Coco Austin on Nursing Moms’ Breastfeeding Struggles: ‘No One Tells You Your Nipples Bleed!’

03/30/2016 at 08:00 AM ET


When it comes to embarking on the journey of motherhood, some might consider it as a learn-as-you-go type of job. For new mom, Coco Austin, the effects of breastfeeding were definitely not something she had prepared for … or even knew were possible.

“They told me breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed,” Austin, 37, says in an episode of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk, which is now live on PEOPLE/Entertainment Weekly Network.

“But the first week, they were like, ‘The first week is hard, but once you make it over that first week, it’s going to be great.’ That first week my nipples were bleeding and scabbing over. I was like, ‘No one tells you that your nipples bleed!’ ”

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Coco Austin daughter Chanel
Source: Chanel Nicole/Instagram

Though the proud mom of 10-month-old daughter Chanel — whom she welcomed in November 2015 with husband Ice-T — couldn’t prepare herself if she tried, she welcomed the pain without complaint … all while keeping her cool!

“Actually, I haven’t had a true breaking point yet,” Austin admits. “I think because I think it’s so new.”

“I hope it’s not today!” actress Ashley Williams, who is mom to 2-year-old son Gus, hilariously responds.

— Christina Dugan


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margueriteherman on

If you don’t have good information for a decision on how to feed your child, don’t blame others. All you needed to do is attend a breastfeeding support group, and you’d hear plenty of the good and the not-so-good.

Melanie on

When I was pregnant, and planning to breastfeed, I read information from LaLecheLeague, from medical articles, etc, on how to prepare for breastfeeding, what to expect, and how to handle everything from sore nipples to mastitis to plugged ducts…how often to feed, different positions, and I read it over and over. I talked to friends who had successfully BF and when the baby came, I had already become part of a BF support group so I had people to call when I had a plugged duct the second week. I was able to be calm about the feeding from day one because I had made it a point to be prepared. It may be a natural way to feed your baby, but remember that even back in “the olden days” when there was only one way to feed, there were aunts, grandmothers, friends, etc, to help and encourage and teach a mother how to breastfeed. Mothers need to take advantage of the chance to learn before the baby comes, and they need a support group of some type–knowledgeable people to call for help if they have a problem–in place before they have a problem. I’ve heard her say there no time for a relationship with her husband right now…that baby is 4 months old! Is she kidding? Someone needs to get organized, slow down, or something; I had time for sex when #3 was 6 weeks old, and #3 never had a bottle of any kind. Maybe she is just joking, but…..

Lol on

Why is this stuff all over the site?? Newsflash… being a mom is nothing new!


First of all, if your nipples are bleeding then YOU are doing something wrong!!! Second, your nipples will hurt till they toughen up. (NOT BLEED)
Third, What you need to do is not pull the baby from the nipple, you need to slide your finger in between the baby’s mouth and your breast. That will break the suction and then remove the baby from the breast. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!

Jenny on

Oh, look…the judgmental mommy brigade has come to criticize.
Good for Coco for loving her daughter and doing the best she can.

sue's on

Not to be mean, but for God sake put this information to bed. It’s been a month of this repeat. The joy of motherhood. We get one has rage, one can’t poop and one has bleeding nipples..

Jenny on

Ok silly question I was told you are not able to breast feed if you have implants, am I wrong? I was always under the impression she had obviously an augmentation. Confused…

Guest on

@ Jenny, yes breastfeeding is possible with implants. kourtney Kardashian breasfed her kids and she has implants.

Uh on

Bleeding is not normal. Either there is something wrong with the latch or the child’s frenulum.

Edwina Juarez on

I guess Coco doesn’t read books or has ever gone to a bookstore. New moms normally get tons of material on all subjects new to them. There are (hundreds) of books on breast feeding, caring for newborns, diets to follow when nursing, post partum!
Looks like most of her time is spent taking pics of her cute baby and posting it on social media. Lady Coco you need to focus on what’s important for your child and not too much attention on the celeb status. You have serious issues. Talk to a girlfriend who’s not a celeb and get some normal opinions.

Dee Lawton on

I would think a proper fitting bra might help.
She needs to address this issue and maybe she will
have better self-esteem.

Liz on

@Tammie Hedrick, you’re exactly right! Unless the baby was born with teeth and is looking to chow down on a steak, there shouldn’t be any bleeding. It all comes down to technique, and if she’s having issues like that she needs to get help.

Gin25 on

I nursed 3 kids for a yr or so, each. Bleeding can occur if you have very dry skin. It did to me. However your milk has natural antibodies and can heal this. You have to leave some milk on your nipples and it will remedy itself rather quickly. It’s only in the very beginning stages. And obviously not everyone has dry skin, so some nursing moms on this site are wrong. She (coco) wasn’t doing anything wrong. It can take days or a month for mother and child to get it right. But once that happens, it’s a beautiful thing.

radioball on

She doesn’t read. EVERYONE “tells you” that nipples bleed. So she never saw What to Expect? She never talked to her mother, or someone else’s mother? Yes, they tell you. The information is out there. Our Bodies, Our Selves. It’s on the web. EVERYONE is told about breastfeeding, and sex, and all of it.

Why do women have to giggle when they “communicate”? It’s just unbearable. How does anyone watch more than two seconds of ANY of the women’s talk shows???

Guest 3 on

about 2-3 wks before the birth of the baby, when before you dress and undress, take a dry wash cloth or soft toothbrush and softly rub across your nipples daily,to toughen up your nipples. This will help you so that your nipples won’t bleed. By the time the baby is born, your nipples will be toughened up. Most doctors won’t tell you things like this at all. There’s also creams out there to use to help your nipples as well.
To help with producing milk, increase your liquid at mealtimes. Also take 2-4 yeast tablets per day. Drinking a 12 oz Beer each day will also help increase your milk as well ( and won’t hurt your baby either ) …..I always had enough milk for 4 babies when breatfeeding my children. I breastfeed my children until they were 16 months old.

