her new baby brother,” the proud mom captioned the clip.

Arabella serenading her new baby brother. 🎼

A post shared by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on

The 34-year-old daughter of Donald Trump posted the photo and video on the heels of her son’s bris on Sunday. Ivanka, who converted to her husband’s Jewish faith for their 2009 nuptials, stunned in a form-fitting white dress as she stepped out to attend her son’s circumcision ceremony on the eighth day of his life.

Monday’s photo is the latest in a series of sweet snapshots Trump has posted of the newest addition to her family.

Last Tuesday, Ivanka, who welcomed her third child on Easter, took to Instagram to post a photo of her husband with Arabella and their new baby. “This is love,” she captioned the snap, adding the hashtag #bliss.

Also on Tuesday, photographer Jason Binn shared an Instagram photo of Ivanka’s motherIvana Trump, 66, with her grandson Theodore nestled in her arms.

“Proud moment for #IvanaTrump n her growing family — welcome to the world Theodore — so happy for you @ivankatrump #binnshot,” he captioned the photo of the pair.

— Tierney McAfee

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John on

Why is campaigning for Trump? Does he pay them?

Mary on

Love this family!

Daniel D on

Can Ivanka nurse her babies with those fake breasts?

Stacey McRae on

John – you must have missed the coverage they gave Clinton and her daughter and, I am sure will again in the next few weeks when Chelsea had her second child.

Anonymous on

Beautiful family.

kelly apple on

Love Trumps! They are a great family, all of them. Congratulations to them on their new little one. Hopefully Trump will become President!

Wth on

Sweet moments with Theo? Maybe for her, but little Theo just had a part of his penis removed. He’s unconscious from shock.

@ Dumb Kelly on

To dumb Kelly: nice looking family, but no, Trump should NOT be POTUS, stupid woman of whom he hates. Where’s your self-esteem, you fool!

PCC on

Another reason to hope that Trump loses: hopefully not having to hear about his kids, wife, and ex-wife. And for the person who made the comment about Chelsea Clinton: she is the daughter of someone who actually was the President. Just like when they run stories about the Bush daughters. Again, an actual President.

Clara on

Aww cute picture and cute bassinet.



He probably saw it through a video hookup. He is not Jewish but I am certain he loves his kids and the new grandchild. MAZE…

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Donald Trump Skips Grandson’s Bris as Campaign Heats Up

Republican presidential front running candidate Donald Trump skipped his new grandson’s bris to continue campaigning in Wisconsin.

Guest on

OMG…Could we just leave the families of the candidates out of the news.? I’m happy for Ivanka, Jared and their family for their new addition. As far as grandpa Donald not attending the bris…who cares. He’s not Jewish anyhow. Stop making a production out of nothing.

Travis on

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skigirl25 on


onemom on

Love the name Theodore.

Vicky on

Whether you like the Trumps or not, zagged are famous, and a new baby was born, so ya, there is a post dedicated to the birth. If it was some liberal presidential hopefuls daughter, you opposers would be peeing in your pants with joys. I agree with you Kelly, I love the Trumps! And for the loser who is bullying Kelly for her opinion: go dig yourself in a hole.

Anonymous on

John and PCC- they covered Ivanka’s first two children who were born before Trump running for president was even a thought in anyone’s minds. This baby was just born. Chelsea will be all over this page in a few weeks, will you question if Hillary is paying then? Donald Trump is a very widely known name and has been for a long time, like it or not. Funny thing is before he ran for president most people would have guessed him to be a democrat…and now all the democrats act like they hate him. Whatever he says for votes, I’d bet that if he gets in he will be the most left leaning ‘republican’ to ever be President.
Daniel- lots of women nurse with ‘fake’ breasts, she certainly can if she wants to.

Vicky on

*they are

Jenn on

I would rather they talk about Trump and his grandchildren than hear about the dumb Kardashians.

stacey on

Oh my, her little hand motions at the end of the song…SO CUTE!!

Shell on

Stop with the posting Ivanka – your desperation is showing. You may be a family unit with your children and husband, but this is not helping your father. He is such a farce and you aren’t going to change that.

elegant gypsy on

Poor child doesn’t know his grandfather is a sick, divisional, condescending excuse for a man. I feel sorry for these grandchildren!

UL on

The picture of Ivanka’s daughter serenading the new baby brother is adorable.

So So on

Now, the should show off the actual mommy, the babysitter. They are never on those sweet photos of ” happy families”. I used to work for the ” high profile” family. Inside, true degenerates, to the outside world, the elite of the elite. Money can’t buy happiness.

Nia on

Beautiful Jewish family.

Rosemary on

Poor Theodore having to go through that 😦 More and more Jewish parents are choosing to forgo putting their sons through a painful circumcision and instead opting to have a much more peaceful celebration for their son called a brit shalom.

Katie on

As a nurse who worked in the newborn nursery, I can tell you that most babies sleep through circumcision, and hardly know it’s happened. I wouldn’t have considered not having my son circumcised, though we adopted a son who hadn’t been. We never commented on it, taught him to care for himself properly, and he had no issues, but the minute he turned 21, he had himself circumcised because he thought it was hard to clean, unattractive, and a world of other issues. I was shocked, since many were not circumcised in his generation, but apparently many of them are not exactly happy with being uncircumcised. Believe me, he was miserable for 2 weeks, but if it had been done when he was a newborn, he would have been fine in 30 minutes. No baby is “unconscious” from a circumcision, and seriously?! What the world are you doing, telling other people how to live their faith? And why does Ivanka get blamed and have her life messed up because Trump is her father? She is herself, she has a husband and children, and seems to be a really nice person. No one has a bad thing to say about her, other than she was born to Trump. He probably embarrasses the heck out of her with his crap behavior, and as far as I’m concerned, she should be able to have her child, and celebrate with her own family and not be accused of posting her own articles here. You should know better; this is NOT middle school!

Vanessa on

Ivanka’s kids just so adorable.

lorna on

circumcision ceremony? baahaha

Von on

Cute name Theodore

samantha on

Ivanka like her dad always seems to want to be in the spotlight. Enough pictures of her family. Shouldn’t some privacy be at play here. Those who continually display pictures of their family usually have some esteem problems.


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