How Brooke Shields Protects Her Daughter From Too Much Screen Time

04/04/2016 at 01:30 PM ET

When it comes to her kids, Brooke Shields isn’t afraid to get tough.

The actress opened up about raising her two daughters, Rowan, 12, and Grier, 9, at a time whenĀ Instagram and Snapchat rule all — and revealed just how she tries to keep all that social media use in check.

“My daughter Rowan doesn’t have any of her passwords,” Shields, 50, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “She has to ask me to log her in. She’s so mad and embarrassed with her friends, but I’m tough like that.”

Brooke Shields
Gisela Schober/Getty

And besides being the gatekeeper to her kids social media accounts, Shields also keeps a close eye on their phone and computer usage.

“She’s not allowed to have her phone in her bedroom and there’s real specific computer times other than homework,” she explains.

Shields says she’s constantly striving to find the balance between giving her kids enough freedom without letting them become too overexposed.

“It’s the least that I can do, the rest is so hard,” she says. “You don’t want to overprotect them and then they have no armor — so it’s a balance.”

For more from Brooke Shields, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Jodi Guglielmi

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Francine on

Sounds great, until her daughters figure out how to change their passwords while they are logged in.

Cori on

I LOVE THIS! Very smart approach to parenting.

Etsy on

FYI, my daughter tells me about her friends who give their parents access to one account and then secretly open a second account in a slightly different name. Their parents have no idea that they have another account with more ‘friends’….ahh, the stuff we have to worry about now! Good for Brooke for trying.

Megan on

Francine, exactly what I was thinking.

mommytoane on

I too love this. I limit my 13 yr old’s useage of the internet and I monitor it. She does not have a cell phone as I don’t see the need for them (we exhisted as teens without them, ours can too). At 13 mine does not have a facebook, instagram or twitter acct. Not necessary for kids IMO. Its nice that there are parents out there (stars even) who monitor their kids.
To Esty, its easy to do when kids are allowed their tablets, phones, or computer into their bedrooms or other rooms of the house unsupervised. Watching your kids instead of your phone is impt. Perhaps your daughters friends parents should try that.

nicole on

stupid mom

West on

That dress should be burned .šŸ”„

lyl on

there are computers everywhere, you cannot hide them. she surely has access to the Internet in her school, local library atc. we didnĀ“t have a computer at home until I was 15 and I still had a great access to all the accounts. better to teach the kids how to use the Internet safely, then pretending to be naive. soon enough her daughter will find out the ways how to trick her mother as all teenagers do.

Katie on

Parents who care, and spend time with their children…i.e. in the same room with the while they are using the computer, no cable in the child’s room, and the child isn’t off somewhere away from the family, texting nonstop, texting at the table, texting instead of conversation with family and extended family…have a better idea what their kids are doing, and often know how to check on whether they have a different account. Schools in our area limit what websites kids can access, so they can’t get on sites that are unacceptable to parents. Sounds as if many posters have decided it is too hard to try to parent so just let the kids do whatever they want to do, right or wrong.

elisa on

She is doing the right thing for her daughter though it’s hard in today’s internet crazy world, but at least she does something to protect her daughter from overly exposed.

Nicole on

She has not aged well.

Jinny on

Considering she’s out every night, and doesn’t seem to spend an awful lot of a lot of time with her two daughters, its probably the one thing she CAN do to parent, or at least create an image to the public that she is parenting. Maybe she wouldn’t have to resort to such ‘tough’ measures if she were there more often than not.

Von on

Good for her to protect her kids from too much screen time.

Anonymous on

Jimmy, now how on earth do you know this?