Ames on

Why is this constantly at the top of the website when I check this site???

Mom of 4 on

Breastfeeding your child is the very best thing you can do for your child. To prepare your breasts prior to the birth, use an old soft tooth brush and run the brush across the nipples prior to showering 2 times per day. There’s commercial creams on the market to apply after your baby nurses to prevent soreness. Make sure your nipples are clean as well. You can’t just assume that if you don’t “prepare” your nipples PRIOR to the birth of your BABY that your NIPPLES won’t become sore when your child NURSES. Just like preparing for childbirth, you must prepare your body for this event as well. IF you don’t prepare,you can’t expect this to work out well for you. This is the number one reason WHY most women CAN’T nurse their babies after their babies are born because they don’t prepare their breasts properly. Many women stop nursing because they think ( and this is silly ) that their babies aren’t getting enough nutrishion because the milk looks blushish thin…and this is fine…it’s supposed to look like that, it isn’t supposed to look like formula. Why would you want to feed your baby chemical formula instead of what God gave you is beyond me…..!!! Just because you can’t see how many “ounces ” your child gets, doesn’t mean they aren’t satisfied…..Also, babies go thru what is known as times where they want to eat more….it doesn’t mean the milk isn’t good, you just need to feed them a little more often. Breast feeding is the best thing. Sure, it takes more effort, but Breast IS BEST…….
Taking a little time to do this out of your day….is the best thing.
Taking Yeast Tablets ( 2-4 per day ) ….Increasing your fluid intake (about one quart of fluid per day ) and a beer per day will increase the amount of milk your baby needs…….
to make sure your nipples are toughened up for your baby, is easy to do prior to your baby’s birth. It isn’t hard to do….Start using a soft tooth brush on your nipples 2-3 wks prior to your child’s birth 2-3 times per day and you will have NO trouble with bleeding nipples when your child is born and begins to nurse. When you nurse your baby, place a safety pin on the side of the bra your baby last nursed on. That way, you will remember easily.

Just Saying on

Really wish she wore bras and shirts that fit better. She’s a beautiful woman, but that look is distracting.

sarah on

WOW! Some of you should be absolutely ASHAMED at your responses. She is a human being as well and prone to error as we all are. Unless you’re perfect (and you are not) quit judging and be supportive of other mothers…breastfeeding can be hard, it can CAUSE your nipples to bleed and scab (among other things), you can breastfeed with augmentation depending on where the implant was placed, BUT FOR GOOD GRIEF…through all of her breastfeeding trials and tribulations SHE STUCK WITH IT. Great job to all Mothers including Coco who try every damn day to be the best Mom we can be(whether breastfed, bottle fed, pumping, formula)

Tc on

People need to not be so judgemental and harsh. At least she is trying to do something beneficial for her daughter. Even when reading all the literature each person is different and she is a FIRST time mom it can be scary.

Just My Opinion on

Just cake them in as much makeup as your face, that should cover up the sores nicely!

Beth on

What do you mean you didn’t know your nipples bleed. Did she think that having them tugged and sucked on numerous times a day wouldn’t do anything. Her adventures into the realm of parenting is somewhat disturbing and all I see of her child is a little dress up doll. Granted having a pint sized person to play dress up with can be fun but when I became a parent of a girl I let her play with the toys. Coco is an attention whore and finds a bikini as news worthy so she stays in the spotlight.

WTF on

TMI! Totally unnecessary, unless you’re talking about it with a fellow mom.

x on

i went to the breast feeding clinic, made continual visits to the maternity wing where i was helped by the laleche league and yet – still had BLEEDING NIPPLES for the first 3 mos. nothing wrong with latch. nothing wrong with position. it was just my skin…… finally after 3 mos, a nurse asked if i had tried the shells. what a miracle those were. healed up quickly after that

Kimberly on

That is one adorable baby girl!

georgina notis on

what is this with kim and the rob and jewelvy that her hushand gave her

Shawna on

Coo is so precious.

Mamaof two on

Clearly you can all read the title of the article, so why click on it if you are just going to bash? We all have different stories from when we were pregnant and nursing. Everyone has a different reaction, way to go ladies for empowering a fellow mother sheesh!!!! I don’t follow Coco, but I clicked just to read another mothers take on breastfeeding and I’m sure it came up because she was asked by the person interviewing her! I also wanted to see a better picture of that gorgeous little baby girl she is just precious.

tlk on

Every “star” comes out and says no one told them their nipples would bleed, I guess they don’t read each others articles. That being said, that is the cutest baby and prettiest mama I’ve seen in a while.

Amy on

What a precious bundle of joy. I remember those days..hang in there it’ll get better.

Edie on

Sadly, I was never able to have children. But WHEN did women become “mean girl-ishl” and not supportive of one another. Not all, comments, but this is disturbing to read. I guess I was born in a different era.

Guest on

Some of these comments are appalling. It just burns me up when I hear this nonsense being spewed from someone who I’m assuming is a mother who has breastfed. Saying things like “you” are doing something wrong if your nipples are bleeding and “it’s not rocket science”. Let me tell you from experience of nursing or shall I say trying to nurse 3 babies. It’s not always your fault and it’s definitely not always easy even with professional lactaion sessions. Just like pregnancy and childbirth some women have it easy and some have issues and complications. You know, when your baby is hungry, crying and has your blood all over their lips from your wounded nipples and your crying too from the pain and all you want to do is feed your newborn because they are starting to loose weight you realize formula is not poison. It was a life saver for my babies until I could pump enough to bottle feed them breastmilk.