Coco Austin Dresses 4-Month-Old Baby Chanel in Matching Pink Bikini

04/02/2016 at 01:26 PM ET

Coco Austin dressed her 4-month-old daughter, Chanel Nicole, in a bikini on Friday and couldn’t be more proud!

The first-time mom, who welcomed her little one in November with husband, Ice-T, took to Instagram to share the sweet moment.

“My partner in crime…” Austin, 37, captioned the photo.

Coco Austin and Chanel in swimsuits
Source: Coco Austin/Instagram

Austin, who hasn’t shied away from sharing her motherhood experiences, seems to love coordinating outfits with her baby girl.

Last weekend, Austin posted a photo of her and baby Chanel wearing matching camouflage pants and black t-shirts.

— Christina Dugan

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TLC on

She must’ve talked about Ice her whole pregnancy because the baby looks like HE spit her out! That baby is his identical twin, dimples and all.

debbie on

Maybe mommy should find a suit that fits her honkers..that top does not fit her anymore..if ever.

Anonymous on

Does she realize the fabric should cover more than just her nipple??

Sue's on

The baby looks so much like her daddy.

Jorp on

This baby is extremely cute!

gamma1418 on

Coco LOVES being a mommy – good for her! Little Chanel is adorable, looking just like her daddy.

Just saying.. on

Another photo op for her to show off her boobs. Trust us Coco, we know you have big boobs and you keep reminding us over and over again.

Anonymous on

She is just too cute!

Zan on

The baby looks like her father.

Elise on

Every photo I see of her, she is posing and the baby is an afterthought, off to the side. Poor kid….her mother is basically an ego with bo0bs.

rubyovertherainbow* on

This woman just can’t let her child have center stage. Pathetic excuse of a “mother.”

Rebeccah on

Pathetic and desperate that a grown woman needs attention and validation this much. The baby is cute, though.

guest on

People lighten up. That beautiful baby looks happy, loved and very well cared for. She’s a new mom and over the moon proud of her baby, as she should be. Let her have her fun and show off her precious little girl. Why must everyone be so negative?

mono62 on

Those are some big melons!!!! Wow!!! That baby is gorgeous!!!! And Coco is soooo over the moon with this baby!!! So sweet!!!!

Zeph on

I love seeing Coco enjoying the baby instead of seeing the Nanny pushing the baby in the park. People need to quit bashing her for enjoying being a mom.

bbb1975 on

I love her. I know, I know! But I do, I love her

Kelly on

how black is ICE T? Hes got to be part white.

Kelly on

Omg that baby is so darn cute! A white iced tea!!!

Selene on

It looks like she’s using the baby as a fashion accessory.

Laine17 on

Great mom except for one thing which is taking the adorable baby to the hair salon. The fumes there are not good for tiny lungs.

stinky on

i’ve seen this baby in so many outfits and now a bathing suit…..Coco really likes to dress her up….but i think the baby still needs a onesie! Anyway, it’s her life 🙂

Linny on

Coco and Ice-T’s baby is damn cute.

Brooke on

Coco is promoting Coco and the child unfortunately is a prop. Even Kim K did not do this with her children. Who is in their right mind would pose like this with an innocent baby!

Anonymous on

One word… GROSS!!!

Jessie McKenna on

I have 4 kids and I take and post pics of us all the time and I’m not a celebrity. FB and Instagram are my baby brag gets so I love that Coco does the same thing. She is just a normal mom who loves her daughter just like the rest of us. ☺️

Julia on

She is such a narcissistic, talentless pig, who now pimps out her own newborn!! Yes people, newborn!! This child barely popped out of her womb, since then she has been photographed, exploited, dressed up like a doll and dragged around with her brainless mother. What a joke this woman is!!!

sharon Little on

The baby is smaller than the boob! Maybe,next time cover-up,or put on a blouse.Just a thought.The baby is adorable.

Anonymous on

these women commenting on here are some pathetic “Catch U Next TuesdayS!”

Olay on

Coco is using the baby to promoting herself. The baby is cute though, so look like Ice-T.

runningbacongirl on

That baby is a doll. It seems like Coco really loves her.

Sara on

You can always tell the mommies who are miserable in their own lives. They are always the ones leaving negative comments about the mommies having the most fun with THEIRS! 😉

Fran on

She seems to like having coordinating outfits with her baby, in this picture the pink color.

Smooch on

Coco ~
If you are, in fact, even reading these nasty posts…..DON”T listen to any of them or any on other articles about you. You are beautiful, your body is beautiful, your boobs are beautiful and above all your daughter is beautiful. There is so much negativity and hateful words out there…..ignore them and stay proud and out spoken about your journey through motherhood. God bless you and your happy family. ❤

sunny on

Her babies is just a cutie pie.

Inky on

Geeze…. Why is everyone so bitter? Regardless of how Coco looks I think she has a right to show her baby off. She may leave little to the imagination but that’s obviously just who she is. She’s turned out to be a good mother it seems so people should give her a break. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. I’m sure when Chanel is older and looks back on her childhood, she won’t be thinking about what her mother wore in pictures, but how much her mother loved her. Grow up everyone and stop hating people you don’t even know. It’s kind of weird.