Nick Carter on Wife Lauren: ‘She Is Going to Be the Perfect Mother’

04/03/2016 at 12:05 PM ET

On Friday, Nick Carter and wife Lauren Kitt Carter stepped out in Los Angeles for the premiere of the SyFy film Dead 7 — in which they both star and which Nick wrote — just weeks before the couple become first-time parents. And they couldn’t be more thrilled with either family project!

“I’m having a boy and I am 38 weeks now,” Lauren told reporters on the red carpet. “We are happy and excited and just emotional that this movie has come to birth as well.”

The couple say they were thrilled to have worked together. Especially Nick, 33 — who readily admits that his wife is a way better actor than he is.

“She blows me away as an actress, I’m trying to learn from her,” he says. “I enjoy our time together. Acting is not easy. It is very challenging and the one thing about her that I recognized was that she was really good at it.”

Nick Carter and pregnant wife Lauren Kitt Carter

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As good as Lauren may be at acting, Nick is sure she will be an even better mom. “I can’t wait,” he says.

“That’s the No. 1 reason why I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life, because I know she is going to be the perfect mother. She is going to be the perfect person to help me, because I don’t know everything, but I know her intelligence, her just heart, her love and her compassion. These are things that my child is going to need.”

Nick says he has made it his utmost priority to be there for his wife during her pregnancy.

“It might be TMI, but he helps me shave my legs,” Lauren says. “It’s not sexy, but how sweet is that? I can’t reach, but he will shave my legs for me.”

Nick Carter and pregnant wife Lauren Kitt Carter

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As for their little boy, the Backstreet Boy is planning to sing his son to sleep.

“He’s going to record an album, a private album of all our favorite nursery songs,” Lauren says. “So when he does have to travel and we’re not able to go with him, we can play it.”

That should come in handy, seeing that there is a tour coming up — as well as a possible Las Vegas residency. “We’re doing a nine-show trial run,” Nick says. “If it goes well then probably a tour or residency toward the very end of the year.”

Being on the road doesn’t mean being away from each other, though. Asked if he will use Skype to stay in touch with Lauren, Nick is quick to respond, “No! She’ll be with me. Absolutely.”

— Raha Lewis

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kitty62862 on

He shaves her legs, yes that’s TMI, but it’s adorable.

Francine on

Well, she already has one overgrown child to deal with, so she is certainly getting the practice in.

Jennay on

A: Nick is 36 years old and B: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! He’s not a FORMER Backstreet Boy! The group has been together 23 years strong!

Nick will be an AMAZING dad and Lauren will be a great mother. This is one lucky kid..especially to be able to hear his daddy sing to him all the time..*sigh*

Carolyn on

Another stupid “look at me” picture.

Katie on


Anonymous on

Hey Francine u better watch ur mouth that’s my friend and his wife ur dissing so if i was u I’d Be really careful what u say

Temeca on

I believe that both of them will make great parents. Baby Carter is going to be very loved.

ME on

I am so happy for Nick, after all he went through finding someone he can trust and share life with is truly a blessing!! I wish them all the happiness in the world!!!

Sharon on

Lauren is adorable, very happy for her.

Anonymous on

Yeah, for someone who rides horses at the early stage of pregnancy when it’s so delicate and who only vainly pays attention to her physical appearance and hires a nanny to take off the responsibilites from herself sounds like perfect!

s on

She is far from a great actress, she was awful in dead 7. She would’ve never gotten the part if she wasn’t married to Nick.

Krissy on

No such thing as a perfect mother. I’M Sure they will be fine parents

Anonymous on

That movie dead 7. Looks so stupid. I don’t know what it is. Something about Lauren i don’t like